Report: Will Hill facing another suspension


Giants safety Will Hill has served suspensions in each of his first two NFL seasons and it looks like he could be headed for making it three for three.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reports that Hill is facing a suspension for violating the NFL’s drug policy. Hill was suspended in 2012 for violating the performance-enhancing drug policy and his 2013 suspension came from a violation of the substance abuse policy. Both of those were four-game bans, but a second suspension under either policy would result in a longer spell away from the team.

There’s no word on which policy Hill allegedly violated this time, but he was arrested last December for being behind in child support and police said that they smelled marijuana in Hill’s car when they made the arrest. Hill blamed a positive test for marijuana for his previous drug suspension and Garafolo reports he will appeal this one.

Hill played well for the Giants last season, taking on a big role at safety with Stevie Brown lost for the season because of a torn ACL. Brown is expected to be healthy for next season, but a Hill suspension may force the Giants to look for help at safety in the draft if they want to run the three-safety looks that Perry Fewell has been fond of during his time with the Giants.

It may also force Hill to look for another employer as the Giants may not be keen on continuing to keep space on the roster for a player who gets suspended every year.

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  1. “but a Hill suspension may force the Giants to look for help at safety in the draft if they want to run the three-safety looks that Perry Fewell has been fond of during his time with the Giants.”

    Stevie Brown-Antrel Rolle-Quentin Demps


  2. Let’s not overdo it. The man is smoking marijuana, not doing heroin or cocaine.

    If you haven’t noticed, marijuana is on its way to being legalized in the country: at least for healthcare and in some states more.

  3. If Stevie Brown is back like trainers say he is, then Will Hill was a 3rd option anyway. Add in Demps and Cooper Taylor as a backup, and we aren’t in any danger.

    This still hurts, the kid is a ball hawk – but an even bigger MORON.

  4. Real shame, Jersey kid came home and played really well last year, just can’t seem to get his act together.

  5. Ok, first…we no longer have Mundy. He’s a Bear now.

    And…why would they need to look to the draft for a safety when they have Quentin Demps and Cooper Taylor?? Depth maybe…then bring in an UDFA.

    Everyone’s so quick to say look to the draft, meh

  6. Instead of a three-safety look, Giants can go three-corner with Prince, DRC, and Thurmond. With Beason, Paysinger, and Williams, they finally have LBs who can be on the field every down, and Cooper Taylor has the size to play big safety or small LB.

    Hill needs to understand the season starts in September, not October. He was a great fill-in for Stevie last year, but maybe if he plays those first 4 games, the Giants are 2-2 instead of 0-4. He needs to find employment elsewhere.

  7. It’s just weed but it’s illegal so until further notice don’t do it with that said this kid has always been talented but what a waste, Mr. Hill you sir are an idiot.

  8. I hate to break it to you but most , yes most about 80% + nfl players smoke weed . The positive tests are avoidable bc many times the tests are scheduled. Many of your favorite players have failed drug tests at the nfl level and you never knew . Why? Bc it takes 3 failed drug tests to get suspended . Guys who you idolize smoke weed . Get over it and stop throwing stones from your glass houses . Your embarrassing yourself like harbaugh and his above reproach comments backfiring .

  9. Pissing away a guaranteed six figure a year just to get high. Brilliant. Three times in his first three years, this guy is an idiot for the ages.

  10. And hole for Reese to fill…what a mess this organization has turned into…let the circus continue. I just can’t believe after the way everyone anointed Coughlin & Reese as the best HC/GM tandem in the NFL they’ve turned into such a joke. From no o-line, no d-line, awful LBs, no #1 WR (and no folks Cruz is not a #1, look at his numbers when Nicks was injured), drafting a rookie QB & then needed to sign JOSH FREEMAN as Eli’s backup…I mean it’s a mess over think the most exciting thing about the Giants in 2014 would be the signing of a #2-#3 RB in Jennings from Oakland is a far fall from SB Champs….speechless.

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