Plenty of work left to do on Richard Sherman deal


Yes, negotiations have occurred on a new contract for Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.  No, it’s not on the verge of being completed.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, multiple reports of significant progress aren’t accurate.  A consensus hasn’t been reached on dollars or terms.

The discussions on a new contract began before the Scouting Combine.  The goal is indeed getting something done before the draft, which starts in 16 days.

It could indeed happen.  As the source explained it, progress has been made but it’s “nowhere near what has been reported.”

Sherman deserves a major payday, but the jury is out on whether he’s a true shutdown corner or whether he’s the beneficiary of a great defensive scheme and roster that allows him to stay on one side of the field all the time. The Seahawks also have to think about other guys who will soon be eligible for new contracts, including safety Earl Thomas and quarterback Russell Wilson.

75 responses to “Plenty of work left to do on Richard Sherman deal

  1. Plenty of work left to do for the Niners too if they want to compete in the NFC West. They should learn from their big brother the Seattle Seahawks.


  2. Sherman is beastly, and IMO deserves to be the top paid CB. He backs up his smack talk.

  3. Surely they’ll get something done soon. After all, this is the Seattle Seahawks, not some NFL clown car like the Minnesota Vikings.

  4. The king of holding will have something dumb to say about will be fun watching the classless Ped shehawks decline.xavier Rhodes will develop into a better corner than big mouth Sherman.have fun being doormats why the vikings annihilate the nfl just like we did free agency and will do the draft.SKOL

  5. Sherman is an awesome CB, but I’m a Hawks fan that believes in him being the product of the scheme. With that said, he fits the scheme ideally and his value to the Hawks is high.. but I don’t support D Revis money.

  6. The jury is obviously hung if it’s still out on Sherman. He’s a shutdown corner. Yes the D he is on is great. Part of it being great is him shutting down his side of the field.

  7. He still has 1 year left, why would they pay him now? I get it if its at a bargain, but that clearly is out of the question. I would Franchise him next year too.

  8. Fits the scheme…..product of the scheme yada yada yada. You either can cover a wr or you can’t no matter what the “scheme” is and Sherm has proven time and time again that he can cover.

    Ram’s fan

  9. Sherman can lock down half the field because the rest of the D is great because Sherman can lock down half the field because the rest of the D is great….

  10. We’re going to get a pretty good idea of how much the Seahawks players value the team concept as they are looking for new deals. If everyone tries to get as much as possible, their resources are going to get spent pretty fast.

  11. How is he a shutdown corner when Titus Young and TY took his lunch.. That word shut down is over-used.. this day and age there are no shutdown corners in the NFL.

  12. “The jury is out” — laughable. He plays the scheme the Seahawks play. He shuts down whoever he covers. He’s targeted less than any corner in the league, and still had 8 picks. He has occasionally been allowed to follow the other teams #1 around the field, like when he completely dominated Megatron in the 2012 Lions game. He is the best shutdown corner in the game, and whoever is #2 isn’t even close (and it might be Byron Maxwell, FYI).

    Pay the man.

  13. The Seahawks are just beginning to deal with swollen heads from team success. Little chance they will be contenders again until new blood becomes a new team.

  14. This guy is definitely pushing for a me first contract. The hawks need to worry about Earl Thomas before this guy.. this self proclaimed best cb in the league doesnt even cover the opposing teams best wr on every play.. something that revis, talib , ike and many others do. Until he is able to do that, they should not make him the highest paid cb.. it is not worth it. 13 mil is a ridiculous amount and he probably is looking at something north of that. This narrows the window for the seahawks to win championships significantly

  15. System player. He would be good on many other teams but I don’t really believe it’s a coincidence that there is no dropoff onplay quality from te top to bottom of their depth chart in regards to corners. One goes down amd they never miss a beat. Some systems make players shine more than they truly should. IE: Carlos Rogers, Dashon Goldson, Mike Wallace, any saints wideout…. Now all that said I don’t think there could be a more ideal system fit for Sherm, but ET is still the one that makes that secondary go. It’s easy to be bold when you have the best cener fielder in the game covering your 6

  16. Has anyone asked Sherman who’s the best CB in football?
    You know, just for his humble perspective.

  17. Richard Sherman is an exceptional football player. He is extremely smart and understands schemes. Coming from the offensive side of the ball as a Receiver, he has a true understanding of what a Receiver needs to do to be successful. His health is not of concern. He is a monster in size and speed. Much bigger player than most of his position. And I do not think anyone carries his pedigree. No disrespect, but Sherman is the best defensive back in the league today. Not only for his physical prowess but also his football intellect.

