Draft delay not good for the NFL

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Mark Cuban may have been right.

It took me a while to type that.  I don’t want Mark Cuban to be right, for various reasons.  Including, you know, Mark Cuban.

But I’ve come to wonder whether Cuban may be on to something when he talks about the NFL getting too big for its own good.  Of the league getting so big that the audience becomes taken for granted.

Whatever the motivation — the given excuse was a scheduling conflict at Radio City Music Hall for an event that eventually was canceled due to lack of interest — the NFL’s decision to bump back the draft by two weeks has been as much of a dud as the NFL-sanctioned film Draft Day.  A palpable fatigue has emerged regarding the draft.  We sense it, and we (or at least I) currently have it.

While the league reportedly would like to space out the three major offseason tent poles (Scouting Combine, free agency, and draft) to March, April, and May, respectively, moving the draft to May while leaving the other two in place has created the worst thing any media-driven industry can have:  A lull.

No one likes the lull.  Also, agents don’t like the fact that teams have more times to ask players to engage in private workouts.  Teams don’t like having more time to evaluate and obsess and think and re-think.

As one G.M. said via text on Wednesday night, “Remind me again why the draft is not tomorrow? Is it so we can see another two weeks of mock drafts?”

We’ve yet to hear from anyone who likes the two-week delay, and the extended vacuum that it creates in the offseason.

By the time the draft begins, nearly two months will have passed since the start of free agency.  And while the schedule release provided a temporary oasis from the lagging of the offseason calendar, a feeling remains that too much time is elapsing between major offseason events.

Here’s hoping the NFL, in its admirable desire to always improve the product, recognizes and admits that the effort to improve the product by delaying the draft by two weeks hasn’t.  Here’s hoping that the NFL moves the draft back to what would have been tonight, keeping it there unless and until the other two major offseason events move deeper into the calendar as well.

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  1. Whatever. This gives you talking heads 2 more weeks to say outlandish things about Clowney which provides rational people plenty of entertainment. Win, win.

  2. Lulls are nice. We should all turn off our damn computers and go fishing for a couple of weeks. Get some fresh air in our lungs and give our poor eyes a break from staring at monitors most of our walking moments.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Then there’s the format to consider. I used to have draft day get togethers on Friday and Saturday and now I can barely stay up to watch the draft on Thursday and Friday.

  4. Hey! They released the schedule yesterday. We’ve had a week or so to talk about it & a show on the Network dedicated to it. Wasn’t that enough NFL for us to chew on until the Draft?

    Just kidding. It’s dragging things out for the kids, teams & fans.

  5. I couldn’t agree more. By now, the analysis has gotten tedious. At this point, I’ve completely tuned out the Mel Kipers of the world.

  6. By the time the Draft finally gets here Kevin Costner will be offering up FOUR 1st round picks for the #1 overall!

  7. Can’t speak for anyone else, but my personal interest in the NFL has declined significantly the last few years. Yeah, I’m still posting here and watching on Sunday – but the passion is missing.

    I just miss the times where defense could actually be played and everything wasn’t a penalty against the defense. The game is so absurdly tailored to offense, especially QBs and WRs. It’s not the same as it used to be. I miss the old days.

  8. Thank you. This is the least interested I’ve been in the draft since I started following it. I haven’t watched any coverage on NFL or ESPN this year yet and I bet web clicks are down on draft related sites this year. I always thought Combine/Free Agency to the draft was a little long as it was. This is the first year since before Carr/Peppers I won’t know the name of every first rounder (Tyson Alualu aside).

    While we are it, I know this isn’t the NFL’s doing, but all the Donovan McNabb/Regis Philbin channels need to go to.

  9. As it stands now the Draft is in the middle of Turkey season. In April, it missed it. As it stands now I’ll be dragging my butt and hopefully a bird out of the woods just in time to go a sleep on the couch and miss the draft.

  10. 100% agreed. Everyone is tired of the mock drafts, and personal interest stories and anonymous quotes about prospects. Teams brought some prospects in they probably wouldn’t have normally just to fill the time. Just ready for the draft to be here.

  11. Excellent point about the lull, but there is bound to be a lull after the Draft as well. Maybe the after the draft lull is shortened now, but for the guys in the business who usually like the time off after the draft this must be a major inconvenience.

  12. They gave the excuse that an Easter Pageant had beaten them out at RCMH which sounded improbable, now that so-called pageant has been cancelled.

    Was league trying to nose its way into May for the May Sweeps revenue or does that not come into the picture?

