NFL V.P. of law and labor sees no issues with Eagles cutting DeSean


Amid questions about whether the Eagles acted improperly in their dealings with DeSean Jackson, a high-ranking league executive says there are no issues.

Adolpho Birch, the NFL’s senior vice president of law and labor policy, said today that the Eagles simply made a football decision regarding Jackson, as teams do every day.

“I think we are comfortable that the decisions that were made on both ends were football decisions,” Birch said, via “Both sides, the objective that they sought from a football perspective, they got, whether that be the Eagles or the Redskins. I think the player’s going to be in a good position. I think at the end of the day, everyone was comfortable with that.”

Although that might sound hard to swallow at first, considering Jackson was the Eagles’ top receiver last season and was coming off the best year of his career, it’s not unreasonable: Jackson was due $10.5 million this season, and it’s easy to believe that the Eagles decided they could better use that cap space elsewhere.

However, the NFL Players Association has been concerned less with whether the Eagles cut Jackson for football reasons than with whether the Eagles bad-mouthed Jackson on his way out the door. The NFL is apparently satisfied that the Eagle did nothing in their dealings with Jackson, but the NFLPA may have a different view.

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  1. Still doesn’t make sense…If you release him because of football reasons, that doesn’t make any sense. He came off a career year unless he really was a locker room distraction..seems like we will never know the true meaning without the Eagles Howie coming out and actually explaining the situation instead its a he said she said type bull…

  2. By all accounts they tried to make a trade before cutting him, but that 10 mill salary put the kaibosh on that.
    I don’t think he is a bad guy, but maybe didn’t buy into the new bosses plan/wanted more $….shame, he could have been great in that offense.

  3. Why is there even a question of whether this is an issue? I don’t hear anything about the panthers releasing steve smith. The only reason this is even a question and talked about so much is because he went to the redskins

  4. It doesn’t matter if he was M.V.P. he’s not worth the money. that makes it a football decision

  5. If you cut him to redistribute the cap $$ to other positions, then you DID cut him for football reasons.

    And if you cut him for better team chemistry, then you DID cut him for football reasons.

    And if all the sources of record are unnamed, then you DIDN’T badmouth him.

    This investigation is silly.

  6. Honestly, who cares what the NFLPA thinks? except for the player reps, it’s essentially a bunch of grandstanding ambulance chasers.

  7. The decision to release Desean was largely made when they signed him to a five year deal that was only intended to go for two years.

  8. For those of you confused. He made too much, was not a team guy, couldn’t block, is not professional, can’t catch across the middle, took plays off and is injury prone. At the end of the day you can get a better player in the draft and pay a lot less.

  9. duh.

    The Eagles can release whomever they want. It’s a dream situation for guys that are good players like Jackson. So stupid that he has been crying all around town about it.

    It’s already clear they weren’t bad mouthing him also… The paper already said the Eagles weren’t the source. How on earth would the NFLPA ever tie them to it. This situation is over.

  10. I don’t understand why this might be a problem even if he were released for NON-football reasons. Since when do they need to justify terminating an employee for behavioral reasons?

  11. He cursed out Chip Kelly in front of the whole team. That is the 1 and only reason why he is gone. You cannot be insubordinate and stay, it doesn’t work that way.

  12. There were 31 other teams that didn’t want to pay him $10.5 million for 1 year. Why not investigate all them too? Did they not trade a 7th round pick for a Pro Bowler because they thought he was in a gang?

    The bottom line is he is not a $10.5 million a year guy.

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