Collin Klein heads to Canada

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Vince Young may not want to go to Canada to continue his football career.  Ditto for Tim Tebow.

Collin Klein has no such qualms.

The former Kansas State star, who was undrafted and overlooked by the NFL last season, has signed a two-year deal with the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes.

He joins former NFL receiver Chad Johnson, who signed with the Alouettes last week.

Klein was invited last year to the Texans’ rookie minicamp on a tryout basis, the Texans liked Klein — but not enough to sign him to the 90-man offseason roster.  He has refused to consider playing other positions.  The CFL will give him a chance to show that he can play quarterback at the professional level.

15 responses to “Collin Klein heads to Canada

  1. Good for him. It worked for Warren Moon. Worked for Flutie. Hopefully, it works for him. If not, at least he’s still making the effort, and not just vegetating in a broadcasting booth waiting for a call.

  2. Good for Klein, he is going to a great league. Great opportunity to show his talents. Will probably be more successful than Young or Tebow ever would have been. Tebow does not have the arm to throw on the large CFL field. If Young or Tebow ever want to play in the NFL again, they would be smart to give the CFL a try.

  3. I dont think hes got the arm to play in a league where passing is emphasized so greatly.
    Hes a really interesting player. Kind of like a Tim Tebow with less running skill and more passing skill. But you need a lot of passing skill to make it up there.
    I’d like to see Dan Persa of Northwestern become a successful CFL qb.

  4. Too bad he wouldn’t consider a switch to WR or TE/H-back. He was exciting to watch in college and is a good guy. The contracts of CFL players are like those of white collar middle class jobs, and he could have made $400,000 a year to even just play special teams and rotate in for a few offensive snaps. Klein was fun to watch for K-State, but it was apparent from watching him play that he lacked the arm strength and accuracy to be an NFL QB. Either way, I wish him luck.

  5. Good move by Klein. With the right coach I think he could have played in the NFL and certainly is as good as some others. Perhaps the experience in Canada will help him gain experience and give him an opportunity to still play in the NFL. At the very least he would make a good backup.

  6. Don’t discount the CFL…I played and lived it ..Guys love playing there and continuing the dream of playing ball.. Beats doing nothing after getting a discounted college degree because you were on a football scholarship…Great passionate fans…

  7. Pride vs $…. If they aren’t asking for a happy ending then I’d stick with the $ and switch positions wherever they’ll keep me in the nfl.

  8. This guy goes 11-1(wins the conference) at KSU and doesn’t win the Heisman, but Johnny (10-2) Football does, because everyone thinks Nick Saban is a god.

  9. Chad Johnson, Troy Smith, David Clowney, Kyries Hebert, Cris Carter’s son and now Klein. I think I might actually watch a couple Alouettes games this year.

  10. Good for him. In addition to those previously mentioned it also worked for Theismann. And the CFL doesn’t take all the NFL cast-offs. There are plenty of NFL rejects who weren’t offered CFL opportunities. If he gets to start, this is a great opportunity.

    The players who are too proud to go to the CFL are fools. The way you get better is to keep playing and keep working.

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