Men accused of stabbing Mike Adams plan to paint him as a liar


The men accused of stabbing Steelers tackle Mike Adams last year currently are standing trial on charges of attempted murder.  Their lawyer plans to defend against the alleged attack on Adams by, well, attacking Adams.

As explained by Adam Brandolph of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the lawyers representing the three defendants will paint Adams as a liar.

Adams claims he was carjacked by the three defendants, 26-year-old Michael Paranay, 26-year-old Dquay Means, and 27-year-old Jerrell Whitlock.  They will claim that Adams was drunk, that he instigated a fight, and that he then lied to avoid trouble with his employer.

“It shows an individual who was on shaky ground and stood to lose millions,” lawyer Fred Rabner said.  “That motivation to lie is enormous.”

Steelers G.M. Kevin Colbert has been subpoenaed by the defense to testify, presumably about the thin ice that Adam occupied after joining the team in 2012 as a second-round pick who tested positive for marijuana at the Scouting Combine.  Colbert reportedly is fighting the subpoena.

The presiding judge has not yet ruled on the question of whether Colbert must testify, explaining that the judge first needs to hear what Adams says while testifying.

If, for example, Adams claims he faced no scrutiny from the Steelers if word got out that he was drunk and instigated a fight, Colbert’s testimony would become necessary to rebut his comments.

20 responses to “Men accused of stabbing Mike Adams plan to paint him as a liar

  1. In the end, everyone was found guilty of something, although Colbert ended up with the lightest sentence, since he was not physically at the scene of the crime.

  2. I’m no F. Lee Bailey, but I feel safe in saying this will not go down as the Trial of the Century. Those three defendants are absolute derelicts with rap sheers longer than your arm.

  3. So Adams instigated a fight with three guys so they stabbed him? The 3 on 1 scenario aside, pretty sure the guy with the knife tried to kill Adams…

  4. According to the article cited, the judge already has read Adams’s file and it shows zero disciplinary problems with Adams during his time with the Steelers. He has sucked on the field, not in the locker room. Furthermore, Adams didn’t have his keys, he left them at the bar he was at. I guess that is the “instigation” they’re referring to. He was waiting for a cab. This hail mary move of theirs is just character assassination and it isn’t going to work – except for the Steeler haters, of course.

  5. So the defense claims that since Adams got drunk and caused a fight, the only option left to the defendants was to stab him and steal his car? Amazing.

  6. “This is a case where a man was stabbed in the South Side, period,” Mariani said. “But this is Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Steelers fans are notorious in the country.”

    Go look up the word notorious if you don’t get it. He pegged that one perfectly. I’ll bet Mariani is a Ravens fan.

  7. As one of the accused was being taken into custody by police, he told a local TV news reporter that Adams is “a bully.” In other words: that was their story way back then, and that is their story now.
    Plus, Colbert went on local TV after drafting Adams and said he would not have drafted Adams if Adams had not given him his word that he would keep his nose clean. Based on Colbert’s own draft-day story, I’m pretty sure Adams was definitely on “thin ice.”

  8. They stabbed a man! Why are they even getting any press? If you stab someone, you don’t have the right to attack anyone’s character; or receive the attention they’re getting for that matter.

  9. Adams is a idiot off the field, on the field talent is limited. I live near where he is from (Farrell Pa area) and he still comes up here and does the dumb stuff he likely told Rooney he would not do (smoke trees). I would not doubt any truth to these dudes saying he was drunk or w.e. and he lied bc he knew 1 mistake and he is gone, but I don;’t know how much evidence these dudes have. I know ppl who know him personally and are around him a decent amount, supposedly he is a good guy who just loves his weed. He needs to stay away from bars/clubs and the Shenango Valley where he is from unless he is with his mother or family.

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