Josh Freeman glad to be a Giant after “rough all around” 2013


The Giants signed Josh Freeman to be their backup quarterback, despite seeing the worst of him last year.

And Freeman vowed to not repeat that kind of performance, with a little help.

Upon signing his contract with the Giants yesterday, Freeman said he hopes to never repeat the kind of miserable performance he put out there with the Vikings, going 20-of-53 for 190 yards with an interception in a loss to the Giants.

“I think, as a competitor, I don’t really see myself in that situation,” he said, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger. “It’s definitely a change of pace for me and frustrating on the field. I don’t really see that happening again as long as I’m playing. I expect to go out and when I play, play well.

Last year was rough all around, but I’m happy to get a new start here and have an opportunity to be there for the Giants and see where it goes.”

Freeman got his first chance to hang with Eli Manning (along with Curtis Painter and Ryan Nassib), and seemed to relish the opportunity to take a deep breath.

“Today, having the opportunity to sit in meetings and be around the guys in the room, from Eli to Curtis, Ryan, it’s a great group of guys,” Freeman said. “I’m excited and am looking forward to learning about everybody and getting to know the team.”
He also has a chance to reclaim his image. Last year was an impossible situation, but the former first-rounder clearly has talent. At this point, getting in out of the rain might be the best thing for his career, and gives the Giants a chance at a better insurance policy at the same time.

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  1. Good luck to him. Seems like a solid kid and has the measurables you want to see in a QB. Not sure why he’d pick the Giants as they are never going to let him play and/or take any reps away from Peyton’s idiot kid brother. Unless Freeman plans to Gillooly him….

  2. Funny how there’s a consensus about the disaster Schiano was in Tampa, yet Freeman catches most of the flak. With Schiano, Tampa Bay exiled several players who played important roles for for winning organizations. Michael Bennett and Aqib Talib come to mind.

    Josh Freeman, was once a very good starting NFL QB who was underminded by the Schiano regime. Not sure if his drug and tardiness issues began prior to Schiano, but I do know that Schiano tried to destroy him and others. In doing so, he destroyed the team.

    I hope Josh can overcome the problems and become the QB he was on target to become prior to the Schiano debacle.

  3. “Last year was an impossible situation”? Impossible for who? The Vikes and Bucs? Freeman is his own problem. There is obviously something wrong with him. My guess is that since he couldn’t beat out Ponder last year, the Giants will cut him before the start of the regular season.

  4. The fact that the once mighty Giants have brought Freeman in is a sad confirmation of just how low they have gone. What the hell happened…simple arrogance maybe?

  5. Eli will continue his career-ending collapse, and Freeman will be the Giants starting QB by game 6.

  6. Going off of what I’ve seen in previous stories this probably isn’t a popular sentiment… but I’d like to see Josh Freeman come back and become a starter again. Things were bad in Tampa, and he gets a lot of the blame for that, then he got put in a bad situation in Minnesota. There was no way that was going to turn out well for them with the way he was handled. Hopefully he learned and matured.

  7. Yes, instructing your agent to force your release because the coach wanted to play the obviously better QB sure must have been rough. Josh has talent but mentally is about as fragile as it gets.

  8. So the kid gets wrapped up in Schiano’s train wreck…then the Vikings have him throw the ball 53 times(!) a few short days after he arrives and then exile him….and it’s all on him and nothing to do with poorly managed teams? He owns a large part of the out come but the teams need to own just as much.

    He should get another shot.

  9. Eli in his career has a game where he was 9-25 36% 74 yd
    Which he followed with a 21-26 46% 101 yd
    He also had a 8-22 36% 59 yd later a 7-15 46% 111 yd Freeman is being judged on a bad 4 game stretch when he played the league best defenses.
    Why not judge him on a 4 game stretch where he was 71 9 td 0 int
    Or another 4 game stretch he was 65 10td o int

  10. Have not really heard much about him outside of his lackluster performance on the field so far. That makes him at least a better candidate than a few QBs out there. Not saying he’s just going to turn things around and play lights out, but this is a good opportunity for him to show his capabilities.

  11. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.He is better than Painter.You who are clueless are the only ones who think he can be the starter.God forbid Eli gets hurt then I would rather see him start than Painter and Nassib isn’t ready yet.Good move by Reese along with all the other good moves he’s made this off season.

  12. Obviously good Josh can be very good, but we haven’t seen him for a while. let’s hope that the past year was a wakeup call for him. I don’t think Schiano can be blamed for Freeman’s laziness; on the other hand, the Vikings situation was ridiculous. How could they expect him to be effective in such a short time?

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