Dockett laments Dansby’s decision to “chase the money”

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For the second time in his career, linebacker Karlos Danbsy left Arizona via free agency.  Twice-former teammate Darnell Dockett wishes Dansby hadn’t.

He chased the money,” Dockett said Thursday, via  “I’ve got a lot of respect for our guy that left, I love him like a brother.  But we were one or two pieces away from really making a lot of noise.”

In Dockett’s mind, Dansby’s decision was simple — cash or a championship.

“I personally feel like he chased the money versus chasing a ring,” Dockett said.  “No knock towards Cleveland — I don’t want people to try to think I’m saying Cleveland doesn’t have a chance; everybody has a chance — but I just felt like it was made for him to be here.”

While it’s hard to tell a guy not to get top dollar for his services, Dockett seems to think Dansby’s market was influenced by a performance that was aided by the team’s potent defensive line.

“[W]hen you look at everything we’d done [last] year; the sacrifices our defensive line made for that certain individual to make his plays and go into a game not being selfish,” Dockett said.  “Our defensive line doesn’t care about sacks and tackles.  We come in to do a job, to hold guys off our linebackers so we can be the number one defense.”

The Cardinals may be fine without Dansby.  The Browns may end up being better.  But it’s clear that Dockett believes Dansby should have helped the team finish what it started last year.

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  1. Sorry Darnell, even with Dansby, you still would be the third best team in the NFC West.

  2. I disagree with the sentiment. You can’t put your health on the line and play professional football for any team that severely undervalues you. The pundits say that Dansby was a critically important player to the team and the team didn’t feel the same way. He had to move on to his best option and he did that.

  3. Darnell Dockett is right about him.

    Notice how no Minnesota Vikings players chase the money?

    Our players are loyal and love the beautiful state that they live in.

    Can’t blame em.

  4. THIS – the Arizona Cardinals – is the hungry team in the NFC this year.

    Hawk fans like myself, and San Francisco, Carolina and New Orleans fans are going to find the Cardinals a very very tough out.

  5. That’s what he did when he left Zona the first time for Miami. Got paid, got fat, got cut. Re-committed himself, got paid…and now we’ll see…

  6. I’m tied between the making of money and the blood sweat and tears of what it takes to win it all with you’re team mates .. IMO Dansby sold out his team mates for a few extra $$$… He has made millions so it’s not like he will struggle or his kids or grand kids for that matter.. I’m not so sure that Cleveland will be getting the product they saw in AZ but more if what we saw in Miami… He prospered because of the D and his team mates…

  7. Can you imagine if they had gone after Chip Kelly instead of Bruce Arians? Whoo boy, with that defense…they would have been a force.

  8. The modern game cares little for loyalty, for a player to a team, a team to a player, for a team to a city. It used to be you could rattle off a dozen names (Butkus, Starr, Huff, Unitas, etc.) and the next person could rattle off a dozen teams (Bears, Packers, Giants, Colts, etc.)

    That doesn’t fly any longer. I do believe it hurts the game, alienates the fans and gives quite a few cities (recently Buffalo) a vague sense of ill ease.

    EVERYONE follows the money. Everyone says it’s a business – and it is, far more than it was 50 years ago. The Cardinals owed nothing to Dansby, Dansby owed nothing to the Cardinals. I don’t think that’s the way it should be, but that’s what it’s become.

    And when it’s Dockett’s turn, he won’t hesitate.

  9. Like many players, Dan$by is chasing the money and dreaming for a championship. Dockett is chasing a championship because he has made money beyond his wildest dreams. Dansby, as is his right, has tested the open market and it has resulted in him making over $58 million in guaranteed money by playing for 3 NFL franchises (AZ twice). Docket has played for one team and has made about $35 million in guaranteed money. No doubt, neither would play the game for free, but Dockett’s eyes are on the real prize.

  10. That is quite clear, Cleveland or Arizona, he choose $$ cant fault him tho, some people like loosing while getting paid not that there is anything wrong with that. And before Browns fans come in thumbs downing my comment, you may improve this year but i doubt if its a better team than the Cardinals.

  11. Only one team can win a championship each year. A football career can end on one play. Bo Jackson and Joe Theisman come to mind. There’s nothing to be ashamed of about chasing the money in football. Dockett shouldn’t be trying to put his boy down.

  12. He couldn’t turn that money down, and Arizona was wise not to pay it. It’s the last time he’ll be able to get that kind of pay day at 32 years old. It’s an easy decision if you ask me.

  13. When you sign a guy to a 1yr 2 million dollar deal, and he plays well above that…yes he is probably going to go for the money the next year.

  14. Reality: Dansby will not have another season like last.

    He has ALWAYS played better in Arizona, plays for his boys, and the system is the best fit for him.

    As a Cardinals fan I don’t fault him for chasing the money, but he did indeed do just that. Arizona was a better place for him to flourish & his best chance to win. $ trumped both of those things.

    Don’t blame him, but don’t expect anywhere near the production at FAR more the cost.

  15. people are banging on Dockett as if he is some slouch who hasnt had the chance to leave for greener pastures. Props to him for staying with a team that usually never amounts to a ton, although they are seemingly improving..

    lets face it, no one signs with Cleveland, or Buffalo, or Miami to win a championship.

  16. For everyone saying Dockett would have done the same thing, you are obviously not a cardinals fan or followed this team at all. Dockett is one of those rare players that is loyal first. He could have tested free agency and got paid HUGE, but he stuck with AZ and made some good money and wants to retire here. Dansby has left in free agency twice and has made a boat load of money. He had a nice 2 year offer on the table from the Cardinals that he walked away from because the browns broke the bank to get him. This guy has no loyalty and is obviously not interested in winning a championship or competing in the toughest division in the league

  17. Dansby made a smart move. It’s not like he was on a Super Bowl caliber team in Arizona and he can see the talent level on Cleveland is more on par with a team looking to make the next step than Arizona.

  18. He’s gonna love those winters.
    Kevin Minter will replace the old man and the Cards will move on.
    Dansby will be forgotten and cut and end up making about what the Cards offered to begin with.

  19. So, if the Cards wanted to keep Dansby, why didn’t they offer him a contract that would make him forget about signing somewhere else for better money?

    The Arizona Cardianls did not offer Dansby “that” contract…the Browns did !

    The Cardinal players need to ask their Ariz. management why they didn’t value Dansby like the Browns did?…but don’t blame Dansby for accepting a better offer and don’t blame the Browns for paying Dansby more.

  20. Since when did the Cardinals become a Super Bowl Contender??? I understand you went 10-6 last year but that was following 5-11, 8-8 and 5-11?? Pretty sure being the 3rd best team in your division and not making the play offs last year isn’t exactly chomping at the bit for a title. So no Dockett, the Browns don’t take offense to your comments, the rest of the league does though.

  21. It never ceases to amaze me how many people think players owe teams loyalty when in fact it is a two way trip. I did not see much of Dansby last year, nor Dockett come to that but let me make two assumptions. Dockett is doing just fine financially thank you. Dansby was offered a deal the Cardinals were not prepared to.

  22. If anything the Cards had 2 chances to retain him and both times let him get away. Obviously the FO doesn’t feel he is *that* valuable.

  23. Darnell, you will be eating your own jockstrap when the browns win a superbowl with Dansby on their roster.

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