Paul McCartney to perform at final concert at Candlestick Park


The headliner at Candlestick’s Park final concert is a legendary musical performer who has some experience playing at the soon-to-be closed stadium.

Via Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area, Paul McCartney will play the closing show at Candlestick Park on Thursday, August 14, a website dedicated to the artist’s work announced Thursday.

The show, according to, has been tabbed “Farewell to Candlestick: The Final Concert.” bills itself as the “Official Website” of the 72-year-old performer.

Earlier this month, the San Francisco Chronicle had reported that the 49ers had wanted McCartney to perform the first show at Levi’s Stadium.

According to McCartney’s website, The Beatles’ final concert was at Candlestick Park on August 29, 1966.

20 responses to “Paul McCartney to perform at final concert at Candlestick Park

  1. I hope that I have as much energy and look as good as he does when I reach my seventies. Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t have that much energy or look that good now.

  2. That is so cool…last Beatles concert and now Sir Paul will close out the Stick.

  3. Lots of ‘Silly Love Songs’ in the city of Psychedelia…..not much of a match if you ask me.

  4. And there will be one last football game. A charity flag-football game between a team lead by Joe Montana and the other by Dan Marino.

  5. I love Paul, but come on….It’s Candlestick….you’re telling me no American acts wanted to say farewell to the old lady?

    Have there been a lot of cricket matches in the stadium that I missed?

  6. I love Macca, but isn’t there a more fitting band to close out the stick? maybe one from the bay area?

  7. GREAT IDEA! Keep playing Sir Paul! I remember that Sunday evening when we tuned in as a nation in our living rooms, watching our black and white televisions and heard Ed Sullivan say simply “The Beatles” and how the cameras panned IMMEDIATELY to the hordes of SCREAMING girls. I recall them doing “She Loves You” and “I Want to Hold Your Hand” I believe. Now, two of those young men are gone, Paul is SEVENTY-TWO, and I am just ten years younger…Amazing the way the years fly right on by. GO FOR IT PAUL!!

  8. All you Paul lovers will see him barely able to sing some day….I experienced that with one of my Fav’s, it was heart breaking….and Paul will charge $300 a ticket to boot.

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