Terrelle Pryor to play a different position? Not so fast says John Schneider

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The Seattle Seahawks made a somewhat curious decision to trade for Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor on Monday.

Seattle sent their seventh-round draft pick, No. 247 overall, to the Raiders in exchange for Pryor. It’s the last pick of the draft that can be traded, and the remaining selections are compensatory picks that cannot be dealt. It was a minimal investment for a player the Raiders intended to release before the start of their offseason workout program.

Seahawks general manger John Schneider joined Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon on SiriusXM NFL Radio to discuss why the team elected to bring Pryor to Seattle.

We’re always trying to improve competition at every position and we saw this as an opportunity to do that,” Schneider said. “Rare athlete, size and speed. . . .  We’re just excited about his upside and the type of athlete that he is. We knew that if he was released [by Oakland] there was no way we were going to have an opportunity to claim him.”

Basically, Seattle’s thought process was that they couldn’t get an athlete of Pryor’s caliber with the 247th pick anyway, so why not take a shot?

Seattle appeared to be mostly set at quarterback. Russell Wilson is entering the third year of his four-year rookie contract and the team re-signed backup Tarvaris Jackson to a fully guaranteed one-year deal that will pay more than both Wilson and Pryor are set to make next season. It led to a thought that Pryor may be earmarked as a player that may be asked to play a position other than quarterback.

Schneider said that speculation may be a little premature.

“We haven’t had those conversations,” Schneider said. “But if there was ever an athlete that would be able to play a slash role, if you will, it would be this kind of player. That may a little bit fantasy football at this time of the year. He’s a quarterback. He’s been a quarterback, but no we haven’t gotten into that. This guy is a very talented athlete and we can’t wait to put our hands on him and have our staff spend some time with him.”

For now, Pryor will be of an experiment with Seattle. He’ll join B.J. Daniels as the quarterbacks behind Wilson and Jackson’s on Seattle’s roster.

32 responses to “Terrelle Pryor to play a different position? Not so fast says John Schneider

  1. He’s better than burnt out Jackson for sure. If he can learn to throw to the Offensive players and Not Defensive, then he might just make it as a QB

  2. This will be interesting to follow. Imagine Wilson, Pryor, and Lynch all on the field at once in a wildcat formation. That’s enough to keep a D Coordinator awake at night

  3. On so many levels this move was a no brainer.
    1. Basically trading away a 7th round pick that rarely makes the roster anyways, usually a 7th player becomes a scout team player who may develop into something if lucky.
    2. Essentially Pryor is our 7th round pick but instead waiting until the draft we have him in camp now so jumped started the process by over a month.
    3. Kept The Whiners from having a guy who has more upside than Gabbert. Pryor made more sense for them than Seattle. Now Seattle gets first dibs on player and access his strengths and weaknesses. Even if he isn’t good enough’s to make a deep Seattle Roster they can trade him to another team outside the division.
    4. Got a player that could develop into a weapon that could play many different roles.
    5. If he is a legitimate QB Seattle will have 2 backup QB’s that might make decent trade bait come the end of the pre-season.
    6. People forget Pryor is extremely young. Younger than Wilson in fact. Wilson is an aberration. He is football geek who lives in the film room. If Pryor can learn anything from Wilson, he may have the potential to be a starting QB with all of his God given talent.
    7. 4.38. That’s his 40 time. Any player that runs sub 4.4 has potential , let alone a QB who can run that fast.
    Seahawks are fricking brilliant.

  4. Wouldn’t go as far as to say he is better than a “burnt out” Tavaris Jackson. Doesn’t matter if he is, anyways, because Tavaris has a guaranteed contract. Ideally Terrelle Pryor is the third QB and plays some WR and/or wildcat a few plays each game.

  5. “We haven’t had those conversations,” Schneider said. “But if there was ever an athlete that would be able to play a slash role, if you will, it would be this kind of player.”

    Right, but that’s the very reason he became available in the first place, John.

    He’s insisting on being something he’s not, a QB.

  6. IMagine a fullhouse backfield. Wilson under center, with Lynch behind him, flanked on either side by Harvin and Pryor. Who’s getting the ball? Yowsa!

  7. It’s kind of hard to believe that a position switch for Pryor hasn’t at least been peroclating in the Seahawks heads? Pryor’s biggest problem at QB seems to be throwing with accuracy…which is a big problem…and is very difficult to teach/improve very much at the NFL level. Generally speaking, either a QB is accurate or he’s not, and Pryor hasn’t been very accurate.
    You have to think, however, that if a position switch is in the cards, they had better do it soon…

  8. Jackson has not been impressive in the NFL so I checked his college stats. Far from impressive. With the price tag associated with Jackson and Pryors flashes of ability, why keep Jackson? Pryor likely won’t ever be a starting caliber qb, but he can go .500 when called upon, especially with this stacked Seattle team.

  9. This was just an all around great move by the Hawks. They have to mobile guys behind their mobile starter. One of them has elite burner speed(see record setting QB run), and the other has a good amount of experience. As a fan, I think the best possible outcome is for Pryor to polish his game and be a legitimate threat to Wilson’s status as a starter. Gives leverage to the Hawks at contract time, and if they can tune Pryor into a quality starter, they’ll get a nice ROI on that 7th round pick.

