Josh Freeman: I still see myself as a starting-caliber quarterback


Josh Freeman rapidly declined from a franchise quarterback in Tampa Bay to a disappointment in Minnesota to a backup where he is now, with the Giants. But Freeman thinks he can be a franchise quarterback again.

Although Freeman knows he has no chance of beating out Eli Manning this season, he believes that a good year as a backup for the Giants can put him back into position to start somewhere else a year from now.

I still view myself as a starting-caliber quarterback,” Freeman said, via “I love the situation because I have the opportunity to be around a guy that really had a lot of success, year after year and continues to win and get his team to the playoffs consistently. It’s a really, really cool opportunity.”

Freeman admits that he played “an awful game” the last time he was in New Jersey, his lone start for the Vikings against the Giants. But Freeman says he didn’t have as much time to prepare for that game as he would have liked, and he thinks he’ll be better when he gets time to settle in to a place where he’s comfortable.

“Looking back, maybe not as prepared as I’d like to have been for the situation, or as much as I thought going into the situation,” Freeman said. “But like anything in your past, it’s an experience to learn from.”

At just 26 years old, Freeman still has time to gain more experience, and to become a starter again. It just won’t happen this year, as long as Manning is healthy.

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  1. Good team and good coaching is all he needs…. 8 franchise records at age 25 is pretty dang good…. Besides Manning is on the decline and Free will take over a good situation.

  2. I get that it could be a possibility that he wasn’t prepared for the first start in Minny, but if they didn’t play him for the rest of the season that has to say something.

  3. Freeman lol u r officially a clown for that comment… In what world do you live in ? where Eli gets the Giants consistently to the playoffs?

  4. Love the Eli haters…’s the deal…

    Giants fans take your QB to win our FF leagues and watch our own QB with NFL leagues.



  5. He might view himself that way, but the key is to make other people view him that way. He has the physical tools, but mental toughness and emotional stability are big question marks. He’s young enough to get another chance, but someone will have to take a big chance on him acting like a grown up.

  6. It was ridiculous the way the Vikings threw him into the fire with minimal practice. I don’t know if this guy is a starter quality QB or not, but I know he wasn’t coached at all last year.

  7. Josh Freeman better never play a down of football again. He is not a good NFL QB…He was not a good College QB for that matter. I really hope he gets laughed out of NY/NJ. I wish nothing but the worst for him.

  8. Physically you have the tools…

    Mentally… well if you’re looking for a reason WHY you’re not a starting QB in the NFL… there is your reason…

    I mean you’re 6′ 6″ tall and weigh 240 lbs

    You’ve got the size and the strength, the arm strength etc… (one 2011 article when I Googled Josh Freeman arm strength listed him at #3).

    Josh is kind of slow as his 40 yard dash time was only 4.9 but fine he isn’t a running QB… Neither are most starting QB’s.

    Peyton Manning ran a 4.8 when he was a kid at the combine… and he’s much slower now…

    So Josh has all the physical tools to play QB…

    10 cent brains don’t last long as starting QB’s in the league Josh…

  9. He has a very high opinion of his own importance. Look at his stats since his one good season. His td/int ratio is backup quality at best so is lucky to have a job. He was thrown into the fire by the vikes, but that didn’t affect his ability to hit an open receiver, which he can’t.

  10. What else do you expect him to say? “I see myself being the best backup ever, especially if I don’t get to play!”

  11. ‘Josh Freeman: I still see myself as a starting-caliber quarterback’

    Good for him. The problem is that NO ONE else does.

  12. 4-year starter the same age as Super Bowl winning QB, Russell Wilson. If this kid has no substance abuse issues and can overcome the stench of the dysfunction while playing for a coach bent on his destruction, he’ll make it.

    Being in the NFCS, I saw him play alot and his trajectory was headed up until Schiano came in. Where is he now? Blame Freeman all you want, Greg Schiano was the major problem there. If he wasn’t, why is he GONE?

    Freeman just can’t get rabbit ears, hearing all the experts, who have never played anything but … themselves. At 6’6″ 240 and only 25, you guys are kidding yourselves.

  13. Wow, you guys are harsh. There is so much that goes into playing well in the NFL as far as timing, coaching, the team you’re on and being in the right situation at the right time. I hardly think this guy’s career is over. There was a time when Kurt Warner couldn’t make a practice squad.

  14. Why would any write something like the posting quoted below?

    “I wish nothing but the worst for him” Why would anyone write something horrible like that?


    piglesias20 says:

    Apr 23, 2014 12:29 PM
    Josh Freeman better never play a down of football again. He is not a good NFL QB…He was not a good College QB for that matter. I really hope he gets laughed out of NY/NJ. =====I wish nothing but the worst for him.=====


  15. I could see where Freeman maybe wasn’t well-versed in the playbook when he made his start against the Giants last year, but how does that explain throwing the ball 10 yards over the head of a wide open receiver? Besides that, there was obviously something going on behind the scenes that made it obvious the Vikings didn’t want him around in the future.

