PFT takes a look at the Raiders’ biggest draft needs


In studying the Raiders’ personnel entering the 2014 draft, something became quite clear: the club’s off-season additions have done well to bolster some areas of the roster.

On paper, the Raiders have a decent starting lineup, one that could very well allow Oakland to improve upon its 4-12 record from a season ago. After all, the Raiders did suffer three four-point losses in 2013; with a stronger roster, perhaps they close out a couple more games in 2014.

The performance of the Raiders’ veteran additions will likely define Oakland’s 2014 season. For instance, if quarterback Matt Schaub returns to top form, the club will be materially better than a season ago. Defensive ends Justin Tuck and LaMarr Woodley have each been standouts on their best; so has running back Maurice Jones-Drew. Wide receiver James Jones and left tackle Donald Penn have been good starters for other clubs. They can help Oakland.

Still, there’s no doubting the importance of the 2014 draft to the Raiders’ future. A strong class of rookies will help the Raiders skillfully retool their starting lineup on the fly — and those sort of changes will be coming soon. The Raiders’ free agent haul surely helps them in 2014, but which of the veterans will be left to contribute a few years down the road?

In short, the Raiders’ draft needs are a consideration of both their present and future roster, which explains why quarterback, even with Schaub likely to hold down the position for 2014, is atop the list.

Which brings us to the poll question: should the Raiders take a quarterback at No. 5? Cast your votes and share your comments below.


27 responses to “PFT takes a look at the Raiders’ biggest draft needs

  1. IF Clowney or Mack falls to them @ #5 take them. IF Not draft Jake Matthews to play LT for 10 yrs or trade down foe more picks and draft TE Eric Ebron the next Raymond Chester .

  2. Their biggest draft need is a talent infusion on both sides of the ball. Take the guy with the most talent, not hype or perceived value from need. There appears to be little separation of value from the QBs in this draft and they always have the option of trading back into the 1st or staying put in the 2nd and drafting someone.

  3. The Raiders should take two QB’s in this years draft like Washington did with RG Tres and Kirk Cousins. Shaub is nice vet but they have to get a franchise QB.

  4. Bolster the pass rush, that’s the biggest need. Smart to let Houston walk for crazy money (dude only had 6 sacks as primary pass rusher?). Kahlil Mack would be nice. If not him then Watkins or Robinson. Don’t get hung up on the position, they just need to draft good talent all over the roster. Still a believer in McKenzie since we Raiders fans know what he had to start with. Would have been easier building an expansion team from scratch…..

  5. Needs are everywhere, but that special player is needed. If Watkins is there at #5, take him!

    If not, this is the order:

    If the above is not available, trade down for an additional pick and look for another wideout!


    None of these QBs can or should start in 2014. Therefore, look at a QB in the 2nd, but preferably in the 3rd or later rounds. A QB that emulates the scheme Schaub will implement. So drop back & a large frame.

  6. At #5, Take the best player available

    OT, DL, WR, or QB

    But, if you don’t take a QB at #5 trade back into the 1st round to get a decent one
    Don’t wait for Houston or Jacksonville or Cleveland to pick the best remaining QB in the 2nd round

  7. If you’ve been paying attention, the actions of the new regime show that they are not going to gamble on flash or hype. QB in round 1 isn’t going to happen. OT, WR or LB.

  8. Raiders should take Robinson at pick 5 built that line for a good QB, reality is, their not going to be a very good team this year which sets them up to get a very good QB in Brett Hundley next year

  9. Raiders should take best player available at #5. Here’s how I have the players ranked:

    1. Clowney, DE
    2. Robinson, OT
    3. Mack, DE/OLB
    4. Watkins, WR
    5. Matthews, OT

    The good news (well, bad news, really) is that they need a pass rusher, left tackle and receiver, so they should fill a need taking the best player available at #5. They can look for a QB in the 2nd or 3rd rounds.

  10. Thanks for the comments thus far.

    I considered offensive line as a need for Oakland. The signings of Penn, Howard and Boothe moved that down the list a little bit, though. Linebacker was another position I considered. Frankly, if they were to take a top-flight OT or an outstanding linebacker, it would make a lot of sense. There’s also a nice case for Watkins, given his skill.

    The Raiders are in an interesting spot. They’re better than they were, but they need to add youth to their core.

  11. Raiders should find a GM first. Mckenzie is by far the worst GM in football. His drafts and signings in the last few years have produced zero results.

  12. Don’t take a qb at 5 just because we need one. The qb class seems weak to me and we shouldn’t waste a top 5draft pick on it. Take the best player available regardless of position. Personally besides depth at CB, I would focus on offense. Hayden Brown woodson branch tuck Woodley Sims sio and roach can carry the D. We need to score some points. Watkins, or mathews/Robinson. Or trade down and take dennard/Gilbert. Or ebron. GO RAIDERS !! We’re gna make a splash this season I know it!

  13. With the fifth pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Oakland Raiders select….from Nazareth, quarterback, Jesus Christ. Goodell mumbles under his breath, “they’re gonna need a miracle”.

  14. Watkins, Mack or Clowney if he falls. If all those are gone, go for OT like many are projecting. Nabbing a QB would be too much of a luxury pick with all the holes we have. Plus, call me superstwe have a terrible track record with QBs in the first.

  15. I can’t see them taking a tackle at number 5. They spent a high pick on Watson, they had the whole JV/Saffold debacle, spending the number 5 pick on a tackle would bring even more heat to Reggie.

    I hope they don’t touch a QB at number 5 either. Most local guys say they won’t go for QB before 3rd round, hoping that’s true.

    I really want them to draft a stud for the D. Someone that can bring some excitement back to the D. They really haven’t had a special player on defense since Nmandi. But I wouldn’t be upset if they got Watkins and potentially had a superstar on offense.

    To think about all the superstars they passed on in the past makes me want to vomit.

  16. with the signing of Schaub, we can wait one more year where the Qb class is much deeper, and really see if Schaub just had a bad year last year.

    I agree with most Clowney or Mack, if not Robinson, Watkins or Matthews…in that order. 2nd round maybe DT’s Donald or Hageman, or if we got Mack or Clowney take the OT from Nevada (Go WolfPack)….we need to find a long term replacement for Velhdeer…Reggies one major mistake this off season .

    Go Raiders…Go Reggie.

  17. Okay here is my take: The Raiders have 4 major areas of need: QB WR DT ILB and a fifth minor need at safety with the declining of the legend CWood. 1st rd.) Sammy Watkins /Khalil Mack/orTrade down for Aaron Donald for extra picks. If we get extra picks then we can add Aaron Donald shoring up our D-line for at least a couple years able to bring Woodley over to replace Smith or Tuck as they age and Woodley keeps eating, then draft an impact WR and Solid future QB with the 2nd and 3rd pick assuming we got an extra 2nd or 3rd for trading down. If we Get Mack make him play ILB and we can run the 3-4 pushing Woodley where he belongs and allowing tuck and smith to help seal the edges while Mack and Roach reek havoc. If we Get Mack then we need to go WR next and QB after that. If we get Watkins we need to go DT or QB next. Its not a simple fix but I’ve put a lot of thought into this.

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