Corey Chavous mock draft has one major surprise


Our good friend Corey Chavous of returned to PFT Live on Thursday for more pre-draft chatter, and he gave us something to chatter about with dropped jaw in his first-round mock draft.

In his Draft Nasty 2014 NFL Draft Manual, Chavous has the Saints taking quarterback Johnny Manziel with the 27th pick in the draft.

It’s a shock, and it’s highly unlikely to happen.  But it’s fun to talk about and think about what could happen when the selections start to fly.  Even if we talk and think about things that may never happen.

One thing we know about football is that unexpected things will happen.

For more of what Corey had to say, here’s the full segment of his Thursday visit to the show.  Which includes specific information on how to get your hands on a copy of the Draft Nasty 2014 NFL Draft Manual.

29 responses to “Corey Chavous mock draft has one major surprise

  1. Oh Boy, ANOTHER mock-draft. Let’s push back the REAL draft yet AGAIN!! Everyone knows one CAN’T get enough MOCK ones! What GIVES with the front office of The NFL for christ’s sakes?

  2. isn’t this the genius that said Reggie McNeal would be the best QB that year he came out. He was laughed off the stage and we haven’t heard from him since like 05. ha ha this dude!!

  3. Oh yes, lets hear about how great Teddy is when he struggled against Cincinnati. BTW Cincinnati had no players invited to the combine. Yet, pundits will talk of how bad Manziel was as he destroyed the Alabama defense that has about 9 players that will start on Sunday….Manziel will be the first QB taken and it will be early.

  4. Drew Brees is 35, which happens to be the same age that Brett Favre was when the Packers selected Aaron Rodgers late in the first round. It wouldn’t be unprecedented.

  5. I think Manziel and Bortles both come off the board early-1st round, Carr late-1st or early-2nd, Bridgewater mid- to late-2nd and McCarron and Mettenberger after that.

    Bridgewater’s slight frame is going to cause him to slide.

  6. With so many QB needy teams at the top of this draft, it’ll be a surprise if all three of the top projected QBs aren’t gone by pick #12.

  7. You guys dropped your jaws because of the idea the Saints would take a QB with their 1st rounder?

    Let’s not forget that Green Bay was well aware that they already employed a first-ballot HOF QB when they selected Aaron Rodgers with their 1st rounder nine years ago.

  8. Favre to Brees is a decent comparison because of age, but Aaron Rogers Manziel isn’t really that close. Rogers was known as a good pocket passer coming out of college, and that is what teams want. The jury is still out on Manziel.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Saints take a QB, but I wouldn’t expect it to happen before at least round 3. Probably 5th or later.

  9. Manziel is so obviously the best QB in this draft that people quite frankly look silly predicting a slide.

    Statistically the best passer in the draft who happens to be the best athlete for offensive players and who also is the funniest to watch player. Hmm. Would the Jags or Browns like a dominant QB who is crazy fun to watch.


  10. The NFL is getting exactly what it wanted… more mocks, more talk and fans clamoring for the draft… calm down fans… the draft will come, and when it does it will be 2 weeks less wait for Sept. 4th.

  11. Any QB that is drafted to sit behind Brees would be lucky but I highly doubt it will be Manziel. Not a bad thought for the Saints to look at taking a top tear rookie QB that needs some grooming, maybe McCarron or Carr.

  12. I am not knowledgeable enough to have the slightest idea where, in the draft JM will be selected, however, in my opinion, he looks quite small and especially slender. Being rather small and thin surely hasn’t been an asset for Mike Vick has it? It also makes common sense to me that players on the opposing defense will be particularly interested in greeting him with the age old remark, “Welcome to the BIGS rook,” after putting their BEST lick on him.

  13. Funny how some people hate on Corey but he correctly called Nick Foles the third best quarter back in 2012. I like the guy and enjoyed the convo on the pod cast today wit Florio. I still think Bridgewater is the best quarter back in this draft, the same ingenious’s who thought Nassib was a top ten pick are saying he’s not. I saw all 3 play a lot and I’ll take Bridgewater all day. Johnny football has a lot of maturing to do and I don’t like that in a quarterback

  14. Sandlot football does not work in the NFL and whichever GM takes a chance on Manziel with their first pick will be fired within 2 years. I’d take Bridegwater before any QB in this draft, although I don’t think I’d take any of these QBs till the 2nd round.

  15. i can see the saints taking someone like aaron murray or savage but that first rounder needs to go to rob ryans defense, CB and LB(ILB mainly) are big needs for the saints

  16. I do not know what the Saints think about former Tulane QB Ryan Griffin who is already on the roster. But I would not be shocked to see them take Mettenberger if he is available to them in Round 2. Beyond the “local boy- LSU” angle, I am sure Sean Payton must be impressed with Mettenberger’s improvement with only 1 year of NFL QB coaching (by former NFL assistant Cam Cameron at LSU).

  17. Stick a mastermind of offense in Sean Payton together with a potential weapon like Johnny Football? That’s the stuff of nightmares for ever other team in the NFL.

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