Congratulations, your team is going to the Super Bowl

OK, so you’ve had a night to sleep on your favorite team’s NFL schedule.

And no matter how you feel about it, you probably don’t feel as good as the fine folks who cover your team for ESPN.

The worldwide leader asked its fleet of beat writers to count up wins and losses for each team after last night’s schedule release.

And they came up with a record of 290-222. Which is neat, except mathematically impossible by 34 games, unless they’ve figured out how to let both teams win on Monday Night Football.

No division was more optimistic than the NFC West, which will apparently feature three 12-4 teams (the Seahawks, 49ers and Cardinals).

Granted, the writers operated independently of one another, and it’s an assignment which was given to them by someone else.

But it just goes to show how pointless it is to try to predict wins and losses in April, before the NFL Draft, before injuries hit, before rosters are picked.

Besides, when I picked them, the league went 222-290.

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  1. People always say that such and such a team is going “12-4 or 13-3”. They never actually go through the schedule and do the predictions justice. Of course any predictions now are utterly ridiculous, but that’s besides the point. If you media guys didn’t have something to discuss though then the world would end so lets have at it Gantt. Who’s going to the Super Bowl? 🙂

  2. In Spring a young man’s fancy turns to love and the long suffering fans of perennial losers harbor dreams of new found glory. Every free agent signed will have a career year and every veteran will get a year younger. Without this period of delusional optimism, the life of fans in such places as Cleveland, Jacksonville, and Tampa would be woeful indeed. Last year the fans of the DC Eleven, the Houston Texans and the Boys of Dallas were arranging their vacations to coincide with their heroes triumphs in the playoffs. I’m sure they are doing it again, except maybe in Houston.

  3. Based on the past trend of the team that plays the Eagles in their home opener going to the Super Bowl, than the Jaguars will be there this year.

    Of course, it didn’t work for the Chargers last year…

  4. Difficult to argue against the NFC West being the best division. AFC West is good at the top, but the Rams & Cards beat the Chargers and Raiders 9 times out of 10.

  5. The problem with having 4 really good teams in one Division is you get the old AFC West scenarios where you had 3-4 teams that could win 10 or more games but they beat each other up badly when they played each other. When it came time to compete in playoffs they were injured or sore and not competetive as they might have been. Those old Raiders, Broncos, Chiefs matchups in the 70’s and 80’s were brutal. Even the Chargers and Seahawks were pretty physical although not at the same consistent high performance level as the top 3.

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