Raiders have a tough road in 2014

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Now that the Raiders’ official schedule has been released, maybe fans and players will temper expectations that were increased by a run on veteran free agents.

Regardless of the dates and times for the games, it was known that the Raiders would play three games against the Super Bowl XLVIII teams, five games against conference finalists from 2013, nine games against 2013 playoff teams, and 12 against teams with non-losing records from a year ago.

The specific configuration of games makes it even worse.  If that’s possible.

Three of the first four games will involve 10:00 a.m. local time kickoffs, with a Week One game at the Jets, a Week Three game at the Patriots, and a Week Four “home” game against the Dolphins in London.  Week Two features a visit from the Texans, who were 2-14 last year but who are expected to be considerably better in 2014.

Then comes the bye.  And then comes the boom.

Chargers.  Cardinals.  At Browns.  At Seahawks.  Broncos.  At Chargers.  Chiefs.  At Rams.  49ers.  At Chiefs.  Bills.  At Broncos.

For a team with a coach and G.M. widely believed to be on the hot seat, maybe owner Mark Davis should consider how difficult this season will be before making a final assessment.

Given this slate of games, anything better than 5-11 should be regarded as a major accomplishment.

66 responses to “Raiders have a tough road in 2014

  1. Glad you jokers have been able to predict the season prior to the draft, training camp, or the first injury report. Quit your day job and move to Vegas now.

  2. What’s the deal with 10am start times for a west coast team flying to the east?

    Raiders should fly into London after the NE game.

    As far as expectations, what do you really expect players to say? Oh no, we suck. We have no goals.

    Ever heard of any given Sunday?

    Nothing wrong with being optimistic. And yes you can still be a realist and optimist.

  3. the raiders always have a tough road for a schedule because their opponents are always better.

  4. In those 12 post-bye games, Raiders will most likely go 2-10. I can only see them MAYBE beating the Browns and Bills. Maybe.

  5. The schedule looks tough, but I liked the move to get Schaub. The AFC WEst as a whole have a tough schedule. Chargers usually start off slow and the Chiefs went 2-6 in their last 8 games.

    And, most importantly, Can Denver avoid a SB hangover? If Schaub plays like he did in 2012, this team might surprise some people.

  6. Man one word think the nfl would want the raiders to be relevant…
    The league is better when they are. I have to for one of the first times ever think the nfl wants the raiders to fail. Nothing they can do about the opponents but you would think they would at least pace out the east coast trips. Here is my conspire theory, nfl wants the raiders to lose early fans not show up and then lead mark Davis to move the team to LA. Man I sound like a nut job.

  7. Fact: Every year, a slew of teams are considerably better (Eagles, Chiefs) or worse (Redskins, Texans) than expected in the off-season.


  8. JUST WIN BABY!!!!!!
    Win or lose we are fans, unlike other so called “Fans”

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!!

  9. I mean, it’s the NFL. There are only a couple of teams that you can count on for being good and the rest are a toss up! That’s what makes it fun!

  10. So many factors will come into play before the season starts. You look at a potential playoff team and say it’s a tough game and next thing you know they are the chiefs two years ago who went 2-14 because of injuries. Sure it looks bad on paper but there are too many outside variables to waste any time on worrying about a tough schedule in April.

  11. Another FINE bit of NFL scheduling!

    East coast game
    Home game
    East coast game
    Home game – IN LONDON!

    3 outta 4 weeks with big (or huge) travel.
    Good job Roger….

  12. Meh, if you’re looking to improve you want to play against the best.

    As hue jackson would say: What? are you guys scared?

    Those are the kinds of teams we would want to play, temper our play against the best.

  13. I don’t care how difficult the schedule is, Allen and Mckenzie should have already been fired. Both are in way above there head. Mckenzie has had two awful draft producing 1 starter. 1 freaking starter on the a team that had had the worst talent in the nfl. He’s traded away three draft picks for Flynn and Schaub an wasted another on Wilson. The more I type the madder I get and Mackenzie’s incompetence.

  14. Wins: Browns, Cardinals, Jets, Bills, Miami, Texans, Rams. We will with the Chargers and Chiefs. 9-7 and in the playoffs.

  15. i could give a heck about the teams we play…man up and beat them (and the refs)…what bothers me is every year the NFL sticks it to them. The raiders travel farther than every other team once again, and every game on the east coast is always the 10am PST kick off time, meaning those guys have to get up at 5am after a long flight…it sucks.

    The NFL could have thrown the raiders a bone and made one of their away games at the 49ers, and let them make the 40 min bus ride, but of course not, instead the 49ers get that break

  16. “Now that the Raiders’ official schedule has been released, maybe fans and players will temper expectations that were increased by a run on veteran free agents.”

    Only time we hear from their fans is during the offseason…

  17. The Raiders could play in the Little Sisters of the Poor League and still finish 4-12.

    But…………………wait for it…………..Big Reg has turned them around and they will win the West this season. YAWN!

  18. This is BS. I mean the article. The tough schedule thing is an excuse for losers. If the team is improved in 2014 it will reflect in the record end of the story.

  19. Owners don’t look at how tough their schedule was when making a decision on whether or not to a fire a coach.

    They want to see improvement from the season before and/or a coach that brings a competitive team every weekend.

  20. Given this slate of games, anything better than 5-11 should be regarded as a major accomplishment.

    Ummm, it’s Oakland. ANY year with more than 5 Ws is an major accomplishment.

  21. My favorite Raider fan lament: The League has it out for us!

    Yeah, because the Raiders were good something like back before the forge, when the Lombardi was constructed of wood.

  22. To be the best you gotta beat the best I’m up for the challenge can’t expect them to give us a weak schedule because we been trash for the last 12years. I’ll rather have this schedule then a weak one so when we do beat these teams they can’t say we didn’t play nobody . Gotta get out there and put it all on the field #RaiderNation

  23. I welcome a hard schedule. You have to beat the best to be the best. A cakewalk schedule only gives you false hope and a superbowl loss, ask the Broncos how that one feels.

  24. Salary Cap, Free Agency make every year a new year in the NFL. So far the Raiders are the most improved team in the AFC West. The Chiefs faded at the end of last season. The Chargers are on the decline and Peyton Manning can’t play forever in Denver. Reggie McKenzie is improving the Raiders all over the field and they have the 5th pick in the Draft. The Raiders should be lined up to get a WildCard in 2014.

  25. Well, the NFL has done there best to keep from showing the Raiders playing on their baseball infield this season. One home game in September against the worst team in the NFL (Houston) last season and another September ‘home game’ in London.. Hope the A’s go DEEP in the playoffs.
    As far as the difficulty of the Schedule, we play 6 games against playoff teams – in our own division, no way around that. The other games seem to be part of the rotating schedule against other divisions.

  26. 14-2

    Raiders lose 1st game in London. (Too much Dark Beer Fish N Chips and partying with Hooligans)

    Raiders lose at Cleveland as they fail to contain Johnny Football in the 4th quarter.

    Raiders run the table on the other 14 games.

  27. The only drama concerning the Raiders is who will be their GM, HC and QB next year (in addition to what city they will be playing in).

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