Injuries made Jamar Taylor consider walking away from football last year

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Dolphins cornerback Jamar Taylor’s rookie season did not go as well as many hoped it would after the Dolphins drafted him in the second round of the 2013 draft.

Taylor had sports hernia surgery that limited him to nine games, most of which were spent playing a limited role in the secondary. Taylor said he found it so demoralizing to sit and watch others playing the game that he questioned whether or not he wanted to keep playing the game.

“It was to the point last year I thought I was done playing football,” Taylor said, via the Idaho Statesman. “I didn’t want to play anymore. I was out of it. Thank God for my girlfriend, my family, my pastors and God — because I made it through and kept working. I’m really looking forward to this year. I’m going to turn a lot of heads.”

The Dolphins lost Dimitri Patterson and Nolan Carroll in free agency and signed veteran Cortland Finnegan after he was released by the Rams. All the roster shuffling leaves a big opening for Taylor to fill now that he’s “healthy and ready to take over the world.”

18 responses to “Injuries made Jamar Taylor consider walking away from football last year

  1. I wonder what will happen when he gets matched up with a WR that is in the process of taking over the world, something’s gotta give.

    Two men enter, one man leaves, other man anointed as Earth Overlord.

  2. Good for him. When i was in my early 20’s I quit a lot of jobs for various reasons w/o thinking twice about it. Now that I’m in my early 30’s i realize the mistakes I made, the bridges I burned etc. etc. but I’m glad the people around Jamar explained things to him and that he’s ready to put in the work to get the job done. With his talent he should be starting next to Grimes and I have a feeling he might earn that spot this year.

  3. I fear the worst. A herniated disk will come back to plague you time and time again. I see lots of pain in this young man’s career. WORK ON THAT CORE!

    We have too many DBs coming off injury!

  4. Good attitude. Now as for the rest of this underachieving team….funny thing about the Dolphins–they either overachieve or underachieve…and this is a team that wants to overtake New England???

  5. Man up rook. You are needed to do a job you have talent at. Get healthy, get on the field, make plays and help the team. It’s about teamwork not personal accolades or feelings.

  6. If he almost quit over a sports hernia, which is pretty low in terms of seriousness and rehab as injuries go, how much dedication does he even have to football in general?

    Sounds like he doesn’t do adversity well, which doesn’t bode well for his future in the game.

  7. Sandy102270 maybe it just the competitive spirit inside this young man. He wants to be on the field to compete and win but knew he couldn’t and he had a hard time dealing with that but through family and friends he learned to deal with it. He just may play lights out now because he is hungry he does have the talent and mix that with a deep want this kid just might explode into greatness!!! Go Dolphins!!!!

  8. Lets hope its good heads and not the scary sort of horror 360 degree heads like the O line turned last year. We really need a lot of players to turn heads this year or i will be spending my Sundays and Mondays in a bad mood to the delight of everybody that has to deal with me during the football season.

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