Vince Young rules out the Canadian option

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Quarterback Vince Young, the third overall pick in the 2006 draft (yes, it’s been eight years), still wants to get back to the NFL.

If Young can’t, he won’t be going elsewhere.  Specifically, he won’t be joining Chad Johnson in the CFL.

No disrespect to Canada,” Young told Mark Berman of FOX 26 in Houston.  “They’ve got some great players that I know play out there, great sport as well, but it’s never been an option for me.”

While it appears that the NFL has closed its collective doors on Young, Young continues to believe that an NFL door will open.

“I’ve been getting some calls, some interest,” said Young, who has played for the Titans, Eagles, Bills (briefly), and Packers (even more briefly).  “That’s the good part about it.  You never know what’s going to happen with that. I have my agent out there working.”

While Young remains, like several other players, caught in a Bruce-Willis-before-the-ring-hit-the-floor-in-The-Sixth-Sense dream in which he’s the last one to know his career is dead, Young is smart enough to know it doesn’t pay to go to Canada.  Alex Marvez of FOX Sports recently reported that Johnson will get $70,000 this year in Montreal.

Which translates to $63,000 in American dollars.  Which isn’t all that much.

Young said that, if an NFL comeback doesn’t happen, he’ll go back to Austin and take a position with the Longhorns.  Which likely will pay more than $63,000 per year.

“Just being like an ambassador,” Young said.  “Doing a lot of speaking engagements. Just letting you know what we have going on, especially helping kids get scholarships and recognizing things like that.  Whatever it is, I just want to be a supporter of the university.”

Given that Young never got paid when he played at a very high level for Texas, the least they can do is pay him now.

15 responses to “Vince Young rules out the Canadian option

  1. You sure HE ruled it out, or did the CFL rule it out? BIG difference, just sayin….

  2. He would have difficulty becoming a starting QB in the CFL, possible but improbable. Starting QBs are paid a lot more than 63K, usually from 150-400K so your numbers are misleading.

  3. Go get em Vince Young. I’m a Packer fan. We had him in our training camp last year. Vince’s passing game was off a bit. His running skills were good. He played almost a whole preseason game so the Packers gave him a good look. He did play behind a rotten OL in his favor. Hopefully his accuracy has improved. He sure knows how to pull the ball in and run with it. But Vince’s passing was a real head scratcher. I hope he gets another try somewhere.

  4. He should go around and speak to college athletes on the importance of a degree. That might take a lot of humility, but he is an example of someone who did not pan out in the NFL. That does not mean his life is over, but you can bet having the degree will open doors for him…especially because colleges are probably very reluctant to hire someone who hasn’t graduated.

  5. not a lot of american football players stampeding to canada to play ball,im sure vince option would never include canadian football

  6. 63,000 is so offensive, I should quit my job cause I make less and wait around for someone to call me with a better offer that’s not going to come

  7. 70,000 to play ball for a year? I’d take that….besides, if Young became a starting QB, he’d make 150,000 at minimum. That’s American dollars, btw

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