NFL will release schedule on Wednesday night


The long-awaited release of the NFL schedule will take place on Wednesday at 8 p.m. Eastern.

The schedule release will, of course, be accompanied by a special on NFL Network.

And, of course, NFL fans will obsess over it, because obsessing over the NFL during the offseason is America’s second-most popular activity after obsessing over the NFL during the season. Even though we’ve known since the end of the 2013 season which teams are playing each other, we’ll all talk about which games are on national television and which teams got their bye weeks at good times and when the big rivalry games are taking place.

At the same time that the schedule is being announced, an NBA playoff game between Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs will tip off. Cuban will not be happy if the NFL schedule gets more media attention than his team’s playoff game. But given the status of the NFL as the fattest hog in sports, that wouldn’t be surprising.

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  1. Who will win the creampuff sweepstakes? My money is on: Broncos, Cowboys, Steelers

  2. Anybody want to set an over/under on the number of times the Bills play a team coming off long rest?

    Maybe it’ll be less than in past years after they finally complained about it to the NFL.

    But probably not.

  3. Shots fired across Mark Cuban’s bow. Stand to and prepare to be boarded, ye scurvy NBA dogs!

  4. Interesting. The team that makes the playoffs with the hardest strength of schedule has usually been the best bet to win the SB. Last year, the Broncos had a VERY weak regular season schedule. It showed in the big game.

  5. I remember the good old days when they would just release it at 4PM . Do we really have to watch it on TV to see who will play who? At least it is not on a night the Bruins are playing.

    Just release the schedule and let whoever wants to watch the talking heads spend three hours discussing it waste their time. History tells us that some of the best games on the schedule in April become the worst games in November/December

  6. I’ll be doing delayed obsession. I’ll DVR the program and watch it Thursday night when I don’t have to get up at 5:30 the next morning.

    My expectations are low. The Panthers crew of average WRs plus Steve Smith are all gone, and everyone is certain we’re going 4-12, even though our new WRs aren’t any worse, the draft hasn’t happened and our entire defensive front 7 will be back.

    We will get only one national game, almost certainly the game at Baltimore, with whatever network broadcasting it openly rooting for “Blood & Guts” Smith to score 5 TDs and for the Ravens to destroy us. We will end the season at New Orleans or at Atlanta, just like pretty much every season of our existence.

    Meanwhile, the Cowboys, Redskins, Patriots and Broncos will all get at leastt 5 prime time games, if not more. Everyone at all 5 networks that broadcast games will spend the next 4 months bloviating that the Broncos are going 19-0 and that Manning will throw for 7,000 yards and 75 touchdowns.

    That about covers everything. See, I saved y’all the effort of watching live. You’re welcome.

  7. Windows are less transparent than Goodell.

    A schedule telling you the date and time about games played in four months from now should not be an event.

    Honestly that’s about as exciting as watching paint dry. Oooooh oooooh here comes another coat!

  8. Goodell is getting jealous of all the attention D Jax and the 49ers police blog are getting and wants his own hype. Prime Time schedule announcement what a hype machine the NFL is

  9. Let’s see ….the Raiders play the AFC West and the NFC West this year so you can be assured that after the NFL releases the schedule, I will release my dinner. Gonna be another tough year.

  10. It’s too bad the opponents are already pre-determined. That would add a whole ‘nother level of drama.

    The way it is now, it’s like knowing the sex of a baby before it’s born. Bring some drama into the schedule release.

  11. Well, I finally found my ceiling.

    After voraciously reading story after story about the NFL draft, free agency, the combine, the coaching carousel, stadium debates, etc., I was beginning to wonder if there was a single story about the NFL in which I would have no interest.

    I would watch a Lifetime movie rerun before I would watch an NFL network special about the 2014 schedule.

  12. Cuban will lose the Wednesday night battle for ratings but this is just the beginning of a 10 year war.

    I like Cuban but I think he’s going to lose the war too.

