Snyder was tired of seeing Jackson score touchdowns against Washington

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Washington owner Daniel Snyder, who rarely says much to the media, has chimed in on the unexpected acquisition of former Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson.

“That’s going to be exciting — and not just the two games against Philly,” Snyder said Tuesday, via CSN Washington.  “We got tired of seeing him score a lot of touchdowns against us and watching him on TV.  So it’s great to have him here.”

What of the idea that this is Snyder reverting to his fantasy-football tendencies?  Snyder strongly implied that it wasn’t his decision.

“I think that when you look at the fact that the head coach and the General Manager said this is the right move, the only thing I can do is support it,” Snyder said.  “That’s what I’ve done and it’s been great.”

For now, DeSean has a two-year contract.  His stay could be a bit longer than that, according to the boss.

“I think you’ll see him here for the Redskins for many years,” Snyder said.

Which means there’s a chance Jackson will still be with the Redskins after they’re, you know, no longer known as the Redskins.

83 responses to “Snyder was tired of seeing Jackson score touchdowns against Washington

  1. “I think that when you look at the fact that the head coach and the General Manager said this is the right move, the only thing I can do is support it,” Snyder said.

    I love it! Pre-assigned the blame to some scape-goats for when the DivaSean experiment blows up.

  2. Listen I’m sick and freakin’ tired of it. Just give him whatever he wants, alright? Let’s see what I got today. Ham and cheese again. And she forgot the fancy mustard. I love that fancy mustard. You could put that fancy mustard on a shoe and it would taste pretty good to me.

  3. Which means there’s a chance Jackson will still be with the Redskins after they’re, you know, no longer known as the Redskins

    I don’t think DeSean will be playing for 80 more years.

  4. This doesn’t fit the mold of Snyder’s “fantasy football tendencies.” His “tendencies” were to play fantasy with washed up dudes who were past their prime. This isn’t the case even if it was his decision.

  5. Enough about the name change. Every single thing on here about my Skins has to bring up the change….the horse is dead….stop beating it.

  6. Even if this guy went to Allen/Gruden and said “Get this man at all costs,” it’s insane to think that the Redskins are the same Redskins of old.

    The Jackson situation is of course very volatile, and might very well blow up. Just the idea that the Skins took one of the top-10 players in his position in the league from their strongest division rival, without a trade, and only for $16 mil guaranteed is pretty astounding.

  7. All the folks saying he made the pick are living in the past not far past but the past nonetheless. Snyder has taken a backround role and now signs checks. As a Skins can can’t wait to see the team take the field!!!HTTR

  8. And yet, he never gets tired of seeing his QBs under duress.

    Priorities, Dan. Priorities.

  9. Well that’s one way to stop him from scoring, bring him to Washington.

    This reminds me of the only person who could stop Michael Jordon from scoring….. Dean Smith.

    I see a drop in numbers in Jackson’s future.

  10. ““I think that when you look at the fact that the head coach and the General Manager said this is the right move, the only thing I can do is support it,” Snyder said. “That’s what I’ve done and it’s been great.””

    Wait… What’s been great?

  11. Where was the overpay? No picks, mid-term cap-workable deal that doesn’t come with massive dead cap risk? Just because the name Snyder is involved doesn’t mean the deal was a bad overpay.

  12. Not sure if it was a good move but it has to feel good being a fan of a team with an owner who will spend money on impactful profile players.

    signed Jag fan

  13. Hey, look who is talking big about their offseason again and how everyone is super excited

    Gotta sell those training camp tickets, huh Danny? He roped all the idiots back into thinking they’re good just by signing a WR who averages barely over 1000 yards a season, a good not great figure. Yes, that makes up for the worst special teams in the history of the NFL, a terrible offensive line and a defense with an average age of almost 30. Enjoy the 5-11 season, big talkers.

  14. What’s with the hatred toward The Danny on this move? Wasn’t every fan on here tired of seeing the Skins get pistol-whipped by DeSeasn Jax twice a year? Finding a game-breaking WR was a need coming into the offseason. Doesn’t DeSean fill that need?