  16. If Eli throws for another 20 plus ints Freeman may get his chance before the season is over.

  17. I know I’m in the minority here, but I think that in the right situation with the right coaching this kid could be a pretty good ( not great) starting QB. He’s got the size and strength, and he has a cannon of an arm, but he still looks raw. Maybe sitting behind Eli for a bit will help him, and the Giants are a pretty strong organization. You can’t hold the Minnesota debacle against him, that shouldn’t even count. What a bunch of morons. They give the guy like five minutes of practice with the team and then throw him out there. Dumb.

  18. Once you have a skill you OWN it….if he can find it, maybe he will be.

    The Vikings were dreadful, can’t blame that one on him.

  19. To the guy who said that it was telling that Freeman didn’t play after the one game in Minn (where he didnt have the benefit of an offseason or even a reasonable amount of time to learn the scheme), your point makes no sense. Same for those of you who knock him for not beating out Ponder in Minnesota (who did have the benefit of an offseason and prep time).

    Remember, there was a time that Drew Bledsoe’s practice evaluations put him in over Tom Brady.

    At the end of the day, you don’t know what a guy has until you give him the right opportunity with the right supporting cast. It’s clear that Freeman hasn’t had that. Not clear what he’d do with it.

    Oh, and I hate the Giants so I hope this isnt the right place for him or that he doesn’t have what it takes.

  20. It would take a real idiot of a GM to make him a starter again. In other words, Jerry Jones.

  21. He couldn’t start on the Minnesota Vikings.

    And that inept franchise brought back two of the slugs that beat him out last year.

  22. I’m not gonna write him off just yet. The way Eli’s play has been trending lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if Freeman is starting by Week 8.

  23. I am heading to Vegas tomorrow, putting all my money on Eli getting injured week 1 or 2.

    Freeman comes in and plays OK, going .500.

    After the season, Oakland grossly overpays him, continuing their remarkable trend of acquiring every veteran who can’t hang on to their starting job.

  24. yea, makes alot of sense. if he truly believes he’s a starting QB, then why sign with a team that he’ll never see the field with? How is that going to prove to others that he’s a starting QB? What a dummy…

  25. Frasier threw him to the wolves in ONE game and then dumped him. Freeman was not given a fair chance there.

    In Tampa, he was fine until his last year, in which things then went downhill. I believe his horrible agent gave him bad advice on how to get out of Tampa and it backfired.

    If the kid gets on a good team with good coaching, plays in a backup role for a short while, he may just turn his career around.

    People thought Warner sucked at one time as well.

  26. What’s he supposed to say “I’m just here to cash a check and since I’ll probably never play because Eli rarely misses any action, I really don’t care to prove myself”

  27. “I still view myself as a starting-caliber quarterback,” Freeman said

    Well, you’re the only one, dawg. You’ll be holding that clipboard for a while.

  28. Of course he’s says that and believes that. What is he supposed to say: I am a terrible qb and teams my only hope is to be a serviceable backup? If he isn’t confident enough in his abilities to think he can start, then he is of no use to a team. Every backup in the league believes they have what it takes.

  29. I remember when he first got drafted and proclaimed himself to be the starter. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  30. “I still view myself as a starting-caliber quarterback,”

    Ponder said the same thing!
    And so the Vikings are looking for a QB…… Again!
    And all of the really good to great QB’s are taken. I guess your SOL again Vikings.
    Another 3-13 season is upon you.

  31. So much hate. Every QB in the NFL needs to tell himself that he could start to build some confidence. Is he supposed to say that he’s happy being a backup? He sucked last year, but that doesn’t mean his career is over. I hope he does well.

  32. Its hard to tell because Tampa and Minny were so awful last year.

    The fact is that half the QBs that fail in the league might have been successful on better teams. The bad teams almost all have terrible Olines, and it doesn’t matter even if you had Brady or Manning if the Oline is really bad the QB is not going to be successful

  33. So…. all you experts think he should say he sucks and has no chance. I guess he should just retire, because you guys know everything about everything. The only one’s bitching are you guys.

  34. You don’t throw for 3400, 3500 and 4000 yards in successive seasons by accident…the kid can play. The Schiano and Minnesota experiences definitely reflect negatively but to discount his talent reflects uninformed bias.

  35. Who cares about Career Passer Rating?

    Career Super Bowl Victories

    Eli Manning: 2 (with 2 MVPs)
    Josh Freeman and hundreds and hundres of others: 0

  36. Well of course you do, just like I see myself as a starting corner. The problem is like with me, no one else sees it!

  37. The guy has the physical tools, but he’s just not smart enough to be a very good quarterback.
    Many times that’s the difference between a good QB and a bad one.
    The good ones process information faster.

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