    What’s going on here?

  13. Amen! May was always full of analyzing what happened in the draft and looking forward to OTA’s, having the new players interviewed, etc. Goodell didn’t think this one through very well.

  14. I think it’s a forgone conclusion that this has been terrible. As a fan, I can only stand so much draft analysis (read: over analysis) until I’m blue in the face.

    Probably a small thing here, but it also gives draft picks less time to become acclimated to their new situation before things pick up. Less time to shore up a living situation, less time to meet with new teammates, etc.

    Move it back to April. Please.

  15. The NFL flirted with an idea that proved unsuccessful. The draft will be in April in 2015.

  16. Those of us in Seattle can entertain ourselves by watching reruns of the Super Bowl. Other than that, yeah, the extra couple of weeks is boring.

  17. Agreed. My way of coping is ignoring all things draft related due to the resulting frustration of waiting so long for the draft. Typically, I would love to read/watch draft rumors and stories. not now. the time lapse is too much.

  18. Yeah but the NFL could have done so many things differently such that the story would be a magnificent tale of success and prosperity, with they key focus being that those things also translate to new dollars and more fan enjoyment. But that ship has sailed because of the incompetent captain at the helm.

  19. I never thought that this was a good Idea moving it another 2 weeks the draft is fun to watch but 60% of fans only watch the first round and even than its not something that they are like on man I wish the draft was today.

    This feels like when they tried to move the Pro-bowl nobody cared but the NFL.

  20. The draft won’t be changed. May sweeps mean more NFL money and the wishes of the fans will be ignored. Just like crappy refs, defense being one big penalty, stupid Thursday night games. At some point either we or more likely our children will move on to something else because the NFL doesn’t care what the fans want

  21. 2 weeks after the last weekend of April every year I’d find myself saying, “Man I wish the draft was this weekend.” This year, my dream becomes a reality.
    I love this move.

  22. What’s wrong with Mark Cuban? He’s a hugely successful guy who made his fortune by actually creating something, which is hard to find nowadays. Most owners of sports teams made their money by buying and selling things without actually improving value. Or they inherited the team. Or they live in Green Bay and have nothing better to do with their money.

    While Cuban’s opinions are usually rarely subtle and ruffle more than a few feathers, he is usually right. When he isn’t he is still trying to make something better. Most people, when asked questions on camera, say “the right thing.” That is why interviews with athletes and coaches are mostly worthless.

  23. Is there still such a thing as Football season, Baseball season, and Basketball season?

    I know the NBA is close to year round.

  24. They moved it to May so they could take advantage of May Sweeps and charge more for it from their broadcast partners.

    It was a money driven move.

  25. Aside from the fact that fans just want the draft ASAP, the rookies could use this time to get acclimated to their teams.

  26. Once local sports radio in Cleveland was coming up with outlandish scenarios involving “what if the Browns could trade for Colin Kaepernick” then I knew this was taking way too long.

  27. It’s also reducing the time teams have to adjust their rosters after the draft. Not to mention give out contract extensions.

  28. Bad move NFL! Overkill, beat to death, etc….pick the phrase. Cuban is exactly right, less is more….law of supply and demand….EVERYone is sick of the draft babble by this point and have largely tuned it out. Change it back to April.

  29. For what it’s worth all three have become totally watered down. What I use to watch as recently as last year I now don’t. Food never tastes good when you are force fed it daily.

  30. Hell, I still remember when the draft was more than 7 rounds! I’m thinking that it’ll be moved back next year. That Easter thigamajig won’t have a second chance this time. No one is beating out the draft in RCMH next year.

  31. I couldn’t agree more. If I have to read 1 more mock draft I’m going to jump off a bridge.

  32. The conflict with using the Radio City Music Hall venue could have been avoided by taking turns where the draft is held. How about each team’s city getting a piece of the draft, tired of it being in Goodell’s backyard every year.

  33. I always loved having the draft being on my birthday week/weekend as I always would tune in for it all day long.

    We wait long enough already for the draft, all this speculation leads to overkilled speculation on what was already overkilled.

  34. It needs to go back to the Saturday-Sunday format too! I hate the 4 day, weekday night format.

  35. Man, this offseason has been bad:

    The Browns are so bad even movies about their drafts are busts.

    The schedule release was a grossly over-marketed activity that emphasized shock value and unnecessary drama. Tell me why again that SEA faces 3/4 pre-season opponents during the regular season? I read that they went through 500k permutations of the schedule before they chose…. the one that makes them the most money.

