Colts get the bye-week short straw this year

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One of the many areas for potential pissing and moaning about the perceived unfairness of the schedule comes from the bye weeks.  Specifically, from the teams that have to play multiple other teams who had two weeks to prepare for the game.

This year, the bye week short straw goes to the Colts, who face three different teams after those teams had bye weeks.

Specifically, the Colts face the Giants after their Week Eight bye, the Patriots after their Week 10 bye, and the Jaguars after their Week 11 bye.  The good news/bad news for the Colts is that they also have a Week 10 bye, which means that the Pats won’t have an advantage when it comes to preparation.  Of course, this means that the Colts won’t get two weeks to prepare for a team that has only one week to get ready to face the Colts.

The Colts have a fourth situation in which an opponent has extra time to get ready.  Ten days before their Week 17 game at Tennessee, the Titans play on a Thursday night.

Other teams with multiple post-bye opponents include the Patriots (Bengals and Colts), the Chargers (Chiefs and Raiders in consecutive weeks), the Packers (Dolphins and Bears), the Bears (Packers and Vikings in consecutive weeks), the Vikings (Panthers and Buccaneers), the Buccaneers (Redskins and Falcons), the Saints (Ravens and Steelers), and the Cardinals (Broncos and Eagles).

With eight teams facing two teams each after byes and the Colts facing three, that leaves 10 teams who’ll play the full season without facing a team that had two weeks to get ready.  They are the Jets, Bengals, Steelers, Jaguars, Texans, Cowboys, Falcons, Panthers, Seahawks, and 49ers.

Yes, the Seahawks and the 49ers, regarded by many as the best two teams in the NFL, won’t have to face a team that had a week to prepare until, at the earliest, the divisional round of the playoffs.  If/when (when) they both make it that far.

47 responses to “Colts get the bye-week short straw this year

  1. How is this a short straw? The Colts get two weeks just like the Pats. The Jags and Giants are two wins no matter how you spin it.

  2. I wonder which teams will be the beneficiaries of referee mistakes and officiating system blunders. Does the NFL let that play out at random or do they intentionally try to select the teams that make that list too? I guess we’ll never know sans a whistle blow.

  3. Why in gods name can’t the NFL fix this with a simple solution? Have all the teams in each division have the bye week at the same time and then play each other when they come off the bye week? That way NOBODY has an advantage or disadvantage (and don’t think it’s not a disadvantage to have to play a team that has an extra week to prepare/rest). Since division teams play each other twice a year, it should make it much easier to line them up accordingly.

  4. “Every team should get a by-week BEFORE a Thursday night game. Having teams play Sunday and then Thursday is criminal.”

    Good idea, but not possible, unless you want four teams playing on Thursday night.

  5. Why don’t teams on a bye play each other the following week. Oh yeah, that’s right, that makes WAY too much sense.

    The NFL over complicating things, just so people can complain about stuff.

  6. They also have the EASIEST strength of schedule this year………so lets stop already making excuses for why Luck has another mediocre season. Yes playoffs last year, but two playoff games with 7 INT’s is horrible.

  7. Why not just get rid of the bye week and go back to the 16 week schedule? It has nothing to do with giving the players a rest. It has to do with the NFL grabbing an additional week of revenue. It’s horrible and it does impact the game when one team has extra time to prepare for an opponent.

  8. The Colts won’t make any excuses, nor will they need to, about their schedule. (And thank God for that mediocre Quarterback we’ve been blessed with.)

  9. Yeah its just a coincidence that the Saints have to play teams coming off bye weeks twice but the other 2 contenders in the division (Panthers & Falcons) get to play the entire season without an opponent coming off a bye….just a coincidence lol

  10. For clarification, the Bills played a combined 7 games against opponents who either held a bye or a Thursday night contest the week before. Half of their schedule was against teams with extra preparation.

  11. cards got screwed both ways, early bye and haveing to play sea and sfo both of whom don’t and play them back to back at the end of the season after a 13 game strech. talk about getting hosed. but then again we have been the whipping boy for the nfl for years. what 20 years before we got opening day at home.

  12. If they can’t have teams that are coming off bye weeks play each other, they should just eliminate the bye week altogether. It seems silly to rob fans of the ability to see their team play on Sunday or Monday (and, in some cases, Thursday) just to stretch the season. But, then again.. mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money!

  13. The NFL favors the Colts, especially when Manning played for them. In the past, all their potential away “cold” weather games were played early in the season. They need to stop their moaning.

