Jeremy Maclin: “I think we’ll be fine” without DeSean Jackson

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The Eagles’ decision to part ways with DeSean Jackson put a little bit more pressure on wide receivers Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin in the 2014 season.

Jackson led the Eagles in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns last season, leaving a lot of production to replace on offense. It won’t all come down to those two players and the Eagles will likely draft a receiver, all of which leaves Maclin feeling confident that the team can still thrive with Jackson wearing a Redskins uniform.

“I think we’ll be fine, man. Obviously DeSean is one of the better playmakers in this league but we’re moving forward and I think we’ll be just fine,” Maclin said, via Tim McManus of “I have faith in the offense and I have faith in the guys that we have in the locker room and on the football field. Chip said it himself: the offense is not built around one guy. We have multiple guys that go out there and make plays, so I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do this year.”

It will help if Maclin’s fully recovered from last year’s torn ACL and he says he feels that he’d be fully cleared if training camp started right now. He’s participating in all of the workouts right now and doesn’t plan on wearing a knee brace when he does get back on the field, which are both good signs for the Eagles offense as it moves forward without Jackson.

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  1. Top 5 Receiver Duos in the NFL :

    1. Greg Jennings & Cordarelle Patterson
    2. Julio Jones & Roddy White
    3. Brandon Marshall & Alshon Jeffery
    4. Calvin Johnson & Golden Tate
    5. Demaryus Thomas & Wes Welker

  2. Shout your trap about how fine you guys will be without Jackson. You are starting to talk to much. They will cut or trade your ass next and some other guy will be saying ” Chip said the offense is not built around one guy”. I am here to say that without McCoy the eagles are not a very good football team.. I’m just sayin

  3. The loss of Maclin last year I think was worse than losing Jackson this year.. Sure Jackson will bring a little extra when facing Philly but it’s not like Philly D doesn’t know his tendencies and weaknesses. . Really anyone with basic football knowledge can see holes in his game.. Attitude, Route running, unable to get off of jams, won’t go over the middle.. he’s just very one dimensional. He is very fast and has tremendous break away speed but that’s about it. I do think he can kill us on returns but that’s really my only concern.

  4. Maclin is a class act who Foles had great confidence in two years ago. I hope he’s healthy and stays that way. One has to wonder if part of the reason for the release of Jackson was the expectation a dark horse will emerge like Arrelious Benn.

  5. Self tacklin Maclin need only to concern himself with recovering from ACL. Chip will add weapons on the outside. Will any be a “DeSean Clone”? No. But this draft class is super deep at WR & guys like Moncrief etc are steals in rounds 2-4. It’s also worth noting that the Eagles are now a Run First offense. Fans are fooled by the 14 years of 70% passing by Andy & Donovan. Eagles finished with the #1 Rushing attack in the NFL last year. Yes, DeSean did open up the run by stretching the field but McCoy didn’t rely on Jackson only. The offensive line is coming back intact after 16 games together last year. Go Birds!

  6. Wow! You guys are really grasping a straws to think Benn will make a difference. Eagles keep Cooper around because he’s so much better of a character guy than D Jax. What a joke! Eagle fans keep talking trying to rationalize.. Face it your team made a bad move…move on

  7. Everybody talks about the great talent the Eagles have but I must be missing something I don’t see it. They have Shady McCoy but that is it.Jeremy Maclin,Riley Cooper and Zack Ertz are nothing special.

  8. When Chip decides to cut Foles for saying good things about DJax I can’t wait to hear eagle fans rationalizing Butt Fumbler is a better QB

  9. If Benn can stay healthy, I know its a big if, but he will soon have a full year in chips sports science program. But if he stays healthy he has all the tools to be an excellent receiver.

  10. kellys system replaces stars with soon to be stars..maclins correct in his assessment

  11. Jackson is very self oriented.. I remember all these skins fans on here laughing when Jackson ditched workouts to make his little video with Snoop.. now those same fans see no problem with where his priorities are.

  12. Macklin is injury prone thus far in his short career. Hey the Eagles think they are better without D-Jax then so be it. I know as a Redskins fan I’m thrilled to have him on my team for the price we signed him. We don’t have a 1st round pick so getting a proven player who just made the pro-bowl is like hitting the lottery, Thanks Chip Kelly you are a genius.

  13. Nick Foles had a very good season but don’t even expect that to happen again this season. Dude threw like 36 TD’s and 5 ints. Riley Cooper had a contract year, and now he got his new deal he will be mediocre at best. Just watch now the def cood. got a look a Kelly’s offense it will be a different season for them. Philly will be 2nd or 3rd in the NFC East. Cowboys will be in last place.

  14. Maclin has just 6 fewer TD rec than Jackson despite having played in 34 fewer games! Jackson’s strength is in getting deep,and that’s it! He can’t beat press coverage and is easily muscled at the line by bigger physical Corners. check his numbers vs Dallas last year,as terrible as they were,they always held him in check. Numbers don’t lie DC Fans,you overpaid for a One Dimensional Guy who is NOT a Team Player!

  15. I agree with Maclin. Just look at their weapons w/out Jackson. McCoy and Sproles in the backfield, Celek and Eartz at TE, Maclin, Cooper and draft pick at WR, Foles at QB and one of the best, if not the best offensive line in football. Yes, Jackson would make their offense better, but I still think they have the firepower to compete with any team offensively in the league. Their problem has been and continues to be defense.

  16. Redskins fans make me laugh. They have zero defense and no offensive line to speak of and yet getting a WR (the one position of strength on the team) is going to get them back into the race ??? Seriously ??? Good luck with a down the field WR who will zero time to get down the field.

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