    Fortunately for the NFL, the NCAA looks so bad right now that the shield and its ugly profit mongering is going mostly unnoticed.

    Bad enough that the UFC is contending with an accused murderer and a convicted sex offender, but the NFL has a would-be terrorist, several wife-beaters, drug cheats, drug addicts, dead-beat dads, etc.

    Good times.

  36. The draft should be held in EARLY APRIL, when the weather is still lousy. Plus, here in Pittsburgh, the Steelers are merely afterthoughts this time of year, pushed not just to a backburner but clear off the stove, in favor of the Penguins, who are the local media’s main focus from September until July each year. Seems as though the Pittsburgh sports media are unable to multitask. Very frustrating.

  37. Why is it that such a successful and popular business like the NFL constantly screwing around with what works? A team in London, a Super Bowl outside of the US, moving the draft to May……..or is it their willingness to try stupid new things the reason it’s so successful? Nah……..

  38. AT&T should sponsor the draft for 10 years and the ATT would stand for April-Third-Thursday.

    In past years I tried to schedule around the draft and it was always somewhat hidden when it was going to be. Make it absolutely predictable.

  39. I’m sick of the NFL. I’m sick of the mocks, I’m sick of McShay and Hairdo, I’m sick of all the speculation and these ridiculous “visits” and private workouts. Get on with it for chrisakes!

  40. -“the NFL’s decision to bump back the draft by two weeks has been as much of a dud as the NFL-sanctioned film Draft Day.”-

    So “Draft Day II” has been shelved?

  41. 100% in agreement. Our entire football group at the office has gone completely stale on the draft as there has been too many mocks and too much delay. It should have been happening tonight. They blew this and need to fix it.

  42. Is May sweeps month? That’s why I thought they moved it.

    I remember when it was on January 28th.

    April 28 is my birthday, let’s put the draft back to my birthday.

  43. My suggestion for the 2015 Draft…. Being the NFL wants to be in the news all the time…

    Begin it on April 1st—First Round consists of One pick per day for 32 straight days….. This way ESPN and NFL Network can devote an entire day of reviewing the pick/player/team and projecting what the next pick should/will do!!

    Then have the Second and Third Rounds on a Thursday Night…

    Fourth and Fifth Rounds on Friday Night…

    And Sixth and Seventh Rounds on Saturday.

  44. As several others have said, moving the first round to Thursday night and changing the weekend format already killed my interest in the draft. Sure, I’ll watch for when my Browns pick at #4, but then I’ll turn it off and go to bed. I’ll only stay up since they will be picking within the first half hour.

    Go back a few years, my friends and I would have weekend long parties watching the draft, running mock draft pools, making up drinking/betting games during the draft, etc. Isolating the first round on a Thursday night killed all of that.

  45. Absolutely! He who hesitates is lost. (Goodell) They could have started the draft on schedule and held it at Giants/Jets Stadium. Does anyone give a damn that it has to be at Radio City Music Hall? It’s the NFL Football Draft not a music concert.

  46. Why was it imperative to put back the Draft by 2 weeks? Nothing happens in the NFL unless Commissioner Goodell approves it. Other sports have underlings who can make decisions but nothing gets done in the NFL without Roger. So why the delay?

  47. This draft date is not likely to change, but it did jump the shark.

    Coming expansion of the playoffs will likely mean the whole off-season may move back. This would include the superbowl. Later superbowl means more cold-weather teams have a shot at landing the game, which means more competition for bowl bids, which means more money for the league. The result of the pushback means free agency and the combine also move back about two weeks, restoring the original spacing, but leaving intact the March-April-May format.

    The end game is a year-round sport, because camps/activities would start in June.

    Overexposure? Sure, at some point. But Cuban’s analogy missed the mark a little. They may be pigs now, but they want to be fat cats. They’re not trying to grow a sport, they’re trying to build an institution by keeping the NFL on TV and in the news year round. Americans love tradition, and the NFL keeps giving us new ones.

  48. Why does the Draft have to be held in New York? It could be a positive to move it around to different cities, like different teams bid for the Super Bowl.
    Yes, Radio City Music Hall is a good venue but there are probably many others that would be just a successful. Big crowds would come in any of the major cities.

  49. Sick to death of going round and round in circles discussing prospects. And we still have another two weeks of it. I try not to think about the fact that it should have been tonight…

  50. Pushing back the draft was a VERY bad idea, and you can place the blame squarely on the shoulders of Roger Goodell. There was no purpose to or justification for doing this. The only possible reason for this was that it was a change from the norm, which apparently qualifies it as a good idea in Roger Goodell’s mind.

