Report: Armanti Edwards, A.J. Jefferson visiting Seahawks

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Instead of taking to their “war room” in preparation for the start of the NFL Draft on Thursday (since the league decided an extra two weeks of waiting wouldn’t drive everyone crazy), the Seattle Seahawks were taking a look at a pair of veteran free agents.

According to Adam Caplan of, the Seahawks worked out receiver Armanti Edwards and cornerback A.J. Jefferson.

Edwards finished last season on injured reserve with the Cleveland Browns after suffering an ankle injury in November. Jefferson was released by the Minnesota Vikings, also in November, after being arrested for domestic assault less than 24 hours after the Vikings tie with the Green Bay Packers.

Seattle needs a new punt returner after Golden Tate signed with the Detroit Lions this offseason. Edwards has returned 40 punts for 281 yards in four years with Cleveland and the Carolina Panthers. That could be the angle of interest for Seattle in Edwards in addition to his receiving ability.

With the departures of Brandon Browner (New England Patriots) and Walter Thurmond (New York Giants), the Seahawks are looking for some added depth at cornerback as well. Jefferson has recorded 109 tackles with two interceptions in 43 games with the Vikings and Arizona Cardinals.

11 responses to “Report: Armanti Edwards, A.J. Jefferson visiting Seahawks

  1. I can’t speak for the other guy, but Jefferson is TERRIBLE! I had to watch him for a couple seasons, and it was a pain I would only wish on the packers and sea chickens.

  2. I hope AE can get in with an organization that actually knows how to use him. He has the potential to be a great player, he just needs more confidence. A coach like Carroll would be able to light a fire under him.

    P/K returner, wide receiver, even a sneaky qb play or two (the qb at App State that knocked off Michigan and won 2 national championships)

  3. Armanti is a class act. I just don’t think he is an nfl caliber receiver. He could be a good hybrid qb/rb/WR. I could see the Seahawks using him In a speciality package. I hope he lands on his feet though. He works his butt off, and is one of nicest guys you will ever meet that is a professional athlete. Go APPS!

  4. The Seahawks have no “depth” needs at CB. I don’t know who thinks this stuff up. Yeah, if Jason Verrett drops to them at 32, I could see them drafting him as the nickel, but they’ve got Deshawn Shead, Phillip Adams, Jeremy Lane, Therald Simon and a couple others who are waiting in the wings. Anybody they brought in would just be a kick returner. This is as stupid as all the people who think they need defensive lineman because they cut Bryant and Clemmons.

    Repeat after me: Bryant, Clemmons, Browner and Thurmond are gone because the Seahawks didn’t want them back and their replacements are already on the roster.

  5. Osiris idk why youre so certain those replacements are gonna fill in just fine. ive never heard of simon adams and shead (i had also never heard of richard sherman when he was coming out so im not saying theyre bad players) I think a bigger reason why those players were not brought back is bc of the biggest reason everyrhing happens in sports…MONEY! they gotta save the dough bc they just gave chancelor and percy big deals and still have to lockdown sherman russell and thomas.

  6. The only people who think that Armanti “wasn’t used properly” and is some kind of top secret mega talent are App State homers who watched him run circles around sub par competition in college. He was a great FCS quarterback but in an NFL context he’s a smallish dude with decent speed who shows out in camp but gets run down by punters and caught by safeties coming from the opposite side of the field in actual games.

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