Aldon Smith reports for offseason duty

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With plenty of unknowns surrounding 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith, one fact has become clear:  He will participate in the team’s offseason program until he’s told not to.

Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area reported that Smith was present for the launch of offseason workouts.

Unless Smith is suspended by the team or the league or incarcerated, Smith has every right to report for voluntary workouts, which pay $175 per day.  The structure and support could be useful to him at a time when his career, and his life, could go in one of two different directions.

Having Smith in the building also gives coaches (initially, strength and conditioning coaches only) and teammates an opportunity to get a close look at him, to see how he’s doing.  And to assess whether he’s possibly having ongoing struggles with alcohol, which placed him in rehab for more than a month last season.

His recent arrest at LAX resulted in an observation from police that it appeared Smith had been drinking earlier in the day.  If the 49ers decide Smith needs further intervention, he could be placed on the non-football illness list at some point.

Smith’s presence at offseason workouts comes at a time when the team is still deciding whether to pick up the fifth-year option on Smith’s rookie contract.  The deadline for exercising the option arrives on May 3.

28 responses to “Aldon Smith reports for offseason duty

  1. Honestly this is the best place for Aldon Smith, he’s far to unstable for too much free time. Keep this guy BUSYYYYYY!

  2. Smith reported for offseason workouts and promptly dropped a weight on his foot because he was too drunk to hold onto it. He’ll be out for a couple months while he heals up.

  3. This probably looks good in the eyes of the court as well. They probably are less likely to lock him up if he is going to work.

  4. i love aldon smith. hes a beast and a professional on the field. he doesnt disrupt the locker room, he doesn’t play dirty, and he doesn’t CHEAT. i dont care what he does on his own time. i only care about his football talents. 43 sacks/44 games

  5. Keep him around this locker room environment. There are several different leaders that he will benefit being around. Its up to him going forward to stay on the right path.

  6. Things Aldon must remember:
    #1 . No more jokes about bombs or saying “I bombed that D.M.V. test” around the T.S.A .agents,or any agents.
    #2. Remember you are in California and in California you can’t have the same weapons as the 49 other states.
    #3. In California :
    you must go to the ghetto to shoot your “illegal ” weapon harmlessly in the air . No one will notice and the police will not care or be called… ever.
    #4. No matter where you are, don’t ever drink and drive.
    #5. There are 31 other teams that would pick you up in a nano second and their fans would be giddy and celebrating big time.

  7. Between CA’s legal system for the rich and Goodell’s policy looking the other way for certain teams means nothing to worry about Aldon. You won’t miss a game or pay check.

  8. You might not want to let Aldon bring his own, um, “water” bottle to the work outs…

  9. There are no certainties that he was drinking that day, only allegations, and he made an idiotic joke at the wrong time. LAX overreacted.

    People are overreacting. No excuse, he should have been on a straight arrow, but c’mon. There are worse people in the NFL

  10. 9ers should pick up DaMarcus Lawrence out of BSU in the draft. Can never have too many freaky athletic pass rushers, and you never know what Aldon’s next fiasco will be

  11. He’s too valuable to cut or release
    He’s too talented

    The 49ers have to have people WORK with him
    The NFL isn’t a bunch of choir boys

    Go Niners

    #5. There are 31 other teams that would pick you up in a nano second and their fans would be giddy and celebrating big time.

    You are SO right !!

  12. What a country where a turd like this can keep collecting millions of dollars and while having less fortunate people convinced that’s the best thing for all involved.

  13. Being a member of the 49’ers has really had an influence on him. He only shoots his gun in the air and not at people. He only jokes about having a bomb at the airport; he doesn’t really have one. The leadership on the team is really going great things for him.

  14. Yeah $175/day. That’s what Revis is getting with the Pats. I am shocked he showed up for voluntary training. The new Revis???

  15. Get em Aldon!! TE best pass rusher in the NFL hands down. It comes so naturally to him these first few years. Truly natural. Once he puts it all together and becomes a true professional, people are going to realize that he is untapped potential. He has a chance to be the all time NFL sack leader and the 49ers know it. You don’t cut loose players like this. He is going to go down as a hall of fame player and one of the best sack artists in NFL history. GO ALDON,GO NINERS!!

  16. I wonder how many of his sacks come because of the Cowboy up front. Justin Smith may be the best DL in the league. He commands 2-3 blockers on every play and may or may not get caught up with (hold) the blockers so they can’t get to Aldon. Either way, Justin Smith is a huge reason why Aldon has been successful so far.

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