    The one thing Goodell exhibits without fail is the knack for taking NFL fans for granted. From increasing overseas regular season games, to pushing for a London franchise to increasing playoff qualifying teams and watering down the regular season in the process, Goodell is killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

    Yes, Mark Cuban is right about this, like it or not.

  51. Next they’ll hold one round per week so the draft can last from May into June. It’s almost enough to make me take an interest in the NBA playoffs and their draft.

  52. I’ll give you another reason to change it back, It’s the Fishing Opener Weekend in Mn. A lot of guys can’t watch it now because they be out on lakes. I know in the grand scheme of things no big deal, but it does stink!

  53. I think its more about the talking heads having already ANALized everything and now have no new useless material to bombard fans with for 2 more weeks!

  54. So they tried it one year, and if it doesn’t work, they’ll go back.

    Either way, this has absolutely nothing to do with Mark Cuban, or what he said.

  55. Does else anybody think that the extra time for teams to bring in players has brought more mystery to the draft?

  56. I agree with all of you that think this is dragging on. We are all complaining , but then we will all watch the draft on May 8 & ratings will be good. The NFL will not learn any lesson!

  57. The NFL has stopped caring about the fans long ago. They fleece/threaten taxpayers into corporate welfare for shiny new stadiums every couple of years, charge exhorbitant amounts for tickets, parking concessions, rake in billions off TV revenue then actively prevent fans from watching the game on TV if not enough people take loans out to buy tickets.

  58. The draft is the only offseason event I tune in for..
    The Nike Football League is doing a wonderful job of alienating all its old school fans.

  59. I absolutely love all things football, but the NFL is teetering on the precipice of “the law of diminishing returns”. I have nothing against making money but at a certain point, all you’re doing is turning customers against you if you tinker too much. And it will be damn near impossible to get those people back once they put down the remote.

  60. If the NFL were smart, they would’ve held the draft last Thursday. It’s still early for MLB and the NBA regular season ended and playoff seedings were already determined. The NFL could’ve held their first three rounds Thursday and Friday and concluded the draft Saturday and Sunday. Had they done that, they could’ve gotten the ratings they wanted, and people would’ve have snuck a peak over the weekend during timeouts or between innings. Remember, greed is the root of all evil…

  61. This “pushing the draft back” issue is just another attempt by greedy owners to make every freakin move they make an “event”.

    Just put the draft back to it’s original draft date and stop being so darn greed Goodall! Jesus Christ!

  62. Why should Jet’s, Giant’s and Philly fans be the only ones, in reality, who are allowed to attend the draft. Same crap every year. Hearing all the fans of these three teams with all their nonsense. The draft should go to a different NFL city every year…. Rodger. NOT IN ENGLAND EITHER ……… RODGER….

  63. Moving the draft back is the worst idea the NFL came up with yet to replacement refs.You can only do so many mock drafts and the draft analysis on ESPN, NFL Network and etc. are starting to get annoying. There I said it. Thanks Goodell but no thanks.

  64. Anyone else think the 2 less weeks these 21-22 yr olds have to get aclimated to their new surroundings and more importantly new playbooks will have a mjor impact on productivity from the rookies this year??

  65. Of course it was a bad idea. Most of us fans called that the day it was announced. By 2nd weekend of May it is true spring even in the northern tier which means yard work, weddings, graduations etc. Whereas 2nd or 3rd weekend of April half the country still has snow on the ground and staying inside for 2 weeknights and a Saturday isn’t nearly as tough a sell.

    Only Goodell thought was a good idea but unfortunately his is the only vote that matters


  66. Are they going to delay the start of training camps as well? No. So I am curious as to how many holdouts we will see as a result of this.

  67. The NBA and NHL playoffs will be late in their second rounds as opposed to early in their first too. That will take away viewership from the draft.

  68. Indeed this is ridiculous. The delay helps no one. May is too late for this- they can delay the other events if they want, but I will stop watching, because the Combine was what we needed in the cold and snowy winter to forget the weather.

    If they game this stuff any longer, I’m spending May outside, not glued to the TV.