    This all coming from a life long Raider fan who longs for the days of Hayes and Haynes.

  18. Those are the same glasses the refs wear when he holds the WR.
    Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo- Be-Doo-Da-Day

  19. Not a Seahawks fan in any way, but I give them their due. “jury still out?” I watched a very exciting, and well-prepared team steamroll the supposed greatest qb in the world, in one of the most entertaining sb’s in a long time. He backs up what he says…pay the guy.

  20. Newsflash……You can’t have your secondary taking up 40% of your cap with the QB waiting for his payday. Somebody is going.

  21. Bunch of mad bros on this thread. Who would love to have Sherman on thier team. Everyone seems upset that for once in sports a guy talks trash and backs it up and then some.

  22. a system cb who is replaceable. we know this cuz we have seen this. All this love on here for Earl Thomas and not Kam Chancellor is ridiculous. Guy has hands and hits like a freight train. He set the tone for the Superbowl.

  23. Despite his self promotion, he’s NOT the best CB in the game. This guy holds a LOT! I don’t see D. Revis or P.Peterson holding like Sherman does on a fairly consistent basis. I was in Seattle for both gms vs my Saints. W. Thurmond did a LEGIT job of keeping J. Graham in check. J.G couldn’t shake his press coverage. But whenever J.G was being defended by R.S, he did a LOT of holding. He’s a GOOD corner but IMHO, he’s NOT great.

  24. ha ha ha ha ha …oh my god …the seadderal shehawks…. man thats so funny..never heard that one….ha ha ha ha ha … man i cant stop laughing… so new so fresh… man you guys that write this stuff are amazing…
    so witty… keep it up guys …you are so funny
    oh god my sides hurt from laughing

  25. He does what he is asked to do in the Seahawks scheme. It’s idiotic to question whether he’s a shutdown corner or not just because he doesn’t follow a receiver all over the field and compromise the scheme of the defense.

    Look at who he’s shutdown, look at his numbers, and look at the big play in the NFC Championship against the 49ers. He deserves to be paid big money.

  26. It’s true that Titus Young owned him. Don’t take my word for it though watch the film.
    It’s also true that the Lions owned the hags in that game.
    A third thing that’s true is that we just stole one of your best players in Golden Tate.
    In summary the Lions own the hags.

  27. Very surprised the QB is going to risk his body for 650,000 the way he plays. Russel is a good team guy for going out and risking his pay day for his team.

    Wow Russel Wilson, working for the man for a kicker salary. Better not get hurt because your backup worth a 7th rounder is making more money.

    It’s in the water isn’t it pete?

  28. Product of the scheme I hear but the fact of the matter is he can cover plain and simple. that’s what being a corner is all about in the end. playing zone is the most basic element of being a corner play an area, but to man up is beyond basic it’s an art form.

  29. Latest word from New York Hair Salon is that Mel Kiper’s hair will be complete after using almost 50 cans of hair spray. It will be ROCK HARD by show time.

  30. c’mon Seattle make him the highest paid player in the NFL….and blow out your future cap he deserves it since he is such a blowhard himself.

  31. I’d like to see them pay him 10 mil per year. Then the league cracks down on offensive PI and he’s suddenly worth 1 mil per year.

  32. …”the jury is still out…”.
    What jury? Whose on the jury anyway?
    The Seahawks are the Super Bowl Champs, have the best defense and Richard Sherman is a part of it.
    Sorry, but a verdict has already be handed down and some here missed the reading.