  15. Relatively speaking, they got DeSean for a good price. He is going make just a little bit more than Eric Decker and a little less than Jordy Nelson. Both are 2nd WRs on their teams. So as a matter of principal they got a WR that was a #1 on his previous team for average WR2 money.

    That isn’t overpaying.

  16. DeSean Jackson scored a lot of TD’s against the Redskins, but he had a lot of help. His coaches designed schemes that put him in position to succeed. His offensive line gave the QB time to throw the ball, and his QB did a good job of putting the ball in a spot where he could catch it. It wasn’t all DeSean, and that’s what the Redskins fail to realize. Football is a team game, and just because you take 1 player away from a successful team, that doesn’t mean that he will make you successful. If Gruden turns out to be a bad coach and/or RG3 plays more like he did in his second season than his first, then DeSean probably won’t be catching as many TD’s as he did in Philly. He doesn’t get to play against that Redskin D anymore, so his production is guaranteed to drop to begin with.

  17. Isn’t this story old yet? Desean Jackson isn’t even the best receiver on the redskins roster. And since you brought up the name, I’d like to make a point. Regardless of the motives behind Snyder’s charity, he is giving back to the native American community. Something that the Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, and Chicago Blackhawks don’t do. Now I’m not native american. But I’d be far more offended that these guys are getting rich off my cultural imagery and giving nothing back than I’d ever be by any words.

  18. He scored touchdowns because your defense is terrible. My Chiefs plastered 45 points on your team.

  19. Dan Snyder is like Simpsons character Artie Ziff who doesn’t realize money can’t buy him the things he wants. Spending money on extravagant things like golden underpants. DeSean is the golden underpants of the Redskins.

  20. Snyder could invent a cure for cancer, and some would still crush him , …. like sheep spewing a narrative. Anyway, since the Redskins now will not have to spend an early pick on a WR, I think they’ll use those second and third picks to beef up the OL even more, and possibly a Safety. Griffin, with Morris, Garcon, Jackson, and Reed are going to be tough to deal with , along with Orakpo, Kerrigan, and Hatcher breathing down Romo, Foles and Eli’s neck. Redskins are going to be tough to handle, and could easily bounce back to winning the division again as they did two years ago.

    Hail to the Redskins !

  21. It’s just an amazing deal for the Skins. Every aspect of his team will be better next season. Especially with Shanahan not meddling with the defense.

  22. Wha does Mcnabb have to do with D Jackson? Mcnabb’s career was over by the time the Skins got him. Desean is in his prime and coming of his best season. Eagles fans, quit trying to convince your selves this was a great move. They could’ve traded him and actually got something.

  23. I’m not a big Dan Snyder fan but people need to stop saying he is always overpaying when the fact is that the Skins haven’t overpaid for a player since 2009. If you think that has over payed for someone since then please tell us who it was.

  24. The old Snyder would have fired Shanahan years ago or signed DeSean for twice as much money, not a paycut from what he was making in “financially responsible Philadelphia.”

    You all are beating a dead horse with years old Snyder stereotypes.

  25. Jackson is certainly not in his prime he’s about 1 or 2 concussions away from a done career. The guy plays carelessly and only puts in effort when he feels its best for him. The eagles used him for everything he is worth now we ship the old garbage off to Washington. It’s like Washington is Philadelphia’s own personal dumpster.

  26. What cracks me up is how uninformed most posters are. What you think all they did this offseason was sign jackson? Most haters keep saying old tired stuff from a decade ago I mean the guy above who said to sell training camp tickets…ummm training camp is free. duh

  27. The Eagles are quickly going to realize that Riley “Country Rock Concert” Cooper isn’t the kind of talent that can replace Jackson. He got a ton of looks because of Jackson’s talent.

