Bears, Cowboys play on back to back Thursdays

When the NFL decided to expand the post-Week One Thursday night package to 14 games and to play three games on Thanksgiving, a potential competitive disadvantage was created.  With 17 total short-week games, two teams potentially would be playing twice on a Sunday and then on a Thursday.

The NFL avoided that problem by scheduling two of the teams that will play on Thanksgiving to play on the following Thursday.

The Cowboys, who host the Eagles on Thanksgiving, and the Bears, who travel to Detroit on Thanksgiving, will play in Chicago on the following Thursday.

Some players complain about playing Thursday games after playing on Sunday.  Others like it, citing a less intense week of work before the Thursday game and a mini-bye on the back end.  For the Cowboys and Bears, their mini-bye will be delayed by a week, which is more fair than expecting two of the NFL teams to twice play a pair of games with only three days of rest.

9 responses to “Bears, Cowboys play on back to back Thursdays

  1. Besides Thanksgiving, Thursday night games SUCK. An inferior product. I could live w/o Thanksgiving games too, it’s not that important.

  2. It sounds horrible at first, but having them back to back means they both only have to deal with a short week once.

  3. Good move by the schedule makers to try to maintain competitive balance. This will likely show up again.

  4. Schedule us how you like, nothing is going to stop America’s Team from taking over. This is our year and the great GM Jerry Jones has something up his sleeve come draft day. Look out people #goingfor6

  5. It’s a money grab for the league. NFL players and coaches don’t like TNF, I bet. They’re creatures of habit and they want their set routine (of Monday meetings, Tuesday day-offs, Wednesday practices, etc., for example). None of them want the short week before a Thursday night game, even with the “mini-bye on the back end”. Thanksgiving is tradition, I think everyone accepts that, but all other Thursday games are nonsense.

  6. Soon to be announced – NFL games on every day of the week. Just think how much money they can make off of that!

  7. Really? Americas team is going to take over? With the leagues worst defense that just lost Demarcus ware and the leagues worst GM? Can’t wait to see DaBears whoop ’em AGAIN for the third year in a row.

  8. Don’t forget about Ratliff ditching Dallas for the Bears… JJ is still pissed about that one. It’s great!

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