Report: Bucs would seriously consider Manziel at No. 7

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Since the draft should be today but won’t be today because the NFL moved it to two weeks from today, we’ll spend today and the next 13 tomorrows wondering what will happen when draft day finally is today.

The guy about which everyone wonders the most is quarterback Johnny Manziel.  Though some continue to insist Manziel won’t be taken in round one, we’d be shocked if he’s on the board when Thursday night ends.

We won’t be shocked if Manziel hears his name called in the top 10.  The latest team to join the list of potential top-10 teams that could take Manziel is the Buccaneers.

Ed Werder of ESPN reports that the Buccaneers would “seriously consider” taking Manziel, if he’s on the board at No. 7.  The Bucs see Manziel as being “very unique,” having a “good arm and accuracy,” and generally being a “great athlete.”

That all may be true, but we can’t help but “seriously consider” whether the Bucs would like to see someone cut the line in front of the Buccaneers and take Manziel, pushing down the board a player the Bucs actually prefer.  There’s otherwise no reason to let it be known that the Bucs would take Manziel.

But since we’ve got two more weeks to go, get ready for more smokescreens and obfuscations (hey, watch your mouth) before the time comes to pick the players.

57 responses to “Report: Bucs would seriously consider Manziel at No. 7

  1. Decoded: We really want the Vikings to trade up to our spot when they won’t have to. Glennon’s QB rating was better than 3 of Bradford’s four years…and only missed Bradford’s best season by a less than half a point. He’s the Bucs QB.

  2. Report: Bucs would seriously consider Manziel at No. 7

    You know, all offseason I had hoped this would happen. Would’ve loved to see Manziel in Tampa….

    …but now that this has come out, I don’t see it happening.

    #blatant #smokescreen

  3. There’s no reason for them to leak this information other than trying to get a team to trade up for manziel and push non-qb talent down the board

  4. so much hype for manziel. he’ll get a wake-up call when he starts facing NFL talent who are bigger , faster, stronger. manziel reminds me of brady quinn.

  5. I don’t care about an 18 game season or more teams in the playoffs but moving the draft really ticks me off. The worst part is they’ll probably keep moving it down.

  6. People…Have you ever seen a Norv Turner QB that is a first read then bail QB? Or one even styled after manziel under his tutilidge? The Vikings have no interest in Manziel..

  7. Would be a great pick by the Bucs. Glennon sucks. and doesn’t have much upside. His brain doesn’t process the game fast enough.

    Manziel is a gritty player who is a “Gamer”. Reminds me a lot of Roethlisberger in the way he extends plays.

  8. if this happens then all the Johnny Football haters can rejoice because you will never hear from him again. if he is forced to play in Lovie smith offense his talents will be wasted. absolutely no plays that highlight what he or anybody on offense does well. you will fit his system or look bad trying to. why would they waste a pick on a young qb when they already have one on their roster he won’t play? the fact he made McCowan the starter tells you all you need to know about him and offense.

  9. I don’t get the desire to just move on from Mike Glennon. He went almost 60% completion for 2,600+ yards and a 19 to 9 ratio over 13 games last year…hardly elite but worthy of a look

  10. He would love to go to Tampa….

    his buddy LeBron is only a few hours away….

    endless meetings at McDonalds for the both of em

  11. Wherever Manziel goes, he will be an exciting player to watch on Sundays. My guess is that he will fare better than Tebow (based on talent) and look at all the interest Timmy stirred up.

    If Lovey Smith were to have Manziel as a starter, he’ll just keep collecting criticism that he really is a Defense minded coach and doesn’t know how to build a successful Offense–should Johnny fail to deliver.

    I think the Jags would do better to snap him up first.

  12. At a certain point, he’ll get taken by someone. Isn’t it safe to say that everyone will strongly consider him if he’s there at a certain point? Does that mean that he’s #1 on the Bucs board? or #7?

  13. Report: ESPN’s Ed Werder falling for Bucs’ smokescreen game, Bucs hoping some other team falls for its game too

  14. I really don’t want him. Not at 7. We have much bigger needs at other positions especially if were starting McCown no matter what. Plus if they really hate Glennon just trade him. Get some kind of draft pick for him or something in this draft and let him and us move on. Either way I’m hoping WR at 7 or Mack if he was somehow still there. If not, a trade back would be nice. Im not against taking this kid if he was to somehow fall to us in the second round then fine take a chance.

  15. You said it perfect in the article, smokescreen for a team to move up ahead of them to take him.
    Because let’s look at it:
    -Texans sound like they’re taking clowney, whether they trade him is another story
    -Rams would probably trade back and someone move up for a QB, otherwise let’s say Rams take Khalil Mack
    -Jaguars take Mack or QB
    -Browns seem to like Greg Robinson
    -raiders now this is the pick the Bucs are targeting to have someone move into, probably so the Raiders don’t select Sammy Watkins!

  16. ^if this is the case Bucs trading Mike Williams is brilliant because Falcons can’t trade out now. Teams 8 and 9 have no WR needs to move up but team 9 would take a OT just like falcons would (team 9 being bills who they traded mike Williams to making WR a none option)

  17. The guy is being compared to Fran Tarkenton and Brett Favre, the Vikings 2 best QBs they ever had so there is zero chance they pass on him at 8.

    Not sure they will have that chance but don’t expect them to pass if they do.

  18. Just curious what everyone thinks of Manziel compared to Doug Flutie. Are they about the same or is one much better than the other?

    Also, would Flutie thrive more in today’s NFL with all the rules favoring the offense?

    I would probably draft Manziel over (a 21-year-old) Flutie due to accuracy but I don’t see a huge difference between them. But I think Flutie would do very well in today’s NFL.

  19. As a bucs fan if we took Manziel I would be all for it as long as Sammy Watkins is already off the board. The guys a playmaker and a touchdown machine. He would probably be the most exciting offensive player weve had since Warrick Dunn.

  20. As a Bucs’ fan I’m glad to see they’re blowing smoke about him, and hopefully have no interested at all in actually picking him.

    Running backs have an average career of about 3 seasons, and that’s about how long a running quarterback is able to use the run as an effective weapon in the NFL. RBs aren’t able to handle the pounding and undersized QBs like Manziel certainly can’t either.

    The game forces you into the pocket as a QB, whether you like it or not. Manziel just hasn’t demonstrated the ability to be a pocket passer on the level he’ll need to in order to warrant a top 10 draft selection. I’d rather not hope he can learn on the fly, if I’m a team picking in the top 10. Use the pick on someone more NFL ready.

  21. Tampa didn’t cut Steve Young…they traded him to the 49ers for 2nd & 4th round picks.

    Not sure that makes it a whole lot better in hindsight given what Young accomplished, but still.

  22. He would make the perfect bad-boy-pirate image the Bucs need for PR……he’ll also be the next Brett Favre wherever he goes. Kid’s got game.

  23. Lovie’s ineptitude at evaluating talent — especially on offense — was legendary in Chicago. So this wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

  24. I can’t see Tedford working well with Manziel. Tedford likes pro style QBs, not running ones.

  25. Looking at the schedule release, I see the Bucs getting 5-6 wins. 7 tops this season. They really are a project in the works, while everyone they seem to be playing has had more stability. (except Carolina)

  26. Tampa would like Johnny, but he will be long gone by the time we pick.
    Since we traded away Mike Williams, we need a number 2 receiver in Tampa, to pair with an aging Vince Jackson.
    Mike Evans will probably be there, and that’s who I see us taking, at number 7.

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