  14. If there is a team that has a gripe, it’s the Jags. First two games on the road, 3 of their first 4 on the road with one trip to San Diego. That’s a gripe.

  15. It does seem unfair. At the very least, either all of the teams should have to deal with it once or none of them should have to deal with it. How is it fair that some teams have to face that scheduling situation two or three times during the season and other teams don’t have to deal with it at all?

  16. Just read the “Biggest Winners/Losers in 2014 Schedule”…biggest winner, no surprise, the Broncos! Guess if you can’t buy a SB team, the league will always be willing to help out their fair haired boys!

  17. I believe it was Peyton Manning who started the “extra preparation time” crying about having to face the Eagles in week 4, who had 10 days to prepare for his team, just a couple of weeks after his own team had the same advantage over the Giants. The guy is a Putz I say.

  18. I think Bills fans are just making up numbers to complain over. No one else here cares about the Bills enough to do any fact-checking anyway

  19. No sympathy for the Colts. They have the easiest schedule in the league somehow even though they won their division and a play off game last year. Seems like the league reaaaaaaaaaally wants Luck to be its poster child once Manning and Brady retire. Otherwise, I have no idea how they have the easiest schedule and the Raiders have the toughest.

  20. For the uninformed fans complaining about scheduling, the league office does not just pick and choose who plays who.

  21. Last year, the league sandwiched Denver’s game with New England with a home and away series with KC. At the time the thinking was that KC would be a doormat. That backfired a little, so this year, they are giving Denver a 10 day window to rest and prepare. This is the part of the scheduling that is subjective. A lot of it is by formula, but not this stuff, and it ALWAYS goes Peyton Manning’s way. It’s part of the program to get him back to the Super Bowl and get him a win so he won;t be relegated to second best Manning brother, but having all those records. Putz.

  22. Sorry Colts, the NFL only looks to change the schedule when they feel it is too tough for the Seahawks, the other 31 teams just need to deal with it… just like defensive holding.

  23. C’mon people, take a look at the facts and think. The Colts (and I am a fan) play in the worst division in football. The Texans and Jags were horrible last year and the Titans barely made it a contest. They play each of those two teams twice. That is the ONLY reason they have the easiest strength of schedule (followed by, interestingly enough, the Titans, Texans, and Jags). Too bad strength of schedule means nothing, because it is a measurement of this year’s schedule on LAST YEAR’s record.

    Also, they played (and beat) the best teams in football last year: Denver, Seattle, San Fran, and KC (x2). If anything, they deserve a break (although we all know it doesn’t work like that).

  24. The Bills had to face teams coming fresh off a Bye no less than 13 times last year. THIRTEEN!!!

  25. Delayed punishment for the Suck for Luck season, maybe? And for their owner embarrassing the shield.

  26. Anybody else notice that the cowboys are almost ALWAYS on the list of not playing a rested team EVERY YEAR.

    The league does everything it can help that crap team, yet they still go 8-8.

    Maybe we need to expand the playoffs so they can get in?

  27. Get it right bills fans if u read down comments list it starts at 5 games last year then 6 games last year then 7 games last year. I’m just gonna assume that none of u are right the colts do not have an easy schedule first they are projecting that off of old records the afc south will not be as garbage as it was this year plus we have plenty of tough games

  28. I could see how you could say that the Seahawks might be one of the Top #2 teams in the league since they did win the SB last season….but the 49ers?

    Based on stats (offense/defense) and team efficiency ratings, yardage, etc. The Saints finished well above the 49ers in most categories.

    Saints #4
    49ers #7

    Total Yards
    Saints #4
    49ers #24

    Saints #4
    49ers #25

    Saints #2
    49ers #40

    Saints #25
    49ers #3

    Saints #2
    49ers #31

    Saints #32
    49ers #25

    Saints #31
    49ers #25

    So how can anyone with a straight face say that the 49ers are a BETTER team than the Saints. Overall statistics, the Saints wipe the floor with the 49ers.

    The numbers don’t lie boys…

  29. this is why they should just have 2 bye weeks in the middle of the season. have half the teams off one week and the other half the next. with no thursday games those weeks. it’s not that difficult. this would make it as fair as it could be.

  30. I have said for awhile now that all teams should have byes either in week 8 or week 9. Half one week, half the next. This way it is fair. No stupid week 4 byes, no week 14 byes (or whatever the earliest/latest byes are). Everyone plays the same amount, or one week less, before they get their byes. I think this would definitely help with injuries….

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