  33. I love how a Cowboys fan says the Seahawks aren’t even going to make the playoffs this year. Hilarious. Last year the Hawks were the 4th youngest team in the NFL and they embarrassed an all-time record setting offense in the SB.

    Since the schedule comes out this week, you’ll be able to brace yourself for the Hawks-Cowboys game in which your whole team gets Sean Lee’d.

    Actually, Cowboy implosions are one of my favorite December past times – so fun to watch.

  34. Haha now that nobody can argue that Sherman is the best corner in the game they have been left with nothing to say but that Maxwell isn’t the second best corner in the game.

  35. Someone already said it best he is a very good corner in the Seahawks systems, just like many of these players are in there current systems put them in another system and maybe you dont have what he has in Seattle, bottom line he is a very good corner but NO DB is worth $16 Mil a year!

  36. I love how seahawk fans think they will be on top of the world after this super bowl win. Show us that you can be consistently good for awhile. If they make it to the nfc championship again this year then I will shut up. But the 49ers have always been the ‘big brother’ of that division. The 49ers could have been playing the broncos in that super bowl just as much as the Seahawks did.

  37. I dont like to see viking fans on here talking about impending dynastys and such. We still got a long way to go. But I also dont like Seahawk fans bashing the vikings thinking we are the worst franchise ever cause we are not. Not even close. They are a well respected franchise that has done great things for the NFL. If anything you should be thanking us for what we do for you and we should thank you. We have done a lot for each other and I respect the Seahawks and wish they would respect us too.

  38. pay him the big money, but make sure his numbers stay up, what am i worried about, pete knows how to do it. GO HAWKS!!!!!

  39. I was pulling for the seahawks this year, but this team talks so much I’d like to see them eat their words sooner than later. Act gets tired when dudes like walter start chirping

  40. Don’t you EVA come at me with some mediocre contract like 13 million/yr!!!! ME! ME! ME!

  41. I love how this fan base acts like the Seahawks have always been great and relevant but the reality is they have been mostly sub-par over the years. I hear the word Dynasty…. For ONE super bowl win? lol… Seahawks fans are delirious. You sound like the Ravens fans last year..

  42. To all of you guys claiming doomsday for the hawks having to pay their players….. When was the last time the Seahawks over the salary cap?

  43. If Sherman doesn’t compromise and take $12m/yr., he’ll be franchised after the 2014 season. The magic number is not $13m/yr, it’s $12m. Maybe the two parties can negotiate guaranteed money.

  44. Fact:

    No other CB in the league was targeted as few times as Sherman last season. Yet he still led the league in interceptions. He also led the league in passes defensed.

    As an example, here you have a guy playing in the NCF Championship game who is avoided ALL game long. Not targeted once…not one single time. Yet midway through the 4th quarter, with the game on the line, he tells his teammates they (the 49ers) will come at him and he will be ready. What happens? The Niners go after him for the winning touchdown. He’s got Crabtree covered well, times his leap perfectly and taps the ball away, and fortunately into the arms of a fellow teammate. This is a guy who very easily could have lost focus during the game because the other team avoided him for 59 minutes. Yes he stays focused, understands the other team will take a chance against him, stays mentally prepared for the moment, and reacts perfect in a situation that a lesser athlete would’ve been beaten.

    Love him or hate him, he is the best CB in the league right now and the stats bear it out. He may not be the best tomorrow, but today he is.

    Pay the man and pay him well.

    As a side note, the Seahawks should sweeten the pot by agreeing to fund the Richard Sherman charity fund. The guy is truly a good man that helps out others in ways most people only talk about. Why not include something in the deal that allows Richard’s charitable fund to prosper for years to come? I bet he’d be all for it.

  45. A Sherman article brings the haters out in full force . News flash every cb gives up and occasional td . Sherman have up I believe 3-4 all season including playoffs and preseason . He had the most nfl ints while being targeted the least and tipped two passes directly to a team mate giving each a INT . Yes wright scored a td , yes Tu scored a TD but almost NO ONE SCORES TDS ON HIM . Those numbers are obvious outliers .