  10. He should play a different position because he sucks at QB…I should qualify that. He sucked at QB for the Raiders…then again, every QB would suck playing for the Raiders. It would be funny to see him replace Wilson this year and lead the Seahawks to another SB.

  11. Let’s face it, the Seattle organization is just smarter than most. Not smart in the sense that they have higher IQs or test scores, but smarter in the sense that they “get it”.

    They understand what it is to build and run a pro football team from the ground up. Everybody is on the same page and it shows on and off the field. They have a singular purpose, a strategy, a common goal, that everybody in the building … gets it.

    Plucking Pryor from the “waste bin” is an example of astute player evaluation and focus on player skill sets that become a team asset. No one would argue that Pryor is not a project, but, when you look at the possibility of what a finished product could be, his ceiling is the sky and his floor is higher than some starters right now.

  12. No way Pryor is better than Jackson. Jackson is not the same player he was in Minn. I believe he is better than at least 5 starting QB’S in the league.

  13. Pryor is everything Wilson isn’t (Size, elite speed/athleticism, arm strength) and Wilson has what Pryor is missing (Heart, dedication). If only they could find a way to combine the two, they’d have a HOFer.

  14. Seattle is once again light years ahead of the rest of the league.

    Here’s a 7th round pick who is a tremendous athlete.

    In Seattle he’ll learn team first and how to prepare.

    He’ll play some in other roles as Seattle’s 3rd string QB. He wouldn’t in Oakland; he will in Seattle.

    And he’ll learn a lot and become a decent NFL QB while winning a bunch of games.

  15. Wilson is the best QB in the HISTORY of the NFL through two tears; barring injury he’ll be HOF.

  16. joenash72 says:
    Wouldn’t go as far as to say he is better than a “burnt out” Tavaris Jackson.
    Every QB in the NFL is better than Tarvaris Jackson, burnt out or not. He’s a loser all the way to his bones. My bet is Pryor will easily beat him out for the backup job so we can finally get rid of the bum.

    And you’re all missing the value of Pryor as a scout team Colin Raepernick. Talk about a perfect fit for 49er game prep.

  17. Seahawks fans are great.. But for some reason, the ones posting on here are just as delusional as all of the other teams fans.

    First – TP is a horrible QB, but will not play any other position. If he finally does, he does not have a burst of speed and agility. He takes long strides and is fast. A different kind of runner than you need coming out of the backfield.

    Second – Your team “knowing how to build an organization” has had 2 good seasons. Before that, they were horrible with flashes of 8-8 or 9-7 ability. They are not working on a dynasty. They will be strong for 2 or 3 more years, then back to the basement.

    Third – If you want to see a guy who works his butt off, make TP the starter. He will not get any better, as he has already had over 3 years to do that and has not done so, but he will work hard. Make him a back up, however, and watch him not care. Even Raiders fans seem to forget, when TP was not the starter and did not have a chance at being the starter, he was lazy, late to meetings, did not take initiative to learn the position, etc. Matt Flynn being over his head got him that starting job, and some brilliant plays with his legs kept it for him until he got injured like all running QB’s do.

    I like the kid, I just think it is funny how the Raiders were horrible for trying to do something with him, but now the 1 hit wonder Seahawks trade for him and they are brilliant and this guy is HOF material. Get real. The guy is not running track, he is playing football. If being a track star was all it takes, Al Davis would have won 20 more Super Bowls.

  18. “And a guy named Hines Ward used to be a quarterback,,just saying.”

    And so was Antwaan Randle-El. Position switch or Slash role for Terrelle isn’t out of the question as he will be riding some serious bench and carrying some serious clipboard if he remains strictly a QB. Isn’t the the 3rd string QB usually deactivated on game day with most teams?

  19. Seattle fans, hold off on your praise. He’s still a raw talent, as a Niner fan we were able to get a lot of the Raider games, he’s fast but still needs more experience to be a good pocket passer. Maybe being new he threw his share of int, but that may be because of his lack of playing time. They went for someone, that may say something about his talent but it’s still too early. The person that you have on your team that has more potential is BJ Daniels, he was on the Niners and we had him on our practice squad. The Niners waived him for 1 day and your team scooped him up fast. He is someone you need to watch. He has a canon for an arm and he’s accurate and fast. He’s your back up QB…but it’s still early, but what he showed it was very good

  20. I agree on BJ Daniels. I was upset when the Niners drafted him right before the Hawks intended to draft him. And I was ecstatic when we scooped him away from them. He’s a faaaar less polished clone of Wilson, and makes the most sense as his eventual backup.

    Pryor on the other hand will have his work cut out for him if he wants to remain a QB, as even the third string job will have to be earned with hard work and impressive off-season performances… Daniels will give him plenty of competition for that gig alone.

    Ultimately I think we have the right coaches to convince Pryor to make a switch, because its simply the way we work with kids. We take reclamation projects, guys with a chip on their shoulder, with something to prove, and we show them how they can be a winner, how theey can help the team be a winner. And, at least with the Hawks, that means giving in to the team, as no one player is bigger than the team, and either you believe that, or you go play for someone else.

    I think Pryor will have some deep thinking to do, once he realizes what his competition at QB is, and once he realizes who we are as a team, what we offer as a program, and after that deep thinking he will realize that he has a chance to be a winner, to make big bucks as a starter, if he makes a position switch that better utilizes the talents he has. We have the perfect coaching and team atmosphere to make that happen.

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