DeSean Jackson expects “something special” when playing the Eagles

Washington wide receiver DeSean Jackson will circle two dates on his calendar when the NFL releases this year’s schedule.

Jackson told Arsenio Hall that he’s eager to play the Eagles, who cut him for reasons Jackson still doesn’t fully understand.

Oh yeah, twice,” Jackson said of playing the Eagles this year, via “Two times, not once, twice. I’m sure those two games, there’s gonna be something special about those two games, for sure. I gotta definitely go up on that.”

Jackson says the day the Eagles informed him that he was cut is still difficult for him.

“It was almost unreal, honestly. My agent called me because I missed the call from head coach, and I’m sitting there like, what’s the reason behind it, what’s going on? Somebody tell me,” Jackson said. “Basically, [Kelly] told me ‘I think it’s best for the team and I think it’s best for yourself [to part ways]. We’re gonna let you negotiate with 31 other teams.’ So I’m like ‘Are you sure?’ I asked him one more time, I asked him what’s the reason, he said that’s what it was. I’m like, let’s get it started, let’s get it going.”

Jackson going against the Eagles will make for two of the most intriguing dates of the NFL year.

105 responses to “DeSean Jackson expects “something special” when playing the Eagles

  1. One of the great offensive minds in the game right now let go of his best WR–SOMETHING made him do that. Now the RS can figure out what that reason was. Good riddance.

  2. It sounds like Kelly wouldn’t tell him why he was cut. I hope Jackson gets a bunch of TDs and just let’s his performance beg the question. Kelly is nobody’s hero.

  3. Kelly is a no nonsense coach and with him it’s all about team. Jackson is about Jackson on a number of levels and he was history when he blew off his season ending exit meeting with Kelly. The fact that he still doesn’t get it says it all. Good luck in DC Desean you’ll need it.

  4. Ya- as a Giants fan I expected big games from Lavar Arrington too, when we got him from the Skins, but he didn’t to jack. It seems when the guys have an ax to grind nothing seems to come of it.

  5. “My agent called me because I missed the call from head coach”

    And I am sure that was a big part of the problem.

  6. To cut one of your best players on the team, and get nothing for it… Kelly better hope he is right… because if this team doesn’t win the division this year, its solely on him…

  7. I wish he left out the part where he “missed the call from the head coach.”

    And then He said “Basically” Kelly told him…. which means he avoided Kelly for as long as possible. I hope he has better communication with Redskins coaches…

  8. Why wouldn’t you want something special for EVERY game you play? Why do you need extra motivation to go above and beyond outside of your own hunger and your own paycheck?

  9. You just don’t cut quality players in their prime for no reason. The Eagle organization is really telling a story with that action, plus the Chiefs and Jets (with coaches intimately familiar with him) wouldn’t even take a sniff. The guy is a cancer.

  10. I don’t think it will be anything special. Rg3 will probably be struggling in one game and injured in the other and d jax will prob be playing the quit on the field card.

  11. Of COURS you missed the call from coach. Do you not see your behavior is indicative of a huge attitude problem, which is why you were cut?

    I’m no eagles fan, but even I can understand why they parted ways with you.

  12. It sounds like this guy is hard to get in touch with unless you are his agent. Of course if you are his agent and you lent DJax some money, then he won’t answer your calls either.

    McNabb and T.O = Griffin and DJax.

    I can’t wait to watch this drama from afar.

  13. When he first got cut I was totally in his corner. However, now that his agent, as well as himself, won’t shut their mouths.. I see why the birds made the move. Clearly dealing with immaturity issues.

  14. I hope he’s motivated to play all games not just Philly but I totally understand wanting to circle those dates. Being able to know when you’ll see your ex is motivation enough!! And that’s fuel for Everyman that’s been dumped before HTTR!!!!

  15. Maybe if jaccpot had gone to his exit interview it would have been clarified. Its funny bc in these “big” games he usually gets shut down. I’m guessing that trend will continue…

  16. D-list DeSean Jackson talkin it up with D-list Arsenio Hall. I can’t believe I missed this because I was watching “Barney Miller”.

  17. I know they will be emotional games and they should be fun to watch. I don’t think Washington will win though as they have to many other holes to fill.

    There’s alot of hype about RGIII coming out but there was similar hype last year where we were told that RGIII was going to tear up the league. In the end it was a 3-13 season.

  18. Somewhere Josh McDaniels is looking for Chip Kelly’s number. You can’t cut all of your best players just because they don’t like you. Great coaches manage characters.

