Seahawks leaning against picking up Carpenter option

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Like several teams that have yet to pick up the 2015 option on an eligible 2011 first-round pick, the Seahawks have yet to decide what to do with offensive lineman James Carpenter.

Per a league source, the Seahawks currently are leaning against it.

Carpenter, who made 18 appearances and 12 starts last season (including the Super Bowl), had been limited during his first two years by injuries.  With a price tag north of $7 million for 2015, the Seahawks likely will shy away from that kind of investment for one more year with Carpenter under contract.

It means that Carpenter will enter his contract year in 2014.  If he has a big year, the Seahawks could have a hard time signing him to an affordable long-term deal.  Even so, they’d likely be able to get him for less than the $7 million they’d have to pay if they were to pick up the option.

12 responses to “Seahawks leaning against picking up Carpenter option

  1. Picking up his option for $7M would be crazy. He has been given many chances at different positions and has been mediocre at best at any of them, although to be fair, injuries didn’t help. The Hawks have other young options along the OL, including Sweezy, Bowie and Bailey.

    Let him prove himself with one good year, someone else can overpay for him in 2015, and the Hawks can get a compensating draft pick. Meanwhile we can use available cap dollars to re-sign guys who have already proved that they are good and are still on the rise.

  2. Some draftniks think Seattle will target a receiver in the first round, but I still think they’re going to try to build up that patchwork offensive line instead. No receiver can catch a ball from a QB who’s lying on the ground.

  3. If you had seen Nick Saban’s face (who was at the draft the year he was chosen) when he was the FIRST Alabama player chosen, you would understand how big a bust he has been. One of the rare Hawk drafting mistakes.

  4. For as good as the hawks drafting has been in the last 4 years, they do swing and miss on a few (which team doesn’t). But it has been a huge disappointment seeing a first round draft pick constantly show signs of struggle.

    Barring an insanely good turn around this year, I doubt he’ll be wearing blue and green in 2015.

  5. Yeah, Carp is hanging on to the curb of bust-ville by his fingertips.

    He was (over)drafted to play RT, that didn’t work out, so they’ve slotted him in as RG. He’s a powerful run blocker, but gets beat in pass pro and can’t stay healthy.

    Look for him to get pushed this preseason.

  6. If he doesn’t catch fir, the Seahawks ought to have Tom Cable haul off and whack him!

    If Cable can’t get him motivated, who can?

  7. He isn’t looking for $7MM, he’s looking to make sure that Baily and Bowie don’t take his job. The only thing that keeps him on the field consistently for 2014 is that Breno and McQuistin both are gone so there are a lot of other holes to fill. Expect Hawks to draft several guys for the O-line, a DE/DT and maybe one WR.

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