PFT considers the Browns’ draft needs

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The Cleveland Browns are on the clock in PFT’s daily draft needs series, and the Browns, with seven picks in the first four rounds, are ever so well-positioned to address those needs.

For the second time in three years, the Browns have two first-round selections: the No. 4 overall pick, earned with a 4-12 mark a season ago, and the No. 26 pick, acquired from the Colts for tailback Trent Richardson, whom Cleveland selected third overall two years ago.

And as was the case two years ago, the Browns need a quarterback. They tried to fix the problem back then, drafting Brandon Weeden with the No. 22 pick in 2012. That didn’t work out, and Weeden is now a backup in Dallas.

The regime that drafted Weeden is long gone. Now, it’s G.M. Ray Farmer’s turn to find Cleveland a long-term solution at quarterback. The question is, does Farmer take that passer at No. 4 or No. 26? Or is he willing to wait until pick No. 35, the third selection in Round Two?

Where do you believe the Browns should take a quarterback in May’s draft? Let know in the poll and in the comments.

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  1. They just need to win a lot more games so their fans can start bragging about something other winning a mid-season trade.

  2. Well they have lost at least 11 games 6 years in a row. Yet they have 5 pro bowlers, ton of cap room and every year u watch them and wonder where is the talent ??? They stink every year

  3. Ray Farmer will be the first guy to get the browns draft right. The off season moves he has made give him an “A” grade to this point. With the stockpile of picks they have, they can make the team a playoff contender this coming season!

  4. With most of the QB draft selection seemingly lumped as equally talented, I think the Browns can get away with their QB pick at #35 in the second round. That is, of course, unless Farmer needs to pull the trigger sooner on his guy for fear of losing him to another team.

  5. I don’t believe the Browns “love” any of the top tier QBs in this draft. That said, their board has been set for months (as is all other teams). When a player is selected the talking heads will rave, or moan what a reach he was. Look at the “Big names” who have busted for all teams while, a late round flyer turns out to be a diamond in the rough. It’s such a crap shoot. Hindsight is always 20\20 though.

  6. Puck, sorry for bragging about a good trade, but our expectations are set so low that any win is huge. Don’t know about needing a new owner or coach yet-I’m willing to give them a shot now that Banner and Lombardi are out of the picture.

  7. If available, who should the Browns draft at QB,Manziel, bortles, bridgewater, carr
    Murray or someone else?

  8. I’m thinking that if Watkins and Mack are both gone in the draft then it’s going to be a QB at 4. I’d rather have them grab one at 26 or the 2nd round. There’s no clear #1 QB in this years draft. No need to force the issue at #4 unless they absolutely fall in love with them.

  9. The Browns WILL draft A.J. McCarron!!! I just don’t know if it will be in the second or third round. They will NOT waist their 4th overall pick on a quarterback this year!

  10. I just want to say one thing as a Browns Fan. I hope no team goes through what us Browns fans have gone through since 1999. Oh with the exception the Steelers Fans that is.

    If we do draft a QB all we can pray for is he turns out to be a winner and not just make it to the playoffs but win a Superbowl.

  11. Fix the damn O-line once and for all! Otherwise, it doesn’t matter who you draft at QB, QR, TE, or whatever. Even Manning can’t win if he’s eating turf all day.

    We already know that Grossman is coming in to back up Hoyer. We might even trade for Cousins. But, if we don’t stop the turnstiles, what will it matter??? (Also, Joe Thomas can not go on forever)

    This draft is deep in QB’s & WR’s. Get OT Matthews or Robinson to RT, and move Schwartz to RG.

  12. The top talent in this draft does not include the QB position. The Browns should pick best players available at #4 and #26. They should consider a QB at #35.

  13. Though this draft may be deep in qb’s, and there’s no Andew Luck or RG3, if ya have a solid O-line, a couple of tough RB’s and a decent bunch of reveivers, then I can’t see why even a mediocre qb riding the bench holding a clip board for his first year couldn’t develop into a solid player with the proper coaching.

    Everybody obviously wants “The” franchise qb ie Montana, Elway, Farve etc., BUT I still believe that if the Browns do decide to wait till the second, third or even the fourth round and decide to package a deal with another team for a couple of first round picks like they have this year..for 2015, then next year might even be a better draft class of qb’s. I believe that with Hoyer and another veteran qb in the mix, they can get by if need be, providing they have a solid draft.

  14. There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility).
    This veteran quarterback has a career winning record of 31-19…
    GM/Coach, sit down and talk to this guy…I think he can help…..

  15. None of these QB’s are worthy of a top 10 pick, and it is questionable that they are a sure enough thing for the Browns to take in the first round with all the other needs..
    #4 Watkins (WR) Would give the Browns a prolific receiving corps that would make most QB’s look good. Also, an Insurance policy in-case Gordon falters and take a year long suspension.

    #26 Yankey (G) We proved last year if you can’t run you can’t win and the QB takes a beating.

    #35 Hyde/Mason (RB) Tate is a great pick-up but has a history of injuries, and the guys we have have proven the are not NFL starters.

    Package a 3rd and the Steelers 4th and move back into the 2nd and grab Murray (My Choice), Garoppolo, Mettenberger or Savage will be available maybe even Bridgewater who is falling like a rock.

  16. Seems to me they should be thinking outside of the box – trade a 2nd rounder (even trade back to stockpile an extra 2nd rounder to trade) and use it on a guy like Ryan Mallett

    Mallett was first round talent who dropped due to character issues – though he’s been a model citizen since.

    If Mallett were in the draft this year (with 2 years watching and learning behind Brady and good behavior) he’d be a 1st round selection easy

    Meanwhile the Browns have so many needs, better to use their top pick to address a different position as opposed to QB where all the rookies are big question marks

  17. Draft Need #1: A GM that knows how to draft. And if bringing Derek Carr in for a 2nd look is any indication, they will screw this draft up again like they have every draft since 1999.

    Draft Need #2: playmaking WR to go with Gordon.

    Draft Need # 3: Beast RB to go along with Tate

    Draft Need # 4: QB

    Draft Need #5: Run blocking OLineman

    Draft Need #6: shutdown CB

    Draft Need #7: LB

    Draft Need #8: Hard hitting Safety

    Draft Need #9: Another playmaking WR

    Draft Need #10: Another Run Blocking OLineman

  18. The Browns WILL draft a QB at #4, mainly because they’re stupid not to. And really, why shouldn’t they. There no one on their roster or on the street who can do anything for them. They will draft a QB, and as always,next year at this time we’ll all get introduced to the next NEW regime. That Factory of Sadness will indeed be wide open for business again this year.

  19. Browns fans are afraid to draft Johnny, because he might get hurt. Hey, I liked what Hoyer showed in his 2 games before he hurt himself. So, why all the faith in a guy that hurt himself and stayed healthy for 1/8 of the season? Get another offensive lineman so we can stay in mediocrity….. Browns fans have suffered so long we don’t want a QB…..
    YOU ALL ARE NUTS. Browns fans are just want their team to be good, when we need to be great.

  20. The Browns have 7 picks in the first four rounds, three of which are in the top 35…..the best approach: don’t panic, don’t force anything,don’t get cute, and don’t take risks, just bring back solid picks…Robinson, Matthews, watkins, are going to be very good nfl players….take one and move on to the next pic……

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