Rams have a shot at a good start


In our Week 17 analysis, we mentioned the need for the Rams and Cardinals to stand up to the NFC West’s power duo of Seattle and San Francisco if they are to compete for playoff spots.

Moreover, it would behoove the Rams and Cardinals to start well, too.

For the Rams, a 3-0 record headed into their Week Four bye isn’t an impossible dream. To begin their season, the Rams have home games against Minnesota (Week One) and Dallas (Week Three) and a road trip to Tampa Bay (Week Two). These opponents aren’t pushovers, but they are teams the Rams can defeat on their best. With games at Philadelphia (Week Five) and vs. Seattle and San Francisco (Weeks Six and Seven) right after the bye, St. Louis needs to sock away some early victories.

The Cardinals, like the Rams, get their bye in Week Four. And like St. Louis, Arizona has two home games before the break. The bad news? One of those home games is against San Francisco in Week Three. The Monday-night Week One opener vs. San Diego could be tricky. So could the trip to face the Giants in New Jersey six days later. Then, after the bye, the Cardinals travel to Denver in Week Five.

Many teams’ preseason plans have been ruined by less-than-ideal starts. It’s no different than a bad break in the Kentucky Derby. Sure, talented closers can win after early stumbles, but getting good position right off the bat is preferable.

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  1. St Louis is in a great position to add to the team… Bet they trade out of #2 and still stay in the top 10…that trade with Washington continues to keep giving

  2. It’s amazing how you guys are assuming 3 first games are going to be close competitions and just anointing the next three teams as the teams that will carry conference. Last year is over, no way to know that these teams will be anything like last years in April.

  3. if the rams can get some confidence and start fast and win a couple tough games at home 9-7 is a possible if they start 3-0 surprise a few teams in the middle of the schedule they could win 11 its going to depend on if the offense can help the defense , and if shotty gets his head out of his ass and figures out how to use his weapons

  4. RAMS have a great shot at going 3-0 before bye week. After that it gets much tougher. Weeks 4-11 .Before easing up a little to end the season. With good health, and some creative play calling on offense. I can definitely. See us winning 10-11 games. Get into the playoffs , and win a championship. Why not our defense should be one, if not the best in the NFL. . Having Sam back and healthy will give us a much improved passing game. Not to mention Stacy will be starting the entire year.This team is ready to rise to the challenge of another tough schedule.This is the year the RAMS will kick some ass,and bring another Superbowl trophy to ST LOUIS

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