Blake Bortles won’t visit Vikings before the draft


While the top prospects cross the country visiting teams before the NFL Draft, the visits become symbols which can be interpreted numerous ways.

So the Vikings are either not interested, or very interested in Blake Bortles.

According to Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the Vikings won’t be bringing the Central Florida quarterback in for a visit, and they won’t work him out privately.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything, if they feel like they know him well enough after talking to him and watching his pro day workout.

But making sure the world knows he won’t be visiting Minneapolis before the Vikings use the eighth overall pick, the Vikings can present either impression with a straight face.


53 responses to “Blake Bortles won’t visit Vikings before the draft

  1. Right now I dont think the Vikings will reach on a QB. I dont think anyone will. These QB’s will slide and you might see them at the bottom of round 1 or top of round 2. I mean how much better is bortles than carr? Why take bortles at 8 when you can have someone not far behind his skill level in round 2. Only QB id take in the top half of round 1 would be Manziel. And those teams that pick later in the first round dont need QB’s so you will definitely see some good QB’s in round 2 and even later than that. The Vikings have a lot of options and it should be another good draft.

  2. There are no QBs in this draft that rank as high as the eighth best player available in this draft.

    The Vikings need to either draft defense or trade down lower into the first round and accumulate extra picks.

    So help me God, if Spielman reaches for another QB for the second time in three years (four drafts), the Wilfs should fire him before the next team picks at #9.

  3. Everyone doubted Russel Wilson when he was coming out of college and the dude already won a freakin super bowl! And rite now manziel has a better arm than wilson did when he was coming out of college. If Johnny Football is there at 8 you HAVE TO TAKE HIM! Manziel just has to show he is serious enough and will put in the hard work and effort it takes to be an NFL qb. I believe he will.

  4. If they were interested in him, they would bring him in. Did they spend four days with Bridgewater last week because they aren’t interested in him? Picking a quarterback is way too big of a deal to mess around with setting up phony smokescreens.

  5. How many quarterbacks have been totally misserved by the instant gratification syndrome that dominates the NFL today?

    How many of the great NFL quarterbacks that are in the Hall of Fame or are just waiting for their invitation started right out of college? Yet in an age with more complex defenses and freakishly athletic men to run them, we are expecting these quarterbacks to do what we never asked the legends to do and to succeed?

    None of these quarterbacks (even the Great Manziel *sarcasm*) would have been more than a late second or early third-rounder ten or more years ago. And the team that would have drafted them would give them a few years to develop before asking them to step into the fire.

    No longer. And that’s why teams on the bottom will stay on the bottom. They keep hoping for the flash in the pan and when they don’t pan out, have to rebuild around the next great flash in the pan. Meanwhile the teams at the top either take the time to let draft picks develop, or cherry pick the best of the lot that have been cast off from teams too impatient.

    That being said, if Bortles is there in the third round, the Vikings should grab him.

  6. Take Bridgewater if he’s there. He’s the only one I want. He’s accurate, smart, can read defenses, somewhat athletic, and is EXTREMELY poised in the pocket.

    No he doesn’t have a laser, and yes he has a slight frame. I remember two other guys who had slight frames and didn’t have a strong arm who fell. Drew Brees, and Tom Brady. I keep having this nightmare Bridgewater falls to the Patriots and they take him.

  7. Vikes ideal draft plan: trade down in first for best available defender (DB/LB) then trade back up into the first for their QB, it looks like at least one will be sliding.

  8. THANK YOU JEEBUS!!! this guy reminds a lot of Ponder and lord knows the Vikings dont need one of does anymore for another 100000 years.

  9. Vikes want Johnny Football. They’ve been so aggressive with Defense in FA that I think they’re aiming to make a big splash in round 1, Bortles is not a big splash.

  10. Bortles has no interest in going to Minnesota. He knows the Jaguars will take him @#3.

    The Jags need to do something to sell some tickets to pay for the move to L.A. (Why do you think they’re the first to raise their hand for trips to London?)

    I actually think Bortles will wind up in Pittsburg, learning behind Big Ben.

