Carl Nicks still not ready to go, aiming for start of training camp


Two years into the five-year, $47.5 million contract he signed with Tampa Bay in 2012, Carl Nicks has played in just nine games as a Buccaneer, thanks to a toe injury and subsequent surgery that later led to a staph infection. And Nicks is still not healthy enough to go as the Bucs begin their offseason program.

Nicks told Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times that he still has pain and nerve damage in his foot. That pain is keeping him from participating in offseason work.

The good news is that Nicks does anticipate being ready to go for the start of training camp in three months. He says he fully expects to be able to play this season.

Now the question is how well he’ll be able to play. Before Nicks’s health problems, he was one of the best guards in the NFL, and he’s still only 28 years old. Getting him back on the field at 100 percent would go a long way toward rebuilding a moribund Tampa Bay offense.

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  1. I know Carl left the Saints due to $$$, but sometimes money isn’t everything. He was instrumental in the Saints Super Bowl year in keeping Brees upright and forming a passing pocket for a shorter QB and he is still missed in New Orleans. Interestingly enough, he almost never missed a game with the Saints.

  2. Tampa better get that staph problem under control or they’re going to have some serious lawsuits on their hands. I hope Carl gets well this season, nobody likes to see a player go out under these circumstances.

  3. The bucs need to go draft an offensive lineman first round. Unless a stud like Mack or Watkins drops they can’t waste their time on Qbs. Even with Nicks back they still dont have an answer at RG or RT. What’s the point of drafting Manziel/Bridgewater/Bortles they’ll have 2 seconds in the pocket.

    Let McCown and Glennon battle it out

  4. Most dominant run blocking G in the league…..when healthy. Get healthy, learn to play with pain or hang ’em up.

  5. It’s a little more complicated than learning to play with pain when you have nerve damage, but he is a great blocker. I have to agree with BigAl that Nicks would have been better off staying in New Orleans, but I hope to see Nicks healthy again soon.

    With Lovie running the show, the Bucs could sneak up on some people.

  6. one of the most physically imposing linemen in the league.. a real shame that his career has been derailed by this. hope he’s able to put it behind him soon.

  7. You are absolutely correct. I don’t think many people know how serious a staph infection can be. It can easily kill you before you or any doctor realizes there is something wrong.

    All the best to Nicks and Lawrence Tynes, who the Bucs treated so poorly last year with how they handled his medicals and subsequent release.

  8. Left the Saints over a couple million dollars total. I bet if he had to do it over again he would’ve made a different decision. And to add insult to injury the Saints went out and replaced him with Ben Grubbs and hardly skipped a beat.

  9. Maybe it’s a good thing Josh Freeman got cut. At least he’ll no longer be exposed to staph infection.

  10. Having had a toe injury they never heal 100% and that’s like having a bad thumb and being a QB. Milk the Bucs as long as you can and thanks for the memories

  11. Shoulda stayed with the Saints dude. All that money and playing for the Tampon Bay Bucs? What for? Get another ring and earn your pay for the rest of your life as an analyst…

  12. I’ve always liked that word “moribund”. It so rarely comes up in conversation. Unfortunately it does, more often than not, with my Buccaneers. Here’s to hoping Elle “California Mountain Snake” Driver’s word “gargantuan” is more often associated with this season.

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