C.J. Spiller has plenty of motivation for a big season

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Bills running back C.J. Spiller wasn’t able to repeat his 2012 performance last season, dropping from six yards a carry to 4.6 while struggling to get over an ankle injury for much of the season.

Given the injury, Spiller said he was still pleased with the way he performed but knows that there’s more that he’s able to do on the field. He said Tuesday that he’s motivated by those who thought 2012 might have been a one-year aberration, but that’s just one motivation he has to put his best foot forward in 2014.

Spiller is entering the final year of his contract and he’s seen the relative weakness of the market for running backs. He’s also heard the stories about running backs declining as they hit their late 20s, but said that he plans to spend this year proving that he’s worth a lucrative deal anyway.

“I don’t think nothing about it. It’s just somebody that came up with a stat. Good on their part,” Spiller said, via Mike Rodak of ESPN.com. “I don’t think my play is going to decline. If you really go look at my body of work, I don’t really have a ton of carries. I probably have maybe 600. And this is going into my fifth year. You look at other guys who have almost 2,000 carries, it’s a huge difference. I don’t think about it. I don’t pay attention to it. I’ll be 27 this year and if people say that’s my peak, then that’s them. But to me, I’m just going out there and just balling.”

Spiller hasn’t started talks with the Bills about an extension, in part because he has yet to hire a new agent since Gary Wichard died in 2011. Once he hires one, those talks can start although Spiller sounds like he’d willing to bet on himself having a big 2014 season before signing a new contract.

16 responses to “C.J. Spiller has plenty of motivation for a big season

  1. Thought he had the potential to be Chris Johnson II however he was always hurt. Fred Jackson seemed to be the more durable back even though he was ususally hurt too. Between them two Buffalo has a great running game. Maybe this is Spiller’s year to take over for good.

  2. I hitched my fantasy football wagon to Spiller last year. It didn’t go well for me. In Spiller’s defense, I’d like to point out my other 16 picks stunk too.

    I think I just had a revelation…

    I’m bad at fantasy football.

  3. Spiller’s tread is still thick, and running for 4.6 ypc with a high ankle sprain for 75% of the season is damn impressive, if you ask me. His effectiveness next season will be tied to his solely to his health. When he’s healthy, he’s a top 4 back, no question.

  4. They should study the years players have in the final season. The feeling is that they are usually better but I don’t know. I guess in a utopia they wouldn’t have a better season just because it leads to more money which makes for the 2nd part of the study, do player get worse after signing big deals. Don’t know, but it seems like they have better season when the money is on the line and worse after but not sure.

  5. Good RB with HR potential but not a good fit for Marrone/Hackett’s scheme. Look for Bills to draft a RB on day 2 and maybe even deal Spiller for a pick.

  6. What motivation, they don’t pay RB’s big contracts anymore.

    Not happening, even though the guy can run like the wind.

  7. Hasn’t had an agent since 2011. Plays a position where you can hit your decline the quickest. Playing for a team that has shown on multiple occasions they like to try extend their core guys early.

    Wouldn’t you want to at least hire one to start putting out feelers to the team. Ya know, uh just to see???

  8. Just the mere mention of Spillers name brings the fantasy dweebs out from under their rocks.

  9. CJ will be the next player to leave the Bills. Any good player leaves after there first contract is up. Good players want to win. 14 years and counting.

  10. fred jackson is one of the most underrated players in the league. it`s no shame c.j. they don`t want to make you grind if you are not healthy. it`s because of fred that c.j has been spared unnecessary punishment. you`ll get at it this year c.j, don`t worry.

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