Warren Sapp jumps on bandwagon of Jadeveon Clowney criticism


NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp is next up in the long line of people to find faults in the work ethic of South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.

Clowney has been widely criticized for his alleged laziness and lack of work ethic on the field. While he may be the single greatest freak athlete available in next month’s NFL Draft, he has also been one of the most heavily scrutinized.

Sapp continued that onslaught on the NFL Network Monday night.

“My grandfather taught me something a long time ago. He said ‘You will never get more money by doing less work,’” Sapp said, via the Houston Chronicle. ““I look at Jadeveon Clowney’s (game) tape and I don’t see a guy that is playing the game with his hair on fire, making plays, running up and down the field sideline to sideline, doing all of the things.”

“That’s the real issue with me: What else is he doing not waking up?” Sapp added. “The next job you have is rushing the quarterback, young man, getting ready for the NFL. If you wake up every morning and you’re not ready, prepared to go out and do the things you have to be to be a [defensive] end, outside linebacker – a pass rushing specialist – what else is there?”

Whether it’s been unnamed executives, former NFL players or even his college head coach, the criticism of Clowney’s work ethic has been a major talking point after a somewhat disappointing senior season at South Carolina. Sapp hasn’t held back in criticisms of other players in the past. Apparently, Clowney is no different.

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  1. Usually I would say shut up to the criticism but with Sapp, he’s played the game, is a super bowl champ, multi pro-bowler and HOFer…so I give it Sapp to know what he’s talking about. Carry on…

  2. Jadeveon Clowney was in the unique position that he would have been the number one pick in the 2013 draft if he’d been able to come out. So coming into the 2014 season he had nothing to prove. It’s not that hard to understand.

    He didn’t need to play like his hair was on fire, as it wouldn’t have boosted his stock much, and it could have gotten him seriously injured. All Clowney needed to do was stay healthy and do just enough to keep his stock high, in order to cash in a winning lottery ticket he’d held onto for an entire year.

    Why should Clowney have risked a big pay day by going all out playing in college for no compensation? It makes no sense.

  3. Well if Sapp is as accurate about Clowney as he was about Strahan then I think we shouldn’t care what he says. Sapp studied the Skip Bayless trashing journalism style and he is more interested in getting his name out than getting the truth out. Whether he is right or not has nothing to do with the fact he worked all week on his insults and wore out colloquialisms and his rant was as practiced as an inaugural speech and just as relevant.

  4. Hmmmm….Maybe more of an extreme “problem child” than Clowney, but I look back at 2012 and remember Vontaze Burfict had a few issues. A sure first rounder early on, he went undrafted.

    What did he do in 2013? Only got his head together and led the NFL in tackles (171) and was a pro bowler. Give the kid a break Sapp……

  5. Yea and he found “faults” in Suhs game..Suh has made 3 pro bowls in his 4 years of NFL play. Nothing to see here.

  6. First off, I can’t take Sapp seriously any time the word “money” is used considering he made 8 figures a year and is now broke. Next, I found that series of comments from Sapp difficult to follow and can’t decide if it’s bad writing or if Sapp was just really hard to transcribe.

  7. I hope everyone is either wrong about his work ethic, or he matures into a young man who lives up to his potential for his own behalf. He has a certain “monster under your bed” thing going on and almost every QB will feel his presence…if he applies himself. He’s still just a kid so obviously we don’t need to be passing judgement on who he will be by the time he has the opportunity for his first mega-contract. I just feel as if it would be a shame if he just doesn’t have the heart, ala Todd Marinovich. But, it’s his God-given talent to squander so I am in no place to judge, it’s his if he wants it.

  8. Of all the people….

    Sapp took the big payday in Oakland and proceeded to do nothing.

    What a massive windbag loser this guy is.

  9. All these critics and analyst made clowney the topic of this draft , made him into the spectacle he is today and now they are attacking him for it. If hes not everything yous hyped him up for . Its urs to blame

  10. Can this man please be quiet for once? Is his job just putting everyone else down? It seems like he never has any good thing to say about anybody.

    Clowney’s job is to rush the QB, that’s right. And that’s what he’s been doing for years at the highest possible level. To the point where he’s facing triple and sometimes even quadruple teams if you watch the tape. It might appear that he doesn’t give 100% effort when he’s got 3 or 4 guys on him and he sees no point in going hard that play because it’s pretty much pointless since he’s not gonna be able to get to the QB, but that doesn’t mean he’s lazy or he doesn’t have any passion.

    I’m not a Clowney fanatic, I don’t know how he will end up, but to say based on the fact that he doesn’t go 110% on every down in college that means he’s gonna be a bust is ridiculous. They said the same thing about Ngata when he came out and we all know how he turned out for the Ravens.

    Sapp always comes off jealous. He never liked those young talents coming out of college that got paid big bucks, he always treated them like dirt when he was in Tampa, he had no respect for them. He never has any respect for anybody that is on his level if that guy is getting more credit. See Strahan. He was cool with Strahan when Sapp was the man, when he had the ring, when he was the Hall Of Famer. Once Strahan caught up to him with the sack record, the ring and the HOF induction all of a sudden this guy just starts trashing him. And then he always apologizes in the end. He did it with Keyshawn, with Strahan, and so on.