  19. Desean “missed” the call from his head coach…doesn’t this statement make it pretty clear why the Eagles got rid of him? This guy “missed” his end of the year meeting with the head coach. He “missed” the start time for countless meetings. He “missed” part of training camp in 2011 holding out for a contract. I don’t think the Eagles will miss his diva attitude.

  20. I love DJAX’s game, but Chip will be prepared to defend him, I’m sure. So, DJAX, the Birds will have something special for you too.

  21. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking this dude will not account for 5-6 more wins a year for the Redskins. They’re still a 7-9 squad, which is no playoff team in the NFC. The games will be big but Philly still has the upper hand in this division. Redskins had to learn the hard way last season about their QB, may not be much different this season.

  22. HTTR: The Skins officially have the fastest team in the NFL. Garcon, Jackson, Roberts, RG3, Even Santana Moss can still burn most of the NFL. Now thats special. I just want that lombardi. Perhaps we can move faster back to Redskin Glory days.

  23. So you didn’t answer Chips call and got the news from your agent but you didn’t get any “answers” from Chip. Ok. Even if you eventually spoke to Chip, now that you’re on another team Chip isn’t going to give you any help to straighten yourself out and god knows you won’t do it on your own.

  24. Team with the better defense and better QB (all around, Foles is a better QB then RG3) wins 90%
    of the time. Eagles have no worries when it comes to the skins.

  25. Something special for the Eagles?? Well, it’s not
    like you’ll run a pattern over the middle or anything so the Eagles pretty much have got you covered. LOL.

  26. If my boss calls, I move heaven and earth to take the call. Maybe that’s why I still work at the same place and DJax is on to his next employer.

  27. Lets get this straight. Agent has to call you and let you know that your coach called your phone? So, the team had to call the agent to let him know that the coach is trying to reach his client. Really? And this genius blew off an exit interview at the end of the year with the coach. Enjoy him, deadskins.

  28. What? He missed the call from the coach or did he elect not to pick up the phone when the coach called because he knew it was being talked about. I cannot stand Desean, so I am glad to see him gone. The Eagles will miss his production if they do not draft a WR next month. I think the Eagles have enough offensive weapons to make up for losing Desean, and it saves them $10 million.

  29. Also..iggles fans saying they can shut down Jackson so no worries…thats great..but how are you also gonna stop Garcon..Reed…Andre Roberts..Morris..Moss..Robinson?

  30. The Eagles are proving to be the new dumbest organization in the NFL. Maybe they always were considering they’ve never won a Super Bowl. Washington has 3 rings! Giants have 4 rings! Cowboys have 5 rings! The lowly Eagles have zero! Looks like it’s going to remain that way for decades more to come. HAHAHAHAHHA

  31. Its amazing how many eagles fans are butthurt towards Jackson for being dumped by an egomaniacal, fairly new coach. Based on Jacksons quotes, he’s the victim here. He gave you guys all those good years, how about being thankful, geez. Its not his fault hes going to have to pull a Forrest Whittaker in fast times at ridgemont high on you guys 2x a year now LOL

  32. Chip is right! it was best for the team and for him…clearly! I mean he is ON THE ARSENIO SHOW! WHOOOOOP WHOOOP!, ESPN interviews, video shots of him in the Redskins gym, He gets to promote his rap album, he may even have a chance at Rihanna and she won’t drive away from him (check other news sources for that one). So…he should be thanking Kelly. Meanwhile, the Eagles, get to focus on FOOTBALL! GO BIRDS!

  33. I’m a burgundy-and-gold fan, but he’s already talking too much for my taste. And on top of that, he continued his vacation instead of getting to the facility to train with his team. Not happy about the way he’s starting with the club.

  34. If he wasn’t such a cancer, why didn’t the Chiefs or the Jets sniff around? Probably cause that kind of cancer is contagious and they didn’t want to contract it (pun intended).

  35. Glad to see a Skin talking about stepping up.. lol they’ve been talking about it since the eighties.. but keep talking.

  36. Here is the no win situation Washington has put themselves in. After the Eagles playoff loss to the Saints, DeSean started talking about how he has outplayed his current contract, that was scheduled to pay him 10.5M this coming year. The 3 year deal he just signed averages $8M per year.

    So the best case scenario for Washington is that DeSean had a great year, but that will undoubtedly lead to him whining about wanting more money. If they don’t give him more money he will become a big distraction and play half heartedly, like he did during is contract dispute in Philadelphia.

