Seahawks making “considerable progress” on Richard Sherman deal


The Seahawks have the last pick in the first round of the NFL Draft, but that doesn’t mean they’re not doing any big business in the coming weeks.

According to Jason La Canfora of, the Seahawks are making “considerable progress” on a new deal for cornerback Richard Sherman, and that both sides “are hopeful it’s complete by the draft.”

Paying Sherman — and La Canfora reports it will come in north of $13 million per year — will be the first of a number of big deals the Seahawks will have to do, before they have to start making the corresponding hard choices.

But they’ve gotten such value out of Sherman so far that they can’t complain. The former fifth-rounder is entering the final year of a four-year, $2.2 million deal.

And since he’s become one of the league’s top cornerbacks, it’s time for him to get paid like one.

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  1. Great news for the hawks. What happened to the big news that Earl Thomas said was coming two weeks ago about his contract ?

  2. I keep hearing about this ” day of reckoning” for the Seahawks, and it’s just not going to happen. They have $50 million in cap space next year, and that’s even with the lowball estimates of what the cap will be. They will have no problems retaining their core players for years to come.

  3. Ask Russell Wilson about his dreams… To be the third highest-paid quarterback on his own team.

  4. The seahawks have gotten a lot of star power from several young, cheap players. But the cap won’t let them pay everyone $13 mil. Either the players need to choose rings over money or they best be ready to replace these guys with new cheap talent.

  5. I think it would make sense in the NFL to have position caps…for example a QB cannot exceed 7 million per year of guaranteed money, safety 5 million etc. That way one player can’t cripple a team with a huge contract ie. Joe Flacco. IMO

  6. Richard Sherman is worth at least $20 million per year and should hold out until he gets it.

    Earl Thomas is worth around $18 million per year and should also hold out until he gets it.

    If both of these players are as good as they appear to be they should be compensated accordingly.

    The time has come to pay the piper for the tight fisted Seahawks.

    I can’t wait to see how quickly Pete Carrol gets out of town once they have to start making salary cap cuts.

  7. That dude has earned a solid paycheck, that’s for sure. His accomplishments since arriving in the NFL have spoken for him (even if he speaks loudly about them himself).

  8. Please way over pay him with tons of guaranteed money. He derserves it and it will do wonders for your cap up coming situation.

  9. The last hope of all the haters; the salary cap. Your actual teams can’t beat the Seahawks so you rest your hopes and dreams on the salary cap to do it for you. These are desperate times for those not part of the Seahawks Empire.

  10. Best CB in the league, not even close. Backing up all that big talk with big plays it what its all about. Pay the man!

  11. in other news, upon hearing the rumors of Sherman’s impending contract, Revis is not ruling out sitting out the offseason until he is again the highest paid CB in the league.

  12. I love how I see still comments on here about Seattle being overrated.

    What an insane thing to say.

    Do people that post that actually realize how they dumb they sound considering Seattle just won the Super Bowl by 5 touchdowns?

  13. The thing is that Wilson isn’t concerned with things he has no control over. In case you haven’t noticed, he’s built that way. You’ll never hear him pull a “Steve Nash”, where admits that he’s playing to get the money.

    As a matter of fact, I can’t think of any black athlete who would be allowed to say he’s playing for the money without being “killed” on blogs everywhere. They may think it, but never say it. Not even Revis.

  14. Whether Hawks fans like it or not, they are going to lose some people over the next couple of years when they have to pay the players that have performed. Unless of course, they are going to somehow be able to avoid the same thing that has happened to EVERY OTHER successful team in the salary cap era.

    Their continued success will be dependent on their ability to draft and replace.

  15. ^^^^^^^^^^
    And held the highest scoring offense in the history of the game to 8 points.

  16. Get as much guaranteed money as you can and as much up front as you can, bro.

    Because you are such a loudmouth and a distraction that as soon as you become average Seattle will drop you like a hot potato.

  17. 13 million for Sherman.
    10 million for Thomas.
    20 million for Wilson.

    50 million in cap space…. It is doable, but it is going to really hurt the depth of this team. This is also only possible if one of these players agents does not also see all the cap space. Wilson could jump to 25+ mil a year with the direction of the cap space and available funds for the Seahawks. Better get Sherman and Thomas done now too, or their numbers will both jump a couple mil/year.

  18. It is good to know seattle will have the best defensive back in the game for years to come. I can’t wait to hear some more talking by Sherman! It’s so awesome and entertaining. I love how he gets under everyone’s skin! Hilarious.

    Sherman> Revis

  19. 13 mil a yr he best be covering the best receiver on every play. Something that he currently does not do. Which to me is suspect

  20. The Seahawks are the greatest team in the history of mankind. They are the greatest franchise ever. Russel Wilson is a alien from another planet. Are these the type of statements I need to make for my comments to be kept. Lol

  21. I’ll take Charles Tillman over this big mouth, for a fraction of the price, any day!

    When Sherman acquires 10 forced fumbles in a single year then we can talk. Most CB’s don’t even get that throughout their career.

    38 years Seattle, that’s how long it took you to win a Championship, that’s not a Dynasty….but your current defense will go down as one of the best ever.
    I thoroughly enjoyed watch Peyton Manning choke in that game.

  22. The best cbs shadow the opposing teams beat wr on every play. Until he does that he cannot claim to be the best. The best don’t have to self proclaim it.

  23. All rejoice the $13 million per year cause you got to pay the QB soon….good luck Seahawks….one and done……….signed RGIII…lol

  24. Something tells me that this negotiation will reveal Sherman to be the me first, me now type of guy he seems to be. Nothing short of being the highest paid in the game will be enough to right the wrong of being passed up for multiple rounds of the draft. This guy will make Meevis look like a charitable, hometown discount kind of guy in comparison.

  25. That 50 million projected now rarely ever is close to real #’s. There are salary escalators and all sorts of other things that happen. 49ers at this time last year were expected to have 35 mil in cap space and it ended up well short of that. It is also crazy to just say oh we got 50… Tie up 45 in 3 players. You are assumimg that you lose no other talent at all.

  26. Ummmm??? One and done? Rather have that then none and never! Rg3. Now onto cliches being shot out on this post. The best don’t have to tell everyone they are the best? Sherman isn’t the classiest. Agreed. I’m a Seahawks fan and I love the guy. Jordan wasn’t he shamed his highschool team mate at hall of fame induction. Muhammad Ali , he was sure humble, how about every cb in the history of the nfl. Let’s just go with Deion sanders high stepping into the end one. They were good and let everyone know it. Nothing wrong with it. Lastly, not covering the best guy on the field. It’s part of the Seahawks defense that every single Wilson hater says is the reason why they won the sb

  27. Put it in context… They were talking about act like you’ve been there before and merely said they didn’t either. Read the preious posts DUDE lol

  28. For further clarification if you needed it. The comparison is stating the best at their craft are usually arrogant. That’s why they are the best

  29. Lol 1 Super Bowl and these idiots over here talking about a dynasty? Wow that rain and fog up there in Seattle are clouding your minds. There will never be another dynasty in the NFL again because of salary caps and free agency

  30. @arizonasdj:

    Let me know when the Tardinals when their first.

    The champagne still flows in the Emerald City, and it is so sweet. You can join us. The 12th Man is all love, baby. You don’t have to be a hater.


  31. @juliusanonymous

    Let me know “when” you learn to spell.
    Definitely enjoy your SB win, you deserve to, but don’t get too excited and start calling out dynasty after 1 Super Bowl win. Try to win a second first. And just remember who came up to Seattle and quieted the “12th Man”

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