Report: A.J. McCarron called in sick for Titans visit

Getty Images

Perhaps more than any position, quarterbacks are in the perception business.

As it stands, A.J. McCarron is generally perceived positively, despite the reality show that his soon-to-be-wife may or may not be working on.

Now we get a nugget that may or may not change the perception of McCarron.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, the Alabama quarterback missed a pre-draft visit with the Titans, telling them he was sick.

Now, maybe he had a cold, or ate some bad sushi. Maybe the Titans weren’t even really that interested in him, since they didn’t reschedule.

But not every quarterback gets the benefit of the doubt. A few years ago, there were reports of Ryan Mallett skipping a workout with the Panthers, which quickly took on a sinister tone, leading to predictable denials.

Florida State wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin went through a similar wringer after cutting short a workout this year.

But McCarron isn’t fighting the same kind of perception issues Mallett was dealing with prior to his draft, or the same kind that seemed to circulate around Benjamin.

Again, it could be completely innocent.

But teams and fans will often see exactly what they’re looking for when news like this comes up.