    Or he doesn’t have a great year and Washington no has a problem child whose skills are on the decline.

  37. Great offensive minds?! LOL!! He almost got beat by the worst defense Dallas ever had and got totally schooled by Rob Ryan in the playoffs. This year reality will hit the smoothie king one year don’t make you and the NFC west and retooled Skins and Giants will put Kelly back in college 2015. As far as D Jax move …. Andy coached him for 6 years and didn’t cut him real NFL coaches don’t let playmakers in their prime go and to a division rival. Saying anything else is just fooling yourself

  38. it’s the redskins… they blow their dough without ever kicking the tires (ie deion sanders, adam archuleta, jeremiah trotter, jeff george, bruce smith, albert haynesworth, brandon lloyd, etc…). Don’t you think Andy or Marty ( you know… the dude who drafted him and his OC) would have signed him before the deadskins 72 hr window if it actually would have been worth it? get your head out of your bum

  39. The Skins didn’t pay him that much people need to stop thinking Vinny Cerrato is still with the Skins.

  40. It’s so funny to see how quickly it takes for an Eagle fan to turn against their best play-maker who has no off field problems or arrests. Just give him up and say the head coach has a reason for doing this but no one really knows why? Talk about a homer.

  41. It just goes to show how immature he is. He should just have kept his mouth shut, took the high road leading up to the game and went out on the field on a mission to destroy his former team. Grow up, ME Sean!

  42. It’s so funny to see how quickly it takes for an Eagle fan to turn against their best play-maker who has no off field problems or arrests. Just give him up and say the head coach has a reason for doing this but no one really knows why? Talk about a homer.


    Best player on Eagles = LeSean McCoy

    DeSean Jackson was arrested in 2010.

    Questionable burglary, association with gang members does not equal no off field problems.

    Care to try again?

  43. 3 pro bowls counters at least half the arguments you haters have posted

    signing for less money covers 25%

    and if any of you perfect people have ever been fired from a job. you know exactly how he feels when he says it’s more special to play them. really all this hating only exposes you fears of the new landscape of the NFC East is shaping up. your either too blind or don’t know enough about football to realize that a tragic knee injury and a bogus cap penalty helped the Redskins slide from NFC East Champions to 3-13. this is not the squad you want to face so you keep pointing to the past in hope that they resurface. good luck with that.

  44. Ha ha all this bs of RG3 sucking Bc of last year… Nick Foles bein so much getter… Hahahahahahaha! That’s hilarious!
    Ok, last year he was not close to 100%. The year before he had the best rookie season in history. You honestly think he won’t be back eagles fans?? I can smell the fear. Just imagine the feeling you will have when RG3 and your former player smoke you… Or maybe he won’t. He’ll just be a decoy.. Ahh so sweet from this end . Good freakin luck! Y’all ain’t that good


  45. Dear Desean,

    This isn’t some cupcake,soft, fair-weather suit and nylon wearing town like D.C. You’re dealing with Philadelphia- and they’re gonna have you wetting your knickers homeboy. TWICE.

  46. Funny how when a player is on your team, he’s the greatest that ever played, but the second he’s gone, he’s garbage! Typical for Philly! All talk NO action. Yep, you won the NFC East last year! Wow, wasn’t that special.,.. and went how far in the playoffs??? During the season, you played against a coach that was on his way out and a qb that was recovering from major surgery, a coach that had his hands tied by his owner and another qb that has since needed surgery. You won by default. Now you have a coach that is a dictator, that runs his organization like a fiefdom. There was another college coach that did that too. What was his name?…. Hmm? What was his name…. oh yes, Nick Saben. Will the Iggle organization become the next to be Sabenized? or should we now call it Chippered? You do realise you- the Iggles- are the ONLY team in the NFC East that has NO Vince Lombardi trophy. Criticize others when ya got something, otherwise your just bush league.!

  47. Can’t imagine him and RG3 being on the same team. They both think the world revolves around them and rules don’t apply to them. Jackson is a cancer and will destroy any team he is allowed to remain on in the future. Five minutes after a playoff loss and all he was worried about was getting his contract renegotiated, the one he just signed.

  48. Djax has to put Philly in his rearview. You have new start in a power house city with $16 million guaranteed. He really came out on top in all of this. The division knows he is the most dangerous weapon on the field. You done better than well. Now focus on your craft and help RG III

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