Doug Baldwin hasn’t signed RFA tender, but still working out with Seahawks


Wide receiver Doug Baldwin was tendered at the second round level by the Seahawks this offseason, giving him the right to negotiate and sign an offer sheet with any other team in the league as long as he doesn’t sign the tender.

Baldwin hasn’t signed it, but there doesn’t seem to be much interest in leaving Seattle. Baldwin has signed a waiver allowing him to participate in voluntary offseason workouts with the team even though he isn’t yet under contract for the 2014 season. During an appearance on 710 ESPN in Seattle, Baldwin confirmed that staying in Seattle was the end result he wanted.

“I want to be a Seattle Seahawk and I want to be a Seattle Seahawk for a long time,” Baldwin said. “I love it here, I love the organization and I’m focused on doing what I can to improve and get ready for this upcoming season, whether that’s with a tender or whether that’s with something else that we work out. Hopefully is with a long-term deal, that’s what I’m hoping for, whether that’s this year or next year.”

Baldwin indicated that there haven’t been talks about a long-term deal and the possibility of signing with another team disappears on May 2, so playing out the year on the $2.187 million tender seems like a likely option.

8 responses to “Doug Baldwin hasn’t signed RFA tender, but still working out with Seahawks

  1. Yea Doug,be a smart guy and try to get away from that declining classless organization as possible.don’t be undereducated like 90 percent of shehawks the right thing leave that laughable town.

  2. Just get the guy his contract…. He proved he is worth it, he works hard and he is a true Seahawk. At least a 3 year extension seems fair.

  3. Doug Baldwin is absolutely big time and clutch. He has made so many big catches over the years and has some of the best hands in football. He actually reached out to HOFer Steve Largent to help improve his route running which was already strong.. From UDFA this man has earned a long contract, I can’t imagine this offense without Angry Doug Baldwin out there every play with a chip on his shoulder. Go Hawks!

  4. Hopefully, Doug gets paid soon (reasonably, maybe $4 million per year). But right now, if they’re not working on a deal and won’t have one by May, then he needs to sign the tender for a guaranteed $2 million and protect himself from injury. The waiver just seems like a bad idea.

  5. Wait a sec… he signed a waiver allowing him to participate in VOLUNTARY offseason workouts with the team even though he isn’t yet under contract?

    Don’t most players stay far away from club facilities even during camp when contract issues are still pending?

    A not-so-subtle message from Baldwin to Schneider: he’s dedicated to the team, he’s All In Part 2.

  6. Wise up Doug, the Sea Squawks cannot afford to pay you. They have to save their nickels and dimes for Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman. You make too much money already. They will replace you with a waiver pick or draft pick or even another undrafted player. If you are smart, you will try to avoid a possible career ending injury when you are on the field. Stay healthy and leave as a free agent.

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