  69. I don’t know why all of you bash Goodell, he’s just the commissioner, the owners run the league. Goodell is the face of the league and he has some power but not that much. Remember the owners hired him not the other way around. Pete Rozelle was the last commish to have the power everyone thinks Goodell has. All us fans can bitch and moan about the wait but when May 8 comes we will all be watching. If the ratings are bad only then will the owners think about moving it again and I don’t see that happening. Did anyone see the ratings for last night’s schedule show? It was thru the roof. This is about money and maintaining as much relevance throughout the year. Just looks at the months. January was the playoffs, February was the Super Bowl, March was signing big free agents, April was the schedule release and May will be the draft. June is really the only month where nothing big is happening. July camps start and August is preseason then the regular season. That’s what the NFL and its owners want and as long as we watch they will get it.

  70. The draft will have ridiculously high ratings. I obviously like the rest of the world would like it to be today, but its not that big of a deal and I will just watch it in 2 weeks like everyone else posting here.

  71. So when the draft has just as good if not better ratings then last year is it still not good for them? I would rather it be today as its what I’m used to, but people aren’t going to not watch because its in 2 weeks.

  72. The heart of the game stopped beating when the league started calling it “the product”.

  73. I used to be nostalgic for the Pete Rozelle era. Hell, today under Goodell, even the Tagliabue era looks like the Golden Age of Football by comparison!

  74. Give me a break. So it’s another two weeks away. Big deal. The NFL Draft will still draw more viewers than most sport playoff games.

    Besides, what else you gotta do, Mike? So Christmas is moved back a couple weeks- don’t worry, you’ll still get all your toys. Promise.

  75. Remember when we used to check the paper or see a list on ESPN to know who your team took in the draft. It is a non event either way. Now it is, “Oh look, my team is twelve picks from the podium,” channel surf, channel surf, “Oh look, they are 7 picks from podium,” take the dog out, grab beer, have beer with dog, “Oh look, my team is 3 away from podium” channel surf, get rid of beer….you get the idea

  76. I keep reading that everyone is tired of it now, as it were being televised tonight. Its still 2 weeks away. Its not the delay its the continous inate babbling going on. Forget putting it back where it was, move it forward another 2 weeks. get it over with by the time all off-season activities start. In fact make it before free agency.

  77. Ill tell you who isn’t complaining…the players and their union. Two less weeks for the rookies to get in the training room and the playbook, thereby decreasing their odds of taking the vets job this summer.

  78. The media has become the voice of the people the longer the fans wait the more time they get to speculate but I’ve yet to here of a fan who likes the delay it really just killed two weeks of excitement I mean people like suspense but to much of it can make you just loose interest I really do hate Goodell spell check capitalized his name but I used a lower case g for a reason his focus is to business minded to mesh with sports aren’t the ridiculous fines and constant changes enough his greed will kill America’s game

  79. Complaining this much about a two week delay due to a scheduling issue with the host location seems needlessly whiny.

  80. as a basketball and football fan i would have chosen to sit and watch the draft if it was tonight now in two weeks the nba playoffs will be in the 2nd round games and i may simply calcuilate when my team will be picking and choose to watch the playoff games instead nba gains nfl loses

  81. Only people benefitting from delay are injured college players that can have a later workout to show off and get more money than they would have

  82. Waaaaaayyyyyy too long of a gap getting to the draft!

    So tired of all the reports of ‘private work-outs’, mock draft number 77.0, and blah-blah-blah-blah…

    These draft prospects are going to be too worn out to be of any use by the end of the season. Or worse yet, we’ll start to hear of injuries that developed during all of these work-outs that become a ‘nagging injury’ after only 2 weeks of the regular season.

    NFL really botched this in a bad way.

  83. Four years ago, I’d watch anything NFL obsessively
    Three years ago, notsomuch.
    Two years ago, I’d only watch my team
    Last year, I’d watch my team if it was on cable

    I’m almost to the point of washing my hands of the NFL totally. It’s not football fatigue, I watch all the college football I can. I’m just tired of the naked cash grab that’s the NFL now.

  84. This was the worst idea the NFL has ever come up with and it was really stupid of Roger Goddell and the boys to schedule it for Mother’s Day weekend. They should move it back to April and everyone is for that except the suits at NFL HQ

  85. I equate all of our psyches to be that of people that havent slept for days. Most people watch a couple highlight videos on YouTube, than hear a few people say “Savage is a first round pick” than everybody starts saying, “I wouldn’t mind taking Savage in the second round.” Bortles was first, if you’ve watched any of his film extensively he is Christian Ponder 2.0. Smart, Good Attitude, Hot Girlfriend, but a lack of understanding how to read even basic defenses.

