Alex Smith talks going slowly, could pick up after the draft


Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith acknowledged on Tuesday that talks aimed at extending a contract that expires after the coming season are underway.  And indeed they are.

But a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the discussions are moving very, very slowly.

The discussions could, and likely will, pick up after the draft.  If/when an agreement is reached, look for the deal to have a value in the neighborhood of $14 million to $17 million per year.  Which would be a very good contract for a guy who was the first pick in the 2005 draft and who was at times regarded as being a borderline bust.

Smith has busted out in a big way the last few years.  While it feels like he’s been around forever, Smith still isn’t 30 years old.

That’s true.  I checked.  Twice.  He turns 30 on May 7.

And he’s made plenty of money in the NFL over the last nine years.  He could be making a lot more, soon.

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  1. He better sign something. He has Kordell Stewert itis.
    He can’t read a pass defense and is easy to scheme.
    Look what happened when they played “good” teams last year.
    Just saying.
    He better get what he can get because he is easily replaceable.

  2. 49ers should have never let Alex go for tattoo the me player. 49ers might have another championship If they kept him.

  3. Offense was looking pretty good at the end of the year. It’s the defense that fell apart against this “good teams”, you can’t blame Smith for letting the Colts stream roll them with that huge comeback. That was a huge lead he built even while missing their top playmaker in Charles. Players weren’t staying in bounds to keep the clock running and defense fell apart.

  4. 1-13 on 3rd down in nfc title game vs giants. choked away the playoff game vs indy.
    got benched for troy smith, shaun hill, jt o’sollivan .
    kaep > alex smith

  5. He can’t hit the vertical sideline route, and it cost him the Indy playoff game.

    Still, he’s pretty good and due for 13 mil for 5 years. Look for a total of 65 mil with 28 guaranteed.

    Chiefs will replace Tyler Bray this year and groom Smith’s replacement. I’m thinking the kid from GA.

  6. Alex is a smart guy — graduated early, which is why he is still under 30 after 9 years in the league. And he is also one of the really good men in the NFL. He gets involved with his community, and gives back. So I wish him all the best.

    But as a diehard Niner fan, I am pleased that he has moved on. He doesn’t seem to have that killer instinct that leads to championships. The jury is still out on K, but the Niner games are a lot more interesting since he took over the job.

  7. I didn’t know he was still in his twenties, wow.

    Anyway, Alex Smith clearly has proven himself. He’s turned around his career and should be applauded for it. Any money he gets will be well-deserved.

  8. I respect Smith’s ability and recent success but it’s crazy to me that good (but nothing special) QBs are making $14-17 mil per year. I can’t imagine what Nick Foles will get if he somehow replicates his 2013 (27tds-2ints). And he’s like Joe Flacco with Jeff Garcia’s arm.

  9. 17 mil per year for alex smith ? oh my. but 18mil is too much for kaep who has a handful of playoff wins? alex getting 17 mil makes kaep’s 18mil sound like a bargain.

  10. As long as people are spouting their unsolicited personal opinions, I for one think he’s one of the best QBs in the league

  11. lol at the smith supporters, where were you when the Niners were not in the news. i was behind this kid, i gave him a million chances. Just like a wife sometimes its better to get a divorce.

  12. If it wasn’t for Williams two fumbles in the NFC Championship vs. the Giants, Alex Smith is probably still the starting QB for the ‘Niners. Dude is very smart and does not turn over the ball. Remember also, in 2012 he was six and two before he got concussed. Without that and Kyle Williams turning over the ball, Smith may be 2 and 0 in the Super Bowl.

  13. Alex is not a dynamic passer but he almost never loses the game for you. But guys like Cutler and Stafford blow multiple games per year by making terrible decisions.

    You can win a lot of games in this league by playing smart, conservative football.

    That’s why he’ll get 15 Mil. per year.

  14. Alex is an average good QB, which will make him some decent money.

    He’s a HOFer compared to anything on the faiders roster though.

  15. Alex got paid already. I am a Chiefs fan and agree we should extend him but only at a number that helps us renew Justin Houston, Re-up Eric Berry as well as rewarding Jamaal Charles too. Alex is very unselfish and wants to win another Super Bowl for KC so I feel confident he understands we need pieces to complete the puzzle.

  16. Mr. Smith is more valued as a leadership man than a quarterbacking man. There area lot of good football people around him that he doesn’t need to throw very far. He seems like a nice man too. I hope he is quarterbacking my favorite football team for a few more years at least.

  17. That contract is insanity. Andy Reid could probably take half the QBs in this draft or a guy like Mark Sanchez and get exactly the same if not better production than Smith puts up.

    I just don’t understand allocating that much to a mediocre, at best, QB. You could sign two nasty WRs to compliment whatever young QB you draft, or pick up off the same scrap heap where you found Smith.

  18. Dude puts up 378 yards on 65.7% completions with 4TD’s and “0” int’s with out Charles running to take pressure off against the Colts and you guys are slamming him , You would have cut Jim Kelly ?

    And don’t forget his last 2 years with the 9ers, how many teams would be begging for a QB with those numbers?

    If you like Brandon Weeden …….. You can keep him.

  19. Man that’s a lot of money for a qb who really hasn’t proven himself, in my opinion. I’m a lifelong chiefs fan too.

  20. Alex Smith is a solid QB and a good dude, but you can’t throw a huge contract at him. It’s bad business. The upside isn’t there. For as much criticism as Tony Romo gets, he’s 5X the qb Smith is and plays with 3X less talent.

    Alex Smith is one of the lowest starting QB’s in YPA, and TD’s. Every. Single. Year.

    In 2011 they won in spite of him. 17 TD passes. SEVENTEEN. And they won 13 games. He’s not a huge asset.

    The Niners don’t go to the Super Bowl with him at QB in 2012. Seattle would’ve won the division and got the 2 seed. For all we know, they could be 2x defending SB champions.

    He’s good for a team that needs stability at QB, but the idea that he is worth $12 million / year is ridiculous.

  21. Live in KC and Chiefs fan, but no way he is worth 14-17 mil. These overpaid QB’s hurt the TEAMS. Give him 10 mil bonus and 7 mil – 3 years. IMO……….

  22. Can’t see why he’s up for a contract after just 1 year with the Chiefs. Granted, he still has a year left but Smiths agent deserves some credit. If KC is just average last year he gets decent money, but he and the Chiefs were good so now he’s going to get paid. Even if it’s not with KC. All he needs is a decent year and teams will pay him.

    He’s a top 10 QB in the league and maybe one of the most mobile in the top 10.

    He’ll be the best QB in the west after Peyton retires and KC has the highest ceiling for the foreseeable future.

  23. there are some incredibly talented guys playing QB these days, and also some incredibly inconsistent and unreliable ones. i’d put smith right around #10 if i was ranking them, and that’s how he’ll be paid. his athleticism and decision-making can win you a lot of games.

  24. Alex Smith played as well as any QB in the NFL, the last half of 2013. It was the defensive collapse that led to the demise of the Chiefs, not Alex Smith. He put up 44 points against the Colts, so don’t be blaming him for the loss. He is just a game or two behind Peyton Manning, as the winningest QB in the league, over the past 3 years. He became much more than a “game manager”, during the last half of the season and displayed the ability to extend plays, with his legs and his athletisicm. Smith didn’t have an abundance of weapons to pass too, and played his best game of the season, with out J. Charles, on the road, with the pressure of it being a playoff game, at Indy. I think that the 49er’s will ultimately regret their QB decision. Smith is a smarter and much more mature player than Kap and is playing to the level that he was expected to play at, when drafted number one. I’m basing this on 3+ seasons, not just 2013. Smith is an ideal QB for Andy Reid’s offense and I see him having his best season yet, this year, if healthy. I would rather have him than QB”s like Jay Cutler, Matt Stafford, Joe Flacco or Andy Dalton, to name a few, who are getting, or are going to get big bucks. Smith isn’t going to choke or almost single – handedly lose games for his team, as those before- mentioned QB’s seem to do, all too often. All he does is win games, places the team over his own ego and is nothing but a class act, both on and off of the field. Get him signed!

  25. If anybody still Thinks Alex Smith is not an ELITE NFL quarterback, well first i suggest you go and watch the coaches tape of all KC Passing Plays from 2013 and then answer that question and Secondly, go back and watch the Indy Wild Card Game and tell me the guy is not elite… THE dude is elite!

  26. As a 4. 9ers fan I’m happy to see Alex Smith continuing the success he Left San Fran with. Alex Smith is a solid quarterback, and does not make many mistakes.he does have a noodle for an arm but that can be compensated for with a good scheme.instead of 14 to 17 Mill it should be 10 to 14mil. and as far as character goes there is not quarterback in the league who was more about team.

  27. He’s perfect for this joke of a team that hasn’t won a playoff game in over 20 years.

    Alex Smith, LOL!

  28. Jim Harbaughs biggest mistake. Choosing haft working, humble and smart players over an idiot that refuses to take advice from Joe Montana.

  29. Two Words: ANDY REID

    Chief fans- it doesn’t matter what you do- you’ll never win with that bum.


    A fan with 14 years of experience.

  30. I have been surprised to see many of the comments here. So here’s the deal.
    Alex Smith is asking for, and will get, $100 million. That’s how it works. Romo got it. Cutler got it. The last 6 QBs to sign long term deals all got $100 million or more. It is the norm, the standard now. It just is.
    Smith has been a very fine QB for the last 3 years. I have him as somewhere around the 8th-10th best in the NFL now. Not 5 years ago, now. Incredible winning percentage. 53-17 TD/INT ratio. His performance in the playoff game last year was sensational. By far and away the best playoff performance in history of the franchise. He also out-dueled Brees in the playoff game in 2011.
    So get with the program. This is just the way it is now. If they don’t offer the $100 mil, then one of a half a dozen desperate teams will. There are no bargains on franchise QBs. You pay them. He will get his $100 million. This is the new normal.

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