Steve Smith will get his shot at the Panthers on Sept. 28

Getty Images

The Ravens can start selling the goggles now, because they’ll need them in the first month of the season.

Their new wide receiver, Steve Smith, will get a chance to host his old team when the Panthers go to Baltimore on Sept. 28.

When the Panthers cut Smith after 13 seasons, he tried to stay above the fray at first, before eventually declaring there would be “blood and guts everywhere” if he played against them this year.

Smith doesn’t need much to get fired up, often inventing motivation if it didn’t exist.

This time, it will be real. He might not be the same explosive player he was a decade ago, but as he showed in the playoffs, he’s still capable of making big plays.

While he had a quarterback capable to delivering the deep ball before, he’s got more help around him in the passing game now, and will be looking to make them one game in particular.