Jacobs family says they’re doing “everything we can” to keep Bills in Buffalo


There are several reasons why Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs has risen to the top of the list of potential buyers of the Buffalo Bills, running from his Buffalo roots through his current involvement in the sports world and his company Delaware North’s involvement in concessions at several NFL stadiums.

Jacobs released a statement saying that he wouldn’t sell the Bruins to bid on the Bills, an issue raised by the NFL’s ban on owning teams in different sports that play in different cities. It is a rule that Rams owner Stan Kroenke got around by transferring Denver NBA and NHL teams to family members and Jacobs’ son is a principal at Delaware North that could play a similar role if there’s a desire to make a bid.

Jeremy Jacobs Jr. wouldn’t say whether or not there would be a bid, but did say they have spoken with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and others about their interest in keeping the team in Buffalo.

“We are using our resources, our contacts, our relationships to do everything we can to ensure the Bills stay in Buffalo,” Jacobs Jr. said, via the Buffalo News.

There are also gaming interests shunned by the NFL held by the Jacobs family that would need to be dealt with, but, like the cross-sport ownership, they probably can be if the Jacobs’ are motivated to do more than use their contacts and relationships to keep the team where it is.

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  1. I realize the guy is not without warts. Trust me I have had Bruins season tickets since 1977 and have not always been a fan of Jacobs. With that said he does not meddle appears to delegate well and as he has gotten older winning seems more a priority. Hope he keeps in Buffalo a great city that always enjoy visiting .

  2. If the new Bills owner, whomever it is, decides to keep the team in Buffalo, they will be able to extort one helluva good new stadium and lease out of the People’s Republic of New York.

  3. I’m for any potential owner who will keep the Bills in Buffalo. We have at least 6 yrs to find the right owner before the team could be moved so there is no rush to get one this year. The team needs to build a new stadium before 2020 which would guarantee the team would stay in Buffalo for years to come.

  4. I know that the Bills have been terrible for a long time but they have a passionate fan base and should not lose their team. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind the Jaguars moving anywhere because it’s very obvious that no one cares (in relative terms).

  5. Want another guy with Buffalo connections who could lay down CASH for the bid?

    Warren Buffet! 😉

  6. People tend to forget how greedy owners are. Jeremy Jacobs isn’t interested in buying the Bills as charity work. I’m not saying he’s lying about keeping the Bills in Buffalo but his pocketbook comes first. So if the Bills dont have new stadium plans or a lease that will go beyond 2019 they’re in serious trouble. When someone asks Mr. Jacobs, “Hey you can make $200 million a year in Buffalo or $600 in LA. What would you like to do?” What do you really think he answer to that is going to be?

    And does anyone recall who lead the owners in the last NHL lockout?…cough Jacobs cough*

  7. The Guggenheim group recently paid $2 Billion dollars for the Dodgers and their stadium. AEG will pay the cost of building a new stadium in LA if they can own a percentage of the team. If Guggenheim and AEG partner up, money and relocation penalties won’t be problem to them. The only hangup will be the relocation language in the current Bills lease.
    Just saying.

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