Gil Brandt suggests draft-and-trade scenario for Texans at No. 1

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Ten years after the Chargers made Eli Manning the first pick in the draft and then shipped him to the Giants for Philip Rivers plus more, a similar strategy could be unfolding in 16 nights at Radio City Music Hall.

Gil Brandt of suggests that the Texans could take defensive end Jadeveon Clowney with the first overall selection, and then trade him to a team that takes a predetermined player with its own first-round pick.

The approach makes much more sense than the Texans trading down to a specific spot before the draft, since that would invite speculation from other teams regarding the player the Texans would target, along with a possible leapfrogging of the Texans.  By taking then trading Clowney, the Texans would more likely to get the guy they want later, since the team that takes the player the Texans would pick may not be expected to pick that player.

Appearing on Tuesday’s PFT Live, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle explained that, in his view, the Texans will take Clowney or quarterback Johnny Manziel with the first overall pick.  If they decide on Manziel and if Manziel remains in play until the team to which Clowney would be traded can get him, the Texans would emerge with Manziel plus more.

And if the team that would trade for Clowney can’t get the other player the Texans want, the Texans presumably would keep Clowney — or possibly trade him to someone else for a different package.

For the full appearance and insight from McClain, click the box below.

59 responses to “Gil Brandt suggests draft-and-trade scenario for Texans at No. 1

  1. It’s very possible they could do this. I suggested this earlier in the week with the Patriots taking a QB in Round 1 and then keeping options open which one of option of course is for a team to get aggressive and pay in trade.

    And for this reason it could make sense for some team to make a calculated offer now that gives the Texans a choice they must make. I guessed at the Lions as being the team that takes a shot and puts something in writing and hits “Send” on a facsimile machine while patiently waiting for the confirmation to maybe be displayed. The Texans might act on that offer if they see it.

  2. Texans aren’t exactly full of holes. This is a pretty good team that has had some suspect QB play the last couple of years and a coach who’s message was probably getting stale. QBs stock seem to be dropping as the draft gets closer so take Clowney with your first pick then move back into the first round around pick 20-23 and get a QB like Carr or Bridgewater(once he slides).

  3. If it is a draft and trade, I think there is no question Clowney would hold more value. A team looking for a QB is not gonna give up a ridiculous amount when there are other QBs they could go after in the 2nd or 3rd round. And there does not appear to be another Clowney.

  4. The Texans should take Johnny Wildcat to go down in history as the NFL’s Portland Trailblazers. The team that drafted Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan.

  5. This seems extremely unlikely. It would be nice to see some.crazy draft day trades though. Too bad for the Texans that the Redskins may have realized their RG3 folly, otherwise they might have had a trading partner.

  6. I can’t understand why the Texans wouldn’t take Clowney for themselves. Their DL would be almost unblockable.

  7. I don’t think any teams actually want Clowney as much as it’s played like. Teams are scared of a lazy athlete and Mack is much more versatile.

  8. And then what happens if they intend on doing this and a third team throws a monkey wrench in the works by picking the player they wanted? Then they end up for all intents and purposes stuck with a player they did not want at a #1 overall selection.

    Just decide on a player and be done with it. Having the #1 pick and still getting out-maneuvered is not something anyone wants on their resume.

  9. This would require the Texans front office to behave in a shrewd, intelligent fashion… (insert punchline here…)

  10. huh ?? yea then that guy u traded for and his agent want first pick money since you made deal to get with the first pick you picked in first round..I totally get it “

  11. As someone who starts every conversation by saying “i’m a die hard texan fan”. I will stop saying that if they screw this draft up and take manziel.

  12. Bottom line for me is – what’s McClain saying? He’s the guy closest to the Texans and he’s just about never wrong on them. Nobody else’s reports mean a thing to me.

  13. Gil Brandt’s time has come and gone. He is so hard to listen too, needs to hang the microphone up.

  14. We’ve been hearing about this draft since the beginning of the 2012 college football season. Draft a bagel if you want,just get it over with.

