Brandon Boykin takes issue with Walter Thurmond calling himself best slot corner


Earlier on Tuesday, we passed along Giants cornerback Walter Thurmond’s belief that he was the best slot corner in the NFL right now.

We weren’t the only ones who took notice of Thurmond’s assertion. Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin, who spends most of his time in the slot, also noticed that Thurmond put himself at the top of the list. Boykin went on Twitter to register his disbelief.

Thurmond responded on Twitter, saying he “thinks it’s funny” that Boykin would have issues with a comment about slot corners because Boykin “starts on the outside” and should have “higher aspirations.” Boykin shot back to let Thurmond know he doesn’t actually start on the outside, but he understood if Thurmond was confused by the stats Boykin compiled while playing the slot.

Boykin drew things to a close after that, but things could flare up again if memories of an argument between slot cornerbacks have enough staying power to make it to the first Eagles-Giants matchup of the season.

36 responses to “Brandon Boykin takes issue with Walter Thurmond calling himself best slot corner

  1. The bigger question is–

    Why are corners and WRs always the nuttiest players in the NFL?

    You never hear right guards arguing about each other. When’s the last twitter war between centers or tackles?

  2. I’d take Boykin in that match-up any day seeing that he’s got Eli there to help him out.

    Thurmond will probably be hurt or suspended by the time that game rolls around anyway.

  3. Boykin is by far the best slot corner in football. The stats don’t lie and he shuts down the opposing WRs most the time everyone has there bad games though

  4. Don’t matter both are going be schooled by healthy RGIII, D Jax, Garçon, Roberts, and Reed and show how mediocre they both are. HTTR

  5. I remember when the Giants were all class and kept their mouths shut. They let their actions on the field do the talking. That was when Tiki Barber, the greatest running back of the past 25 years other than Barry Sanders was a true Giant among Giants. No one was more of a team first and team only player than Barber. He was a true leader. Too bad the Giants don’t have great leaders like Tiki now.

  6. Boykin was arguably the Eagles best defensive player all last season. Now that may not be incredible praise considering the vulnerability of their D, but you’d be hard pressed to find another slot corner who’s that important to his team. This position requires a little swagger and Boykin backs it up.

  7. Thurmond looked good because he had Sherman on the other side and the best safeties in football. And Boykin is mediocre on a bad secondary and these guys are arguing who’s the best 3rd corner on their team. Sad sad sad

  8. Funny that no one here is mentioning the BEST nickel corner in the NFL. Chris Harris Jr. Best part, he wasn’t even drafted. They can battle it out while he knows he is best.

  9. Didn’t hear Boykin say he was the best slot guy, thank goodness. He’s got room to improve, in a porous D backfield.

  10. People talk down about slot corners by calling them the 3rd best corners on their team, but thats not always the case. Just look at Boykin’s team history. In the past the Eagle tried to move Lito Sheppard, Asante Samuel, and Nnamdi Asomugha to the slot position and all three of them were horrible at it. Even though they were all top outside cornerbacks in the league the year prior to moving to the slot.

    Slot corner is its own position. The skills that are needed to be good at that position are different then the ones needed to be a good outside corner. The differences are pretty big, nearly as big as those between safeties and ocbs. So comparing them is pretty pointless.

    Because maybe a guy like Boykin is only the 3rd best corner on his team when playing wide, but 1st on the team in the slot. Is stopping Jimmy Graham, Gronkoswki, or Wes Welker less important then stopping Colston, Dobson, or Demaryius Thomas?

  11. Walter Thurmond – 1 CAREER interception
    – 15 CAREER pass deflections

    Brandon Boykin – 6 interceptions LAST YEAR
    – 16 pass deflections LAST YEAR

    bro…..seriously. numbers don’t lie

  12. If anyone has the right to call out Thurmond, it is Boykin. Say what you want about slot corners, but you realize the value of the position when you lack a good one and the numbers Boykin put up last year were seriously helpful to a questionable Eagles D. 6 ints? Nothing to disregard to say the least.

  13. I guess he learned more then playing CB in Seattle..Looks like Richard Sherman taught him how to look stupid by running his mouth. The Seahawk secondary was the best in the NFL but, only because they all played well together…Now that he is in NY..Reality will set in. With Eli throwing more completions to the CB’s the WR’s..Boykins will be in line for at least 2 INT’s I their match-ups this year..On the other hand Foles doesn’t throw picks very much

    Boykins > Thurmond

  14. Thurmond was a really good CB, on his own, in Seattle. Excellent slot guy. Seattle let him go because he sat out two full seasons due to injury, and then got himself suspended for smoking weed with Browner.

    So he’s a really really good player (probably is the best slot corner in the NFL) – when he’s not hurt or suspended. And that’s the key question. Can he stay healthy and off drugs long enough to take full advantage of all that talent?

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