  11. Just because he hasn’t visited doesn’t mean they won’t take him. Jags hardly visited or paid any attention to Gabbert, either. He was surprised we drafted him. Run on QBs and Gene wet his pants and blew the team up.

  12. If and it is a big if but if Johnny football falls to the Vikings you can expect Jerry Jones to call. Jerry wants Johnny and Johnny wants Jerry. Romo’s back is an issue and Johnny plays Texas football it is as simple as that.

  13. Choosing the future QB is basically putting him on your roster for 3 to 4 years so it better be a workable one.

  14. I am not a football talent evaluator so I can’t tell you if Bortles is a franchise QB or not.

    But as an observer of the Vikings, what I can guarantee is that:

    1.) the Vikings will reach for a QB in round 1.
    2) whatever QB they pick will be a bust.

  15. To all those comparing RW to Johnny Manziel. Watch the tape.

    They might look the same, but Manziel cannot read a defense.

    He may have book smarts, but on the field he runs even before his 1st read. He isn’t fast enough to get away with that in the NFL. He is going to have to break lifelong habits and learn how to sit in a pocket and go through progressions. Is that really worth an early 1st round pick?

    And Bortles?! 50% completion percentage for passes over 10 yards…

  16. I think the only way to interpret this is that the Vikings are not incredibly interested in Bortles.

    They don’t call him slick Rick for nothing, but passing on an opportunity to work out a guy you might take with the 8th pick just to throw off people’s scent is a little ridiculous.

  17. People keep regurgitating this stuff about how Manziel can’t throw from the pocket because some media guy said that once.

    Manziel has the best passing statistics of any QB in the draft except maybe Bridgewater. Maybe. And Manziel did it against much better competition and defenses.

  18. Please don’t take Jethro Bortles. I hope they take a shot on Mettenberger or Garoppolo in the 2nd or 3rd. None of these qbs are worth a 1st rd pick. SKOL!

  19. So many good players sitting at 8 you can’t take a ?? at QB when you can take the same ?? in the 2nd or 3rd round. I think we all learned over the last 2/3 years that a reach at QB at the top of the draft sets you back 3 seasons.

    Just be true to your board and take the best player available. I’m guessing Bridgewater and Bortles are not in the Vikings Top 8 Available so stay away.

    Manziel on the other hand,,,,,,,,,,,,,wild card but the kid has a knack for winning and getting his team mates to buy in to him. I’d drop the card on him if he is still available.

  20. Does anyone know that manziels completion percentage from the pocket was 71.4 percent. He doesnt panic once his first read is covered.. Yes he wont be that fast in the NFL but hes faster than ponder and ponder still can take off and dive for the rushing touchdown. Manziel will be hard to gameplan against and in Minnesota he will fit in well with our offense. Manziel wont be a bust if he lands on the right team.

  21. Quick history lesson because we all can’t follow what every team does in the draft. Vikings had 2, first round picks in the draft last year and came out with 3 first round picks. Two of those picks were starters with immediate impact.

    The Vikings have figured out that you can take multiple picks in the first round without overpaying them. The days of trading down (ala-belichick) are gone, there is no need.

    Look for teams to start trading into the first round to acquire more high potential talent. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple teams use all their picks in the first 2 rounds.

  22. If the Vikings make the mistake in drafting a QB with a high pick who isn’t worthy of one like Ponder, they get what they deserve. That said, I would do anything possible to not get drafted by the Vikings if I were Bortles. He would have nobody to throw the ball to. Jennings sucks when he doesn’t have Rodgers or Favre and Patterson is way to raw to be anything but a secondary role player at WR.

  23. Seems to me that Bortles will end up in Oakland. There was no reason for them to get Schaub, and cut Pryor, unless they were looking for that particular style of QB.

    And surely the Raiders aren’t thinking Schaub long term.

    Vikes ought to be trading down. Too many holes, too much 2,3,4 round talent to be had for them to be taking a guess that high, especially when its Spielman doing the guessing. Play the odds, trade down.

  24. I hope the Viking take Manziel… Then the rest of the NFL will see how much he is just a College system QB! Sure he can run, but lets see him sit in the pocket and play… He’s a spitting image of Ponder.
    I know, it doesn’ make any sense, but thats the Viking way. even their fans can make sense of it.