  28. Snyder, as a die hard Giants fan I absolutely love you. Your inability to come to grips with the fact that you are no Al Davis will keep your terrible “dedskins” in the NFC east cellar. You may be worse than Jerry Jones. Keep up the good work making sure the nations capital team remains irrelevant. It seems you’ve learned nothing since Albert Haynesworth. Lots of money + looow football IQ= Dan Snyder. Luv ya buddy! We appreciate everything you’ve done for us!

  29. Why do non-fans chim in?
    Where ever Desean would have ended up people would be saying the same thing.
    I like that the skins are TRYING to be a better team. No more cap issues. Getting rid of the control freak shanahan and his daughter were the best off season move so far. Everything else has been gravy.
    Say what you want, but they will be better this season and contending for the division.
    Hate on that!!!

  30. More snyder is a changed man/genius articles. It only makes the september collapses that much more fun to watch!

  31. Yes, we’ll see how “great” he continuues to think it is as the season unfolds. If there are stumbles, absolutely no chance you won’t see Danny laying the blame at someone else’s feet.

  32. I think the problem is that they link this article to the philly team page. So there’s where the massive amount of negative comments come from.

    You don’t see that many on other Redskin articles. Haters will always hate (even if they miss him on their team).

  33. Why don’t they drop the ‘Red’ and just become the Skins…you know, like Shirts and Skins?

  34. I can’t wait to see the haters faces when Snyder is kissing Lombardi trophy #4. I can already envision the new “haters gonna hate” meme.

  35. Sorry haters..Snyder has not had control for over 5 years now..get a new argument..2nd…Jackson deal is pretty cap friendly. He was not over paid. In fact THE EAGLES ARE PAYING JACKSON MORE THIS SEASON THAN THE SKINS3 HELLO?

  36. I hope Redskin fans are thinking Super Bowl or bust once again this year. Just don’t shop your 1st rd pick for a pack of Big League Chew and a Charms Blowpop again.

    The Redskins need winners, and they consistently do not bring in winners and team guys. It’s a diseased franchise that shows sparks every 10 yrs l.

  37. You know a player is disliked when your team is willing to trade him to a division rival. I expect nothing from Jackson this season because (1) nobody comes to the Redskins and does well and (2) his former team didn’t believe in him for a reason.

  38. Just wondering if all of the posters here saying the Redskins over payed for Jackson realize that they are paying him less than the Eagles were.

  39. Snyder is a huge dope. Must be the same for his front office. There has to be a massive red flag when a team drops a star player in the prime of his career AND former coaches with the Chiefs and Jets won’t even look at him.

  40. The Skins did not “take” or “steal” or any of the other stupid adjectives you are using, Jackson from the Eagles. He wasn’t a FA the Eagles were hoping to sign back, he was a guy they cut, for nothing.

    The reasons behind it don’t matter. He was cut. Released. Given away for nothing. They didn’t take him from a division rival, the division rival decieded it didn’t want him anymore, and they decided to sign him.

    If I throw my chair in the garbage, and you pick it up, you didn’t steal the chair from me, you picked it out of the garbage, after i decided i didn’t want it.

  41. Dan Snyder can thank his former BFF Vinny Cerrato for drafting Fred Davis exactly one spot ahead of Desean Jackson. So the guy we drafted is now out of football and unable to control his substance abuse issues (or stay awake during team meetings … Or convince the coach to make him active for games). The guy we didn’t draft burned us at every opportunity, running past our decrepit cornerbacks and making Monday Night Football history. And now we pay him millions to bring him to Washington when we could have done it for free a couple of years ago.

    But at least, Snyder, you got to run the team through your incompetent proxy Vinny for a decade while the team burned down. Hope it’s worth it.

  42. Since Griffin has no idea how to find his second WR, I feel for whoever between Garcon and Jackson fall to no. 2 on the depth chart. That person might as well go into witness protection because you’ll never hear a peep from him.