  13. Even worse is listening to talk show guy tick down the local team schedule with W or L each week, all before the draft even happens.

  14. Please. As stated, as boring as watching paint dry. Who waits for a schedule, a freaking schedule, to be announced? Sad if you have nothing better to do with your spare time.

  15. Here’s the few givens….

    1. The Raiders will have the 2nd game of the Mon night season opener. The game will be called by Chris Berman who will say “The RAIDUHHHS” about 1,000 times.

    2. The Cowboys will have at least 5 primetimes games which is 4 more than they deserve.

    3. The Bills will have 3 games against teams coming off bye weeks

    4. The Rams will play week 17 in Seattle for the 4th time in the last 5 years.

  16. I just hope they do much better picking the prime time game matchups. Last year’s SUCKED!

  17. Shocking stats about Broncos 2013 schedule. Rivals 1972 Fins and 2011 Packer team that started 15-1 and got demolished in first playoff game. Broncos beat only 2 teams with winning records (at time of game). Let’s go through this:

    1. They beat a Ravens team that finished 8-8 and should have been playing at home. Game moved from Baltimore to Denver.
    2. They beat a Giants team in the middle of an 0-6 start.
    3. They beat the Raiders that finished 4-12 and whose lone win by the time of the meeting was Jacksonville (which started 0-8)
    4. They beat a 1-2 Eagles team debuting a coach new to NFL
    5. They squeaked by a 2-2 Dallas team that finished 8-8.
    6. They beat a Jaguar team in the middle of an 0-8 start

    Thus far … combined wins of opponents at time of play = 4 out of possible 16

    8. Beat a 2-4 Redskins team that finished 3-13
    9*. Beat a 4-4 Charger team well before it got rolling (but this is only quality win thus far)
    10(?). Beat a 9-0 Chiefs team, but loss begins a 2-6 stretch for Chiefs (so which team did Broncos beat?).
    12. Beat Chiefs again. To be fair let’s call first win over Chiefs a win over 9-0 team and second win a win over a 2-6 team.
    13. Beat a 5-7 Titans team that finished 7-9
    15. Beat a 2-14 Texans team
    16. Beat 4-12 Raiders team

    So Broncos beat 4 out of 5 worst NFL teams (one of them twice), accounting for 5 wins.

  18. The NBA means NOTHING to Seattle sports fans. Thank you Howard Schultz, Clay Bennett and especially David Stern, your league is DEAD to us.

  19. Good to see the schedule out a day early.

    I hope Goodell and the NFL owners remember this going forward though – Bulls make money, Bears make money but Pigs get slaughtered.

  20. I still say the NFL releases the schedule tonight instead of announcing who’s attending the draft in two weeks.

  21. Can we PLEASE change the rule that every single team has to play thursday night? It’s a sad state of affairs when a Raiders, Jaguars or Buccaneers game is the only one on.

  22. What’s the over/under on how many primetime NFC East matchups the league will shove down out throats? A note to the league. These matchups are the most boring to watch. There are 28 others teams in the NFL.

  23. Wednesday night huh? Alright. I guess I can wait until Thursday to get my oversized check from the Rams.

  24. Yep another way for the NFL to waste our valuable time.
    This event will be like watching grass grow.
    It’s like a girl teasing you then tell you, you have to wait in three months.
    Sorry NFL, you are not going to waste my time, nor will I dvr the show.

  25. nfl players should vote down 18 games, or take 75% of the gross, so we can keep the Goodell bonus money away from him.

  26. vanmorrissey says:
    Apr 22, 2014 6:01 PM
    Please. As stated, as boring as watching paint dry. Who waits for a schedule, a freaking schedule, to be announced? Sad if you have nothing better to do with your spare time.
    Some of us actually go to games. We do have to make travel plans. There’s also some of us that resell NFL tickets. So the NFL schedule does matter to us.

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