Bears sign RB Shaun Draughn

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The Bears have added a running back who might also be able to contribute on special teams, signing Shaun Draughn to a one-year deal, the club said Wednesday.

The 26-year-old Draughn has played for Washington (2011), Kansas City (2011-2013) and Baltimore (2013). He appeared in three games for the Ravens last season, rushing four times for two yards. The Ravens waived him in October.

Draughn had his most productive pro season in 2012, rushing 59 times for 233 yards and two touchdowns, catching 24 passes for 158 yards and returning 23 kickoffs for 537 yards.

The Bears were in need of RB depth. Before Draughn’s addition, they had just two backs on the roster: Matt Forte and backup Michael Ford. Draughn could also get a shot on kickoffs, where the Bears must replace the departed Devin Hester.

14 responses to “Bears sign RB Shaun Draughn

  1. I’m telling you they’re going to surprise everyone again. The last two years they’ve always taken a player that most people didn’t think they would take.

    Carlos Hyde at #14. Watch.

  2. To the first post. Yes Emery has surprised people with his selections….but they were at positions of dire need. Everyone knew the Bears wanted a DE, most just figured a conventional 4-3 DE instead of McClellin. Everyone knew last year the Bears needed OL, it was desperate. But people thought Long wasn’t 1st round material. One pick hasn’t worked out….yet. The other was a homerun.

    He’ll surprise people at a position of need, like DT, S, CB. RB is not a position of need.

  3. I’m surprised they didn’t trade the 9ers for LaMichael James. Could’ve had him on the cheap, and he’s much younger than Draughn. Oh and he’s experienced at returns too. Seems like a missed opportunity…

  4. LaMichael James doesn’t have a lot of upside, or he would have been snatched up already. His return history has been so-so.

    You can get that quality of return man in the 5th round of the draft and beyond.

  5. The signing of Draughn doesn’t mean the Bears can’t add a quality backup RB at some point moving forward either. Most likely via the draft.

  6. been a fan of this guy since his days at UNC. not the most explosive back, but he is gritty, has good hands, and is a great bottom of the roster guy.

  7. Shaun Draughn is one classy player. I Wish the Chiefs had held onto him last year instead of keeping cyrus gray. I met Draughn at Chiefs camp last year. he signed autographs and took pictures and thanked us for being fans. Very Nice Dude. Hope it works out for you Shaun.

  8. Strange pickup IMO since they already have one finesse back in Forte. What they really need is a RB who can get 3 yds up the middle on demand. It’s been a couple of decades since they had that.

  9. I hope he does well…I always like when we sign a guy that was well-liked by his old team’s fans.

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