Mike Wallace: New offense is “my style”


Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace joined his Dolphins teammates for offseason workouts on Tuesday for his first official day of work in the offense put together by offensive coordinator Bill Lazor.

While coach Joe Philbin downplayed any major changes to the offense, Wallace sang a slightly different tune. After a 2013 season that saw him frustrated at times about the lack of big plays relative to what he pulled off in Pittsburgh, Wallace said he thought this offense fit his abilities well and sounded optimistic about what he and quarterback Ryan Tannehill could do in the system.

“My style: Big-play offense,” Wallace said, via the Miami Herald. “I see Ryan’s excited about it. He’s called me about eight, nine times. I just want to make some plays for my team. Go out and make some plays for my team and have a much better year than last year. We can’t have the kind of year we had last year. We need to be on the same page.”

Tannehill has talked about the offense’s focus on being more consistent on deep balls during the 2014 season, something that would work out well for Wallace and the offense overall. It might also help if Lazor moves Wallace around the field more than Mike Sherman did in 2013, when Wallace lined up outside on the right almost all the time.

If Lazor’s tweaks lead to bigger things for Wallace, it might bring an end to the talk of Wallace’s departure from Miami after two seasons.

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  1. I like RT and am optimistic about his future, however the biggest problem last year, aside from the sacks…was RT’s inability to hit Wallace on the deep ball. Wallace was open many times, but they just did not connect.

  2. So, you’re trying to say that the new coach will be adding Stick-Um to your gloves to help you catch better, or will he be doing nothing but tossing the ball to you in the backfield?

    Face it, Wallace, The Steelers were willing to let you walk for good reason.

  3. This is it for the Tannehill and Wallace Show. Wallace is basically a 1-2 route running WR, who is effective in only a handful of game-time situations. I don’t believe they will ever get a decent ROI from him. He got paid, good for him.

    Three years ago the Dolphins took a leap of faith on a QB with virtually no experience at the position in college. He was and remains a project. I bet they are having buyer’s remorse. I don’t expect Tannehill to ever become what they saw him becoming prior to his selection.

    It goes against everything we’ve been told all our lives. We’re sold that playing pro football is so difficult and that playing QB in the NFL, is exponentially harder than any other [position, yet, a team takes a guy with no college reps to lead them. This his make or break year.

    If I were a Dolphins fan, I’d be looking for a franchise QB.

  4. With a better OC, and an improved O-Line, I expect Tannehill and Wallace to have a better year.

    Should they not improve noticeably from last year, maybe then I’ll engage in the “what if’s” about whether they are really good together or not.

  5. ^^ You realize Tannehill had MORE college starts at QB than Mark Sanchez and Cam Newton. This notion he had “no experience” is overblown

  6. The Steelers got lucky because of Mike Wallace’s greed for more money. Thank God. We paid the right WR – Antonio Brown, and didn’t overpay for a WR that is limited to running fast down the field on deep passes. It’s great when a QB connects for the big play, but the other 90% of the time, he is basically non-existent….and can’t catch a lot of the time. Good Luck Miami, you can have him and his monster contract…

  7. It’s April.

    The new ________ in Miami/Buffalo/New Jersey (circle all applicable) is really going to change things. This team is really on the rise now that they’ve added _________ and got rid of ________ which was the problem all along. We know we said this last year but (insert current year) is going to be totally different. Can’t wait to see _______ finish 8-8 (not interchangeable).

  8. Tannehill throws for 3,900 yards last season with one of the worst Offensive Lines ever to play the game…This year will be night n day from last season

  9. What a lot of rubbish some of you write. Worry about your own teams, plenty of them have many problems.
    It sounds as though there are plenty of “coaches” on here.
    Tannehill had no chance last year with that O line,at least it couldn’t be worse in 2014.

  10. I like Tannehill, but Miami would be smart to draft Murray from UGA (in the 3rd) just in case things don’t quite work out. RT17 throws a flat and inaccurate deep ball, and the 50 million Miami spent on Wallace has been wasted.

  11. I don’t really think Tannehill has played all that bad and still has a lot of upside. I think that if he stays on track he’ll be one of the better QBs in the league.

    Wallace on the other hand…. He’s not bad, but he’s not great. He’s good. He spends more time thinking about how good he is than actually trying to get better.

  12. Who are all these people bashing Tannehill? Anyone who watches Miami play every week can clearly see the talent that Tannehill has and the improvements he has been making!

