Rams, Ravens line up visits with A.J. McCarron


Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron worked out for the Browns last week and he’s meeting with them on Tuesday, which comes as no surprise given the Browns’ need for a long-term starter at quarterback.

The Ravens and Rams hope they have those answers already on the roster, but they’ll also be checking out the former Crimson Tide starter in the coming days. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that McCarron will visit the Ravens on Wednesday and Albert Breer of NFL Network reports the Rams are scheduled to watch him work out on May 1.

McCarron’s workout with the Rams fits with reports that the team is considering drafting a quarterback to go with Sam Bradford and Shaun Hill on the 2014 roster. Bradford is returning from a torn ACL and has two years left on his deal, so a rookie would give them an option in case things go the wrong way upon his return to the lineup.

Baltimore has Joe Flacco locked up well beyond next season, but coach John Harbaugh has been open about their desire to add competition for backup Tyrod Taylor this summer. McCarron isn’t the only quarterback they’ve looked at this offseason, which would make it little surprise to see them select a quarterback at some point next month.

11 responses to “Rams, Ravens line up visits with A.J. McCarron

  1. If McCarron is available in the second round, the Rams couldn’t go wrong with this pick at all.. Although Fisher said Bradford is their QB next season, being a Rams fan, I feel he is just feeding the media what they want to hear.. Why else do you go to Free agency and pick up a great back up QB and then fish around for QB’s and hand them visits.. This isn’t a game to distract other team because if it were then they would hit up all the top QBs to mess with teams.. The Rams have to be thinking Bradford isn’t the future anymore.. Plain and simple. You don’t fish a free agent qb and then hand out visits to QBs for this years draft. But McCarron in my mind is a great QB, I hated Alabama.. Why? Because Saban turns those guys into NFL ready talent.. The team was a NFL team the last two years despite losing last year.

  2. Is McCarron even projected to go as high as the second round though? I thought he was seen as a third-round pick at the highest.

    Also, Alabama may be a fantastic college program, but consider the active players who are truly excellent alumni and played under Nick Saban. Sure, there are players like Julio Jones, Marcel Dareus, Mark Barron, and Dre Kirkpatrick. However, three of those guys are defensive players. Jones is only the really solid offensive player to come out of Alabama under Saban, especially when you compare him to Greg McElroy, Mark Ingram, Glen Coffee, and Trent Richardson (though it’s worth noting three of those players were running backs). Plus there are some pretty significant busts from Alabama, most notably Rolando McClain.

    The Rams should definitely plan for years beyond Bradford, considering his history of injuries. However, they can afford to wait on McCarron, assuming Fisher even likes him that much.

  3. “The Ravens…hope they have those answers already on the roster”…

    Ummm, he won a Super Bowl. I’d say that’s an “answer already on the roster.”

  4. Id love the ravens to grab him with that last third rounder we have UNLESS we havent drafted Terrance West yet and he’s available @ That spot. T. West is gonna blow up and I sure hope its with his hometown team! A.J. would be a great back-up for Joe and way more servicable for our system then Tyrod currently is. I also hope Tyrod gets a chance for a starting job one of these days, but hey, he’s getting a nice pay check for playing on the bench behind the most durable qb in the league and has a SB ring to show for it

  5. “Ummm, he won a Super Bowl. I’d say that’s an “answer already on the roster.”

    Trent Dilfer agreed with you, then got cut.

  6. Ravens are bringng in AJ McCarron, the Browns are bringing in Manziel & Carr. This is why the Ravens are Super Bowl Champs 2X, and the Browns are 4-12, 5-11 every year.


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