As expected, Panthers exercise 2015 option on Cam Newton


The Panthers won the NFC South and advanced to the playoffs with Cam Newton leading their offense last season, so it stands to reason that they aren’t in any hurry to find a new quarterback to run the show.

On Thursday, they assured that they’ll have Newton on the roster through at least the 2015 season. Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that the team has officially exercised their option on Newton’s contract for the 2015 season.

Should Newton play out the 2015 season under his current deal, he’ll make over $14.6 million in his fifth NFL campaign. Chances are that he and the Panthers will be talking about a contract that extends well beyond that season over the next year-plus as the 2011 first-round pick has shown continual improvement since his rookie year and has room to grow a few weeks before his 25th birthday.

Now the Panthers can turn their attention toward getting Newton and the rest of the offense the help at receiver and offensive line that they’ll need to make last year’s playoff berth a regular occurrence in Charlotte.

20 responses to “As expected, Panthers exercise 2015 option on Cam Newton

  1. The Glory Days are coming back to Minnesota.

    Teddy Bridgewater will be the best QB since Aaron Rodgers.

    We will be in competition for the Lombardi for the next decade.

  2. Tough situation to be in, hes not really that good but not bad enough to be call a bust..yet.

  3. Cam is going from a boy playing a mans game to a man mastering his craft. I’m real excited to watch him lead this team for years to come, and especially if (or when) the Panthers can nab a couple WRs in the draft (Allen Robinson, Brandin Cooks, Paul Richardson, Davante Adams, Jordan Matthews, those 2 LSU kids, etc) then he will have his young receivers to grow with moving forward. And this years draft is rich with talented high potential WRs. Go Panthers!

  4. Straight forward question…I’ve seen a lot of articles lately about whether this team or that team did or did not pick up so and so’s option. But they’re talking about players that have 1 guaranteed year on their contract. Is there some sort of deadline where they have to make that decision right now? Why can’t they let them play this year and then decide?

  5. I didn’t watch much of Cam Newton until last season when I had him on my fantasy team. The thing is….that look that everyone sees of him with the towel over his head sitting on the sideline by himself…..he does that after pretty much every possession good or bad so it’s not pouting, it’s just his routine. He keeps his emotions in check pretty well, a lot like Eli Manning. He never got too excited or too upset. I was very impressed watching him last season.

  6. i kinda like what the panthers are doing down there in charlotte now that steve smith is gone.

  7. WHO is going to catch the ball for Cam Newton during these contract negotiations? hmmmm, coincidence??? I don’t think so

  8. The guy broke a ton of records as an NFL rookie and never had much talent around him. He can throw and run and he’s durable. Like a Moon and McNab hybrid. Get him some WRs and he’ll thrive.

  9. Still not convinced he was worth the #1 overall pick… but he’s done a lot better than I thought he would. Some of the criticism he takes about his behavior reminds me a lot of what Jay Cutler has dealt with his whole career. Not every QB is gonna have that “perfect” temperament but what matters in the end is results. And I think Cam and Cutler are both in for really big years.

  10. I remember the days without Cam Newton…these days surely feel better. We have to retain him and Luke long term. This will give us the time to do that. We do a great job of developing our rookies in recent years. So if we continue there will be constant growth. That is all we have seen the Ron/Cam era.

  11. i’m not a panther fan by any means, but something about cam newton excites me and i like watching him play n will go out of my way to see how he does

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