PFT Live: Vikings not focused on drafting a QB

Chris Tomasson from St. Paul Pioneer Press joins Mike Florio to discuss his predictions for the Vikings in the 2014 draft. Tomasson believes that despite the Vikings desperate need for a quarterback, they will not pick one up in the first round.

7 responses to “PFT Live: Vikings not focused on drafting a QB

  1. If the Vikings want a top-tiered QB in this draft, and they can wait one year for that player to develop under Cassell, then they should take Aaron Murray of Georgia. They can probably get him in the third round. He is the one pro-style college QB that I would be concerned about….as a Packer fan.

  2. Whether the Vikings draft a QB or not at #8 will depend a lot on what happens ahead of them.

    If nobody takes a QB ahead of them, which is increasingly likely, they may trade back a little if possible and pick up a guy like Bridgewater or Carr. I think Manziel is out of the question, and Bortles doesn’t seem to be getting much attention.

    But even if nobody drafts a QB ahead of the Vikings, they will start to go quickly starting at #20, so there isn’t much room for the Vikings to trade back either.

  3. Norseman- Have you ever watched Teddy Bridgewater play? Please tell me what you like about him and his game. I hope it’s not him trying to decide if he likes wearing two gloves or no gloves that is actually playing out during his workouts.

  4. Its logical to wait till at least the 2nd round but when have the Vikings ever followed logic in their draft strategy?

    Remember, the Vikings had not one but two draft picks and let Rodgers sit in the Green Room till the 24th pick. Just think how the fortunes of the Vikings and the Packers could have taken different turns if the Vikings were logical

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