    The number one factor in him getting paid the most .. He has transcended the entire nfl which it’s new requirement for size . He is the blue chip player body type that EVERY TEAM IS GOING TO REACH ON . Revis has an island , Sherman LITERALLY CHANGED THE GAME . Sherman is the best cb at indenturing tendencies and knowing what teams are trying to do in situational football . He is NOT the most athletic cb in the nfl or on his team but he is brilliant in technique and understanding route combinations and the route tree . A lot of that prowess comes
    From the fact that’s he’s played cb to 5 years of how life as a primary position and is still learning . He’s been an all pro 2 times and since starting midway through his first year he leads the league in INTs .

    Does he boast too much , absolutely but he always backs it up . And he’s very intelligent regardless if you disagree every person who follows him closely can see this .

    Lastly the hawks are starting to sign their key players. Sherman first Thomas is next and the team can not even negotiate with Wilson til after the season bc of the rookie contracts .

  46. Earl Thomas and then Sherman and then next year RWilson. I’ve heard Sherman say there is no place, no team management like the Seahawks and he has experience with JimH @ Stanford. I imagine when it comes to contract negotiations, Sherm will be reasonable. Seahawks have depth when it comes to CB. I believe Schneider and Carroll have made it clear that very few players are indispensable. if you want a team to keep winning, you can’t break the bank. While I would have loved to have had Jared Allen, we couldn’t afford him, Michael Bennett was important. Besides I don’t think he was all about money. Raiders offered him more but he wanted to stay in his division, even though he did visit the Seahawks twice.

  47. Another argument to be made for Sherman is they use him as a teacher/trainer of their future corners. As you might imagine and I personally appreciate he loves and is a born teacher/trainer. Hope we don’t lose this guy!!

  48. Lions: Been in the league far longer than the Hawks, and never even appeared in a Super Bowl, much less WON one. That’s even more pathetic than the Vikings!

  49. Can’t be paid like Pederson or Rivis. He simply doesn’t do as much. Plays on side and doesn’t kick return. Just the facts please. The more you can do the more value you have to the team. (See) Deion Sanders…Rod Woodson…..ENOUGH SAID.

  50. Apparently nobody remembers 2012 when the Hawks pass rush wasn’t even average, and Sherman still picked off 8 passes and was the best CB in the league. Oh yea…the Hawks also played a ton more man to man covg back then under Gus Bradley. In fact, I remember reading articles about him being a great press man CB, but not great in zone covg. Now they play more cover 3 and they knock him for having a great pass rush and a “scheme” guy who would not succeed in a different scheme.

    Keep talking y’all…because whether he’s a scheme guy or the best all around corner in the league, he’s picked off 20 passes in his 2 1/2 yr career all while being targeted less than any other CB on the field for 60% of snaps or more. For reference, Revis has 21 INTs in his career.

  51. Detroit Lions fans popping off on this thread? You must be joking.

    Forgot your non-existent Super Bowl history. You have won 1 playoff game since 1957.

    One single playoff game since 1957. That’s staggering ineptitude. When that’s your history, you have no standing to troll the reigning Super Bowl Champs.

    ‘Hawks fans can give and take with fans of the Niners, Packers, Steelers, Saints, etc. But Lions? You should really sit there and be seen but not heard.

  52. would be interesting if NFL Network could re-air some seahawk games from this season that Shermon played well in as to show why he’s one of the leagues best… but wait, lets re-air ‘countdown to the draft’ over and over again, and half hour specials on each position in the draft over and over again… jeez. not to mention ‘nfl today’ that only talks about, the draft.

    oh, and to the seahawks fans; come’on man, don’t degrade yourselves to the low/pathethic level of packer fans and their hate for the viking. that golden tate touchdown sure was sweet by the way.

  53. There’s absolutely nothing shutdown about this guy. He plays one side of the field all of the time because it’s all he can do. If he was shutdown corner as he, and the idiots from Seattle claim, he would shadow the opposing teams best receiver anywhere on the field they decide to put him. Teams don’t throw his way because they don’t have to, they just move there best receiver around. If he truely wants to be know as a shutdown man, he should try shutting that over sized cake hole under his nose and just play!

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