  15. If I’m the Texans, I stay away from Clowney. He’s a 4-3 end anyway. I don’t think that guy is going to compete for the full 60 minutes. Clowney and Manziel, buyer beware. Manziel is not going to last with his playing style.

  16. Khalil Mack OFF THE BOARD!!! #1 overall pick!

    You get your freak athlete but you get a hard working versatile tough player as well.

  17. Sammy Watkins is the best player in this draft…hands down. Why wouldn’t they consider him? Andre Johnson isn’t getting any younger.

  18. Trade with Detroit. Lions get Clowney and the Texans 2nd round pick. Houston gets Suh and the Lions 1st round(10th overall).

  19. This is unlikely. The salary cap allocation (cap within a cap) for rookies is based on draft picks used, not on where your rookies were picked. This is the biggest reason you see picks traded and then players drafted, not players drafted then traded.

    The Eli trade is the lone exception I can think of to this, and they did have to deal with this issue. It’s not impossible to get around, but not worth dealing with when you can circumvent it so easily.

  20. Collusion: Improper secret agreement between two or more entities, to defraud or deprive others of their property or rightful share, or to otherwise indulge in a forbidden, illegal, or illegitimate activity.

  21. We fans are clueless about most of the behind the scenes offers that GMs make to each other on draft day. One of my favorites that was leaked was that, in 2006, my Titans made a last minute bid with the Saints to swap the Saints’ No. 2 pick for the Titans’ No. 3 (plus more) so the Titans could draft Reggie Bush instead of Vince Young. I would’ve liked that revealing news even more if the Saints had agreed to swap picks!

  22. This may be 2006 all over again: the Texans pass on the popular fave (Reggie Bush = Clowney) and the local hero (Vince Young = Manziel) to take the player who will surprisingly prove to be the best (Mario Williams = Mack).

  23. The draft/trade scenarios are one reason I dislike the NBA’s Draft…… Plus the fact that it’s in June and weather is great for doing outdoor activities… Which is also a reason the NFL needs to get the draft back to April!

    I cannot watch the NFL Draft this season because of a baseball coaching conflict. Thanks Goodell.

  24. The Texans should take Clowney #1 and then trade back into the middle of the first round to get a qb. My Ravens make perfect sense. Baltimore picks 17th (950) points. Houston picks 33rd (580) points. This 370 point differential is nearly equal to the value of Houston’s third and fourth rounds picks. I bet Ozzie would jump all over 2nd, 3rd and 4th picks for a 16 slot trade-down.

  25. I know everyone despises Manziel bc he is constantly in the media, played for the Aggies (although wanted to play for Texas Longhorns), Is friends with celebrities like Drake, Lebron, and ESPN alum. However, this guy is a hard worker, gifted athlete, very intelligent, and has been playing with a chip on his shoulder since high school. He was never considered a 5 star recruit and had to battle his way into the position he is now. Everyone says he is too small to go to the next level but remember this men do not stop growing till the age 25. He wheres a size 15 shoe? He is going to get taller and stronger in the NFL like most athletes do when they get to the next level. Everyone says he is cannot read defenses. I saw him with John Gruden and he not only knows how to read defs but is familiar with protections as well. He seems to relish at the oppurtunity to learn more about these two important skills. I think the only knock I would give him is that he should of stayed and played another year to improve his game in the pocket. However he is here now and I think he was getting bored with the competion. He made the SEC look like fools his two seasons he played and the game against LSU was a bad preparation due to lack of practice and gameplanning coming off a shoulder injury the week before. I think he is going to be a great QB for any team bc he can mold his game to fit any scheme they put in place. This kid will make the players around him better, and believe he is more like Tom Brady on leadership, knowledge, drive, and determination.

  26. I see houston taking Clowney and waiting to see how the rest of the 1st round unfolds. The Texans biggest need is at QB. There are several quality QBs in the draft including this Carr kid from Fresno State who is flying under the radar. Depending on how the 1st round unfolds and the offers from other NFL teams for Clowney the Texans could keep Clowney if they can get someone like Carr in the 2nd round. If they get a ridiculous offer from another team loaded with draft picks ala Herschel Walker or Ricky Williams trade they will trade Clowney.

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