    I’ve got no respect for Warren, he’s just not a good person.

  11. Sapp was a lazy, fat, pot-smoking, bum when he came out of college. If Sam Wyche hadn’t given him a chance he would have been a late round pick. He has no room to criticize anyone…

  12. All that Warren Sapp cares about is recording a sack, he thinks that makes you the greatest. Being a flamingo vs. the run game, he doesn’t care about that kind of stuff.

  13. I have to admit this concerns me. I live in Houston and when I see JJ Watt huffing and puffing on the field and then giving it everything he’s got on the next play, and the next, and the next I just assume Clowney would do the same. But the truth is, almost nobody can perform like JJ.
    So how far off would Clowney be? and how would JJ react to somebody coming in and not giving anywhere near what he gives? That’s a big question!!

  14. I agree wholeheardidly.

    You can’t explain to me how someone that strong, that fast and that athletic only has three sacks to show his junior season.

    Don’t even say because he was triple teamed, he wasn’t.

    Don’t say he was double teamed, he wasn’t. Even if he had been javon kearse, Terrell Suggs, Demarcus ware, Von miller and Julius peppers were also double teamed in college but still got to the qb because they were being double teamed by two guys playing arena football at best now.

    Fact is he took this year off and if that’s the kind of guy you want on your team cool, but I was never a fan of a person who just quits when the timing suits them.

  15. If this clown spent more time WORKING on a budget and not spending every penny he ever made, instead of dogging a prospect, he might be in a better spot. Warren Sapp was always, and will forever be all about himself.

  16. Someone in the top 5 will end up taking Clowney, but i don’t think it should be Houston, he doesn’t fit in a 3-4 scheme, they’re better off with Mack or trading down, Daniel Jeremiah was saying on path to the draft to draft Clowney and then change your entire defense to suit him…i now see why he doesn’t work for an NFL team anymore.

  17. The most underrated factor is coaching. If he goes somewhere where the defensive line coach is motivating and demands hard work, he will be just fine.

    He can’t go somewhere where they let him just be himself. He really has the chance to do something great with the right mentoring.

  18. Perhaps unfair. Just my ignorance in asking, but was Steve Spurrier well known for his “work ethic”.

  19. After seeing what happened to Marcus Lattimore the year before playing for free, I don’t know how much I would have been playing with my hair on fire either.

  20. Warren Sapp was a very disruptive player. I think he knows what he is talking about. I remember when the Eagles passed him over for Mike “The Combine Kid” Mamula. Warren then made us pay for that mistake over and over and over again.

  21. Sapp critisizes everyone thats “better” than him…Clowney didnt get his job because the “Rock” got hurt, He got his job because hes good at what he does. The funny thing is he’s better than you even when hes lazy so get off your high horse because you have that gold jacket that you shouldnt even wear…cuz in 20 yrs Clowney will be wearing it so keep it clean!!!

  22. No matter what is said…Clowney will still get drafted…he’ll still make millions of dollars and the NFL will continue on if he flops

  23. The guy (Sapp) is kind of a blowhard but there’s enough of this around Clowney to give a GM pause (of course, he’ll do his own evaluation unlike a foolish fan like me).

    Would you draft this guy? What will he be like AFTER they show him the money?

  24. I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long for Sapp to chime in. Wait, no I’m not. He had to wait and make sure it was still the popular opinion.

  25. Isnt this the same bankrupt dope who failed a drug test before the draft? Sapp needs to just go away.

  26. I bet if Clowney does The Pogo Stick dance on his first sack & sees time at RB on goal line situations on offense Sapp will change his tune.

  27. 3 sacks last year. Enough said. The guy is either lazy or no good. This cannot reasonably be in debate.

  28. Too much innuendo for there to be nothing to it. I expect to see a very good player until a big contract gets signed. Don’t look for quick injury recovery from this kid either.

  29. None of us work in NFL front offices or can see the future so how about we just let this play out and revisit this in say 2-3 years.

  30. First off I’m not judging, I’m warning. Take a look at his pro day tape (start to finish without the volume up). He is running 3 to 10 second drills, with 3 to 8 minutes in between. He is not running continuous and he his gassed before its even over. At one point, he his in front of a coach, bent over, breathing hard, and looking down, and the coach is waiting on him so he can give him directions on the drill. Now the other guys performing at the pro day weren’t even breathing hard. If you take this guy and allow him to not practice hard, you build up resentment with the other players. Not worth the trouble. He needs a wakeup call and maybe falling will wake him up, but probably not.

  31. I think that Clowney has Albert Haynesworth Jr all over him—great talent, bad work ethic. He can have all of the excuses in the World, but he took last season off and that’s a MASSIVE red flag. When you sign him and give him millions of dollars–do you think that he’ll work hard ??? I don’t.

  32. steve spurrier is responsible
    for opening this door
    ….sapp is just latest to walk through it…

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