PFT Live: Texans talk with John McClain, Vikings talk with Chris Tomasson


The Texans are closing in on the final days before the start of this year’s draft and they’re checking in with most of the top prospects in the draft.

Johnny Manziel, Jadeveon Clowney, Greg Robinson and others have visited with the Texans or will be visiting with the team in the coming days, making it a good time to catch up with John McClain of the Houston Chronicle to see what might happen with the top pick of the draft. McClain and Mike Florio will discuss the potential picks, a potential trade and more when McClain drops by PFT Live on Tuesday.

The Vikings pick a bit later in the first round and Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press will also be on the show to discuss what might be in the works in Minnesota. G.M. Rick Spielman has talked about the difficulty of sorting through the quarterbacks this year and we’ll find out what direction it looks like the Vikings will go on that front.

It all gets started at noon ET and you can watch it all live by clicking right here.

2 responses to “PFT Live: Texans talk with John McClain, Vikings talk with Chris Tomasson

  1. If manziel is there at 8, take him. If not, take a defensive player you really like. If they are already gone, trade back and accumulate picks (that is if we can find someone to trade with) I think the Vikings are in good position in this draft but if manziel is gone at 8 I’ll be really pissed that the vikes started winning a few games there at the end of the season! And we could have even won more of those close games against the cowboys and ravens and even that early bears game we played. The Vikings defense was only trying to make our offense better right? Lol.

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