Report: Preseason extra points to be snapped from the 15, not the 20


The NFL will have its kickers try longer extra points in the first two weeks of the preseason.

However, the attempts will be shorter than first announced in March.

NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino said Thursday that the longer preseason extra points will be snapped from the 15-yard-line, not the 20-yard-line, Bob Glauber of Newsday reported.

According to Glauber, Blandino said the NFL’s Competition Committee suggested the change. Glauber also reported that some teams believed extra points snapped from the 20 would be exceedingly challenging.

In March, NFL owners tabled a proposal to move extra points to the 25-yard-line. However, the league did agree to try the extra points from the 20 in the preseason.

Now, the line of scrimmage has been moved five yards closer for those early-preseason extra points. For those looking for a serious, lasting shakeup to the staid extra point, today’s news is a downer.

10 responses to “Report: Preseason extra points to be snapped from the 15, not the 20

  1. I want the kick to be optional from say the 25. I it is good, you get 2 points. Another wY of going for two!

  2. This makes no sense. Either leave the extra point the way it is or eliminate the point after attempt all together. When a team scores a touchdown you get 7 points. Reduce the 2 point conversion to 1 point giving the team the option to go for it. They would have to try to score from the 1 yard line.

  3. The fake extra point is actually more viable from the 15 than from any other place on the field. It’s close enough for a short pass and long enough to keep the defense honest. But, the fake extra point is kind of meaningless in any game unless you want to run up the score. If it’s near the end of a game and you need two to win it then everyone knows you want the two so you’d be dumb to fake the extra point. and in any other scenario you’d just be driving up the score. And apparently people at the NFL level hate that.

  4. It’s seems like people generally don’t like that extra point change. I think it is a good idea. Extra points have become automatic. I think something like 99.6% were converted last year. It really has become a waste of time. By moving the line back to the 15 or 20 or 25 it lowers to percentage into the 80s or low 90s. Making the extra point something to actually watch and root for. Makes games potentially more interesting to. Down by 7. You score a touchdown. Now that extra point is a little scary. You’re a little worried as opposed to the automatic chip shot for the 2 yard line.

  5. And for those who thought fiddling with the extra point was a stupid idea, there is much rejoicing.

  6. What Goodell and the crew want to do with the extra point is inane.Simply put moving the extra point back will ultimately mean that more games are decided by the extra point,do we really want that. Example-your team is down by 7 with 1 minute 30 sec left,drives all the way down the field and scores with 5 secs left.Than said team misses the 37 yard extra point and lose by 1 instead of going onto over time…instead of celebrating the great drive, everybody talks about the extra point miss. Don’t change it or eliminate it. I think Goodell and the competition committee have post -concussion syndrome.

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