    Point being, our collective Groupthink is now even more now than ever, a tepid pool of acidic garbage, mob mentality. I am myself guilty of it as well, perhaps not nearly as much as my fellow football fans judging from the insanity I’ve been reading from my fellow football fans (of whom I respect each and every one), thus, subsequently in my merciful conclusion I would advocate allowing this May Draft experiment being catalogued, and within the realms of historical context and regard within the annals of Pro Football history in the same light as the time the Pro Bowl was in Miami. It just doesn’t work yo. In the same way we will realize the London Experiment will fail once we start hurling, perceptively, non-sensical insults across vast oceans at each other. Can you imagine Tom Brady being referred to as a “Bloody Wanker” in Published Sports Media? I am by no means a Traditionalist but… “If It Aint Broke…”

  86. There is nothing admirable about these clowns’ desire to ruin pro football, which is what they’ve been doing ever since Roger Goodell became the sock-puppet commissioner.

  87. I’ve suggested it to the NFL before….take the draft OUT OF NY. Let the team with the #1 pick host the NFL Draft–get THEIR fans excited and out in droves instead of the majority Jets and Giants fans. Let THEIR communities financially benefit from hosting.

    Oh wait….NFL HQ is in NY…oh wait…..having it NY is a tradition (yawn)


  88. There is no benefit for moving the draft back two weeks, there is no benefit for not moving the draft back to its original date,,,there is no reason for the draft to last a week (tongue in cheek). Move the draft back to one day,,,,

  89. This is ruining the whole draft process because last year by April I was sick of mock drafts and hype you can only wait so long and get so hyped before u crash and just stop giving a crap sure you’ll watch the draft but you will stop caring about pre draft stuff all together Goodell is doing a good job of screwing this sport up and I truly believe this just adds to his horrible decisions column. It’s only a matter of time.

  90. If your life really hinges on the draft that badly, you need to get a hobby. Yes, you have to wait two more weeks but it’s not like there is anything tangibly bad about it. I don’t believe the NFL will lose any money or viewership when the draft finally does take place.

    Everyone just relax lol

  91. This is terrible. I’m going to ignore the NFL until the draft gets here. It should be two weeks earlier not later. The offseason events need to happen during the winter when I can obsess over them while stuck inside.

  92. this draft analysis is like adding replay and another dozen challenge flags..ooh goody – you caught something and your right…I think I will go watch paint dry.

  93. Truth is Goodell isn’t trying to reach profootballtalk readers, he already has us. We’ll still watch. He’s going for the casual fan who likes football but doesn’t watch the draft. Wait and see, this will be the most watched draft ever.

  94. Maybe the gluttony of the NFL will lead to yet another league, one that doesn’t assume the fans will tolerate anything.

    How about a new league based on the Green Bay model, all based on non-profit?

    The NFL is a prime example of what happens when you have a monopoly.

  95. Your future NFL schedule template:

    – 2 preseason games
    – 18 regular season games with extra bye weeks and even more games not played on Sundays
    – Super Bowl pushed back to President’s Day Weekend
    – Combine in early March
    – Free Agency starts the Tuesday after March Madness (early April)
    – Four day draft smack in the middle of Sweeps Week (May)

    I hate, hate, hate this, but this where the NFL is heading. The only we as fans can do to stop the creep into May is to vote with our remotes. I’ll be watching the first round and loosely paying attention to round two while I flip between hockey, baseball & my typical Friday night grill/smoker session. Saturday I will not be watching at all. It is way to nice in May here in the Midwest to waste a weekend day to watch the middle & late rounds. I’ll probably have the draft on the radio while I do yard work.

    We can gripe as much as we want. Fraudger and the owners will keep cashing those broadcast checks until we actually stop watching.

  96. I hope they realize their mistake. Delaying the draft was one of the dumbest moves they have made. Along with taking big hits out of football. Before we know it we will be watching flag football.

  97. I have tuned out ESPN and NFL network until the draft. I can’t take the mock drafts anymore and talk about Manziel or any of the others. Could care less about their personal lives or the size of hands they have. Just so sick and tired of hearing about what draft order analysts think players are going in just to change the next day. It is idiotic and really can’t see how anyone can stand it at this point. It’s amusing for a week or so then it’s time to get on with it. I’ll watch the first 10 picks probably then just follow up on how Denver is doing. I would have normally watched the first couple days but it’s going to be hard for me to hold back from puking just watching the first 10 picks.

  98. Sorry but my body just shuts down its interest in the NFL by mid-April and doesn’t come back until August. AND I LIKE IT THAT WAY.

    What’s that expression? How can we miss you when you never go away?


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