Falcons will put Jadeveon Clowney through a short workout


The agent for South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney has previously said his client might do one short private workout for one team prior to the draft.

Now we have a report that one team is going to put Clowney through a short private workout.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBSSports.com, the Falcons will go to Columbia, S.C. on Friday to put Clowney through “a few drills.”


The Falcons, picking sixth, would never be able to get the player who would fill their most pressing need through ordinary means.

But they’ve shown in the past (Julio Jones) that they’re willing to make big deals to move up, and with 10 picks, they have the beginnings of the ammunition needed.

The underlying truth is that the Falcons might be more of a hot seat situation than many might believe. They finally broke through to win a playoff game following five years of consistent regular season success, but then the floor crashed from underneath them last year.

They’ve got their quarterback, and many of the key parts around him to have success for the foreseeable future. But if that success doesn’t come soon, they might see the need for changes to the current structure.

To win now, they might need one more impact piece, who’d come at a bargain rate (at least in dollars), even if they had to surrender future picks to get him.

Now might be the time for the Falcons to make a move, and Clowney might be the one player they think they need to deliver.

30 responses to “Falcons will put Jadeveon Clowney through a short workout

  1. I think Mike Smith is in more trouble than Dimitroff, so I’m not sure ransoming the future, again, for an elite talent is D’s best course of action. But what do I know, I was sitting on my couch disgruntled last season instead of the owners box for a reason I guess.

  2. would make sense for them to trade up for the 1st. texans could still get a decent QB in the 6 slot


    Clowney is a bust!!! Draft Robinson , MACK , Mathews or Kewan….hell.. Barr will still be there. Dont draft this entitled lazy clown!

  4. There is also the possibility of the draft-and-trade possibility Gil Brandt mentioned. Houston picks Clowney and then waits to see what QB’s are on the clock when Atlanta is up at #6. If Bortles (or whoever Houston likes) is still there, the deal gets done. If not, then Atlanta goes about it’s business getting an O-linemen. Sounds kind of like a win-win.

  5. I would love to see Clowney as a Falcon, but I really think they need to stay at 6 and take either Mack or Robinson if either are available. If neither are available, trade back a few spots and get Matthews and Ford.
    As amazing as Julio is, the Falcons can’t keep trading away a bunch of picks for one player. Depth was the biggest reason for their record last year.

  6. Clowney would never be heard from again if he’s unlucky enough to be picked by such a miserable franchise that is part of a division dominated by the Saints. In three years people would be saying “what happened to that guy from SC with the funny name? Witness Protection Program?”

  7. Clowney has the heart of Rolando McClain. They play football because they were born with world-class physical abilities, not because they want to play football.

  8. Falcons are going to put Jadeveon through a “short” workout. The one they had designed for Johnny Manziel, until they decided they didn’t need a quarterback.

  9. I hope so. You saw what happened to Atlanta last year. That is what happens when you give away your draft picks & your future. 3 or 4 stars on your team and no quality depth.

    A Saints fan.

  10. For the love of God, as a Panthers fan, please no. If that happens we will have to draft 3 more QBs to put in after he breaks Cams legs.

  11. LOL at some team that is going to spend the 1st pick in the draft on a guy coming in with 4 sacks and a boatload of excuses. Lots of great players had off-feild problems, but none of them had on-feild problems. With Clowney you get the offfeild problems of LT and the on-felid play of Aundrey Bruce

  12. It’s good to see they learned nothing from last season about lacking depth. They’ll tell you they had a ton of injuries, but so did plenty of other teams around the league(Seattle, New Orleans, Denver, New England) and they got by. “Next man up” doesn’t work if you keep whiffing on picks and trading the rest away.

  13. Falcants use injuries as an excuse every year, then wanna keep trading all their draft picks for one “difference-making” player.

    Please keep Dimitroff, Smith, & Ryan in our division forever.

  14. The Falcons have learned nothing from the Julio Jones trade. A team is never just one player away. You need multiple players and the Falcons are still a team that lacks depth at key positions.
    Trading away high draft picks for one guy only works if he never gets injured. But happens if Clowney tears his ACL in training camp and is out for an extended period of time? Then what? You don’t have the services of the player you traded for, and you don’t have the picks either.

  15. The Clown had 3 sacks last year. If he won’t put the effort in during his college career that will ensure his draft status and future pay check, what makes you think he will improve once he gets all that money….BUST!

  16. Why do people keep saying Atlanta is a move-up candidate? They need more picks than they have, this isn’t a one hole team. And the biggest reason they have so many holes is all the picks they gave away to get Julio Jones.

    If Atlanta actually puts together a package for the number one overall pick I’ll be flabbergasted.

  17. All he had to do was 1) play to his ability this past season and 2) not be a doosh leading up to the draft and he would have been the lead pipe lock for the #1 no matter who had the pick. Fail on both counts. He may still go #1 but I venture there are a lot more people at this point who want to see him bust than become an All Pro.

  18. Clowney should just admit he dogged it this season. Check it, if less than 2% of college players actually make it to the NFL and he didn’t play against a tackle rated in the 20, why should we believe he has the talent to play at the professional level? Game after game he was a non-factor against guys he will never see at the pro level. Some of them won’t even make it to training camp. He might just a little better than Andre Bruce.

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