    Its very rare for a QB to come in and be almost completely NFL ready (Andrew Luck), so rare they have a name for it (generational talent). I personally believe Tannehill will have a good 2014 and 2015 campaign and earn himself a new contract with Miami.

  13. A lot of comments on here refer to how much improved the O Line will be. It takes a long time for a 5 man line to jell n get on the same page.

    With 4 out of the 5 being new, I believe there won’t be any noticeable improvement for the 1st half of the season.

  14. There is NO QB in the NFL that can be sacked 58 times in a season (and that does not even account for hurries or hits) and be successful. Not Peyton, not Aaron, not Russel…nobody. Yep, Tanni needs to work on his deep ball. That will improve. Wallace needs new hands…good luck with that. He won’t fight for the ball and he doesn’t provide $15 mil in effort. Nothing to be done for it. If you’re hanging our success this year on those two alone, we’re toast. I think Lazor is too smart for that. Time will tell…

  15. Do not take this statement lightly NFL… the Dolphins are back and everyone in the AFC is on notice…You all have been warned…Top 5 Offense+ Top 5 Defense+ Top 5 Specials-Team= Tom Brady get out of our way to the SUPERBOWL…Indeed…

  16. Yea….so if this style works for him it must include brillant stategic planning such as “run straight down the field” and “catch the ball while running straight down the field.” Can’t really see what else would work for Wallace, since anything requiring any more actual work or Football ability is out of his skill range.

  17. BOTTOM LINE; If Dolphins don’t fix the Oline. nothing else will matter. If they don’t fix the linebacker play, it won’t matter either. I think they can fix both though!

  18. You guys apparently don’t watch any Dolphins games because Wallace actually had a pretty good year in 2013 despite Tannehill missing him when he was open deep numerous times.

    Tannehill also got much better between 2012 and 2013 despite being under intense pressure virtually every time he dropped back to pass. As the poster above said, no one – not Peyton, Brady, Brees, etc – would be able to succeed when they are being pummeled 58 times in a season. If the O-Line improves, Tannehill should too.

  19. LMAO @ all the Steeler fans. If Wallace was cut today you’d be screaming to get him back. As would 90% of the rest of you bashing him. Speed kills. Even casual fans can see the talent Tannehill has. Hard to throw a deep ball when you’re getting knocked on your a$$ within 2 seconds every play.

  20. I think the phins/Wallace struggles had more to do with weak oline play and garbage play from Daniel Thomas and lamarr Miller. Wallace impacts the game w.o. having to actually catch the football . Tannehill needs to stop under throwing him to . His yds couldvr went up 100-200, and 2-4 more tds if it wasn’t for under thrown passes.

  21. Takes a team with a good OL to make downfield plays. After Incognito a new OL has to gel before Wallace will see deep throws on target. Better have a good plan B if W’s are going to be greater than Al’s.

  22. So I guess this new offense includes plays where he is supposed to drop passes that hit him in the hands and plays where he is supposed to give up.

  23. I don’t chalk it up to chemistry. Overthrow or under throw. I think this year Wallace will fight for catches and fight for the ball or he won’t. You have to be more physical than the cornerbacks you line up against. I saw Wallace lose a lot of 1v1 battles for the ball.

  24. Although THill both over and underthrew Wallace plenty last year, it would be nice to see Wallace make an effort for the contested balls, and to try to catch with his hands this year!!

  25. A fins fan..I will say this…

    The game when they got Wallace involved in 3 pass plays against Indy to score the first TD and eventually win the game in Indy… That was not a fluke… so movement and matchups can make a WR a better “threat” I say slot him up and and let the other WRs stretch the field he has the speed to break free for YAC yardage.

    Oh one more thing….OLINE PLEASE SHOW UP!!!!

  26. I don’t understand why all the morons out there continue to criticize Mike Wallace for not being a great, complete receiver like Charles Johnson, just because Jeff Ireland was trying to save his job by over paying him. He isn’t super physical, isn’t a perfect route runner, has the propensity to drop catch-able balls, and isn’t on of the best blockers. He’s what he is; a guy who can get deep on a defense really fast and can create problems if he’s left alone with just a cornerback. He opens up space for other receivers. If Tannehill didn’t miss him so much last season wide open for a touchdown, he would have been a fantasy top ten pick.

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