  43. Well as a 45 year fan of the Redskins I can’t completely say one way or the other how I feel about this signing. The jury is still out but…the folks who are somehow posting that Dan Snyder got snookered or overpaid for a bill of goods are just, I suspect, pissed Eagles fans. Truth is this guy is full of talent and the price paid for him is WAY BELOW his market value. Keep in mind he never left DC and has stated publicly he wanted to sign with the Skins. In the end it will be a huge loss for the Eagles. I’m just not sure yet where his head is at and how much of a gain it will be for the Skins. My biggest concern as a fan is not Djax, but RGIII. Not just from a health standpoint either. He showed MAJOR immaturity last year and a lot of “look at me” as if he had arrived. look I enjoyed the race to the NCF East championship and loved watching in person at FEDEX field the beat down they put on the Cowboys. But if that is what he thinks as having ARRIVED is then he’s already plateaued which is not good. He’s young so he gets a hall pass for last year. Make or break year for Robert, with or without DJax…

  44. I don’t buy the whole I got tired of seeing Jackson score touchdowns from Daniel Snyder. I mean, it wasn’t strictly Jackson scoring TD’s. I would argue he had to be livid watching Jamaal Charles, The Chiefs Special Teams scoring multiple TD during what amounted to a severe beatdown in the snow at Fed Ex field last season.

  45. So Riley Cooper never did Jack until DJax had his best season and Jackson defenders left Cooper with soft single coverage, how on Earth will he get open without Jackson stretching the field?

    You guys are delusional if you think Cooper will put up better numbers without Jackson.

  46. You guys say Kelly is about team first, then someone tell me why he would hurt the team just to show he is in charge because he didn’t like his star player?

    Team first or ego first?

  47. Finally! Snyder has revealed his methodology for choosing free agents. But by this standard, rosters could be expanded to 300 players and Danny boy still wouldn’t get everything on his wish list.

  48. DJax WILL light it up this year. Now all Dan has to do is get some linemen up front who can block for the QB.

  49. Lets get some things straight

    1. Eagles fans say you overpaid for Jackson. We were overpaying at 10.5. He’s worth no where near that and in fact not even worth what the skins signed him for (notice how no other team wanted him? Not even his old coach?) He’s also a concussion away from a done career

    2. Maclin is better than Jackson. I do re-call skins fans even admitting this (Snyder loved him some Maclin). Maclin is Jackson except with better hands, better route running, and a better attitude.

    3. Riley Cooper will be beast. Say what you want but skins defense is horrible and you will have to cover Ertz up the middle, celek, maclin, cooper and deal with McCoy and Sproles… Yeah sounds like the redskins can dominate philly huh?… sillyness

  50. If he’s tired of seeing Jackson score, problem solved. He might see him score twice this year, but no more.

  51. DJax stats against Redskins:

    2008 – 0 TD
    2009 – 2 TD (1 per game)
    2010 – 1 TD
    2011 – 1 TD
    2012 – 0 TD
    2013 – 1 TD

    Yea, DJax is a TD machine. Not. Celek has as many TDs in the same time frame.

  52. 3. Riley Cooper will be beast. Say what you want but skins defense is horrible and you will have to cover Ertz up the middle, celek, maclin, cooper and deal with McCoy and Sproles… Yeah sounds like the redskins can dominate philly huh?… sillyness
    Yeah, that sure measures up to Garçon, Jackson, Reed, Roberts, Morris, Griffin, Moss, etc.

  53. Funny how some of you call Snyder “stupid”. Last time I checked this man is a multi multi self made millionaire that owns one of the top money making clubs in all sports….He doesn’t sound stupid to me or anyone else with a brain. BTW…what do YOU do for a living???LOL #HTTR

  54. @sumkat. That sounds good & reads well but is that what Eagles fans label players when their Front Office makes stupid decisions? Actually who throws away game-breaking speed WR’s at the age of 27 & smears their reputation with lies? No other team does that but that team. We Redskins fans thank the Eagles for throwing away their explosive young WR. We got him at the auction, not the trash. Sold to the 1st bidder. Tah-Tah.

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