Seahawks-49ers cap Thanksgiving divisional tripleheader

Getty Images

That captive Thanksgiving audience will be captivated by the last of the games to be played on the fourth Thursday in November.  And there’s a good chance the game will feature some gobble, gobble, turkey from some jive-turkey gobblers.

On that night in San Francisco, the Seahawks and 49ers will square off in a game televised coast to coast by NBC.

It’s the third straight divisional game since the Thanksgiving night contest moved to NBC, and the third Thanksgiving night game in four years involving a Harbaugh.  Jim, if you haven’t heard, coaches the 49ers.  Last year, John’s Ravens hosted the Steelers.  Two years before that, the 49ers and Ravens squared off.

The other games won’t be all that bad, either.  For the Lions, the options were believed to be the Bills and the Dolphins, and the Bills’ website (which has had a very bad year) previously leaked that the Bills would play at Detroit.  Instead, it’s the Bears.

Then, the Cowboys host Chip Kelly and company, as the Eagles come to town for the Tryptophan game, which likely won’t put anyone to sleep this year.

The decision to send Chicago to Detroit for a game to be televised by CBS illustrates the wrinkle in the new TV deals that allows for games that typically would land on FOX being televised by CBS, and vice-versa.  Typically, FOX has games involving NFC teams and interconference games where the NFC team is the visitor.  CBS usually televises AFC vs. AFC games, and AFC vs. NFC when the AFC team is the road team.

With the NFL opting for the more intense action of games played between teams that face each other twice per year, CBS gets a game that otherwise would be on FOX.

And we all get what could be a great day — and night — of football action.