  25. The vikes should shoot for Mack, Mosley or Barr at #8. Those three can help out ASAP whereas a rookie qb wouldn’t fare much better than Cassell.

    I think theyve figured that much out.

    Not to mention Aaron Murray and Mettenberger could be solid clipboard holders which could lead to wins in 2-3 years.

  26. Please!!!!! No Bortles at #. No QB period. Go with defense and get the QB in the 2nd round.

    Mack won’t slide to #8. Mosely will be available and Barr will probably be for the taking. Either way, go defense or trade down if they can find someone to trade with.

  27. I keep watching the tape on Bortles, trying to see what some others see — and I just don’t see it. He can run, Ill give him that. But his ball floats and flutters. He looks like a middle round project to me. Now, it’s true that no one has called asking for my thoughts …

  28. I watched Bortles at the combine on NFL Network he was missing 12 yard curl routes in shorts. Bring on Johnny Football even if he busts at least it will be exciting to watch.

  29. The vikings have great receivers and great offense in general. Jennings does not suck. If he had a consistent Quarterback he would shine like he did in green bay. Jennings, Patterson, Simpson and Wright are great receivers to have if they had a Quarterback to throw the ball to them. If you can get the ball in Pattersons hands anything can happen. ANYTHING. Just watch the vikings ravens game. If we can get manziel and build the rest of our defense throughout the draft and maybe pick up a few more guys in free agency the vikings could end up being in the race..the nfc north will be very exciting next year. Its not bears/packers anymore its anyones division. The packers lost their team when they gave a huge chunk of their salary cap away to Aaron Rodgers. The bears are my favorite this year if Cutler can stay healthy.

  30. Some of you guys amaze me. All we heard for 2 years is its ponders fault everything from losing to the weather. Now all of a sudden you don’t want a new qb you want defense.

  31. We dont want ponder!. its just that we can wait if we dont like these guys (or dont get manziel lol). Ponder is a great backup on the vikings but time has shown he just isn’t working out. I still remember them calling his name and I was like what? Ok? I guess so….

  32. I agree ponder hasn’t been spectacular by any means but on the same hand he has NOT had 3 years of playing time either. He had a great stretch there in his second year but the coaches kept playing swap qb’s so it hurt his confidence in my opinion. I hope we get Manziel and he turns out to be our next Sir Francis. By the way I’ve been a fan for 46 years.

  33. Jennings sucks. His play has gone down hill AND he will never have a future HOF QB throwing to him in Minnesota. If he was 8 years younger he might have a chance to wait around for a HOF QB to be drafted in MN. But he’ll be LONG retired by then.

  34. This is an interesting draft. I think the Vikings would love to trade down, but I think they will have a hard time finding a team that wants to trade up in this draft. Part of me says that they have a defensive coach, Spielman got snake bit by Ponder, so they won’t reach for a QB at 8 and draft defense instead. The other part of me says that they pursued defense aggressively in free agency, they hired Norv Turner for a reason, and they will go for a QB at number 8. Not sure which is right.

  35. ragnarthemagnificent says:
    Apr 22, 2014 1:52 PM

    Look for teams to start trading into the first round to acquire more high potential talent. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple teams use all their picks in the first 2 rounds.


    I would be extremely surprised if even 1 team did it.

  36. I think Zimmer (and Spielman) are looking for leadership traits – hard work, first on the field, last off the field, outspoken in locker room, etc. – a team leader. That’s why all the interviews.

    I don’t know which of the top QBs have the traits Zimmer is looking for. Manzel might be considered a cheerleader type, but Zimmer might be nervous about his work ethic, commitment, and maturity.

  37. You need to fire coach Zimmer because he’s been a bust and he’s not that good on offense. Then you hire Cotton Fitzsimmons. Next, you draft Rake Snortles in the 5th round because he ran that pro style over there at Central Louisiana state. I believe Don Shula was his coach, so, you already know that he can toss it around a bit. Dont over think